Tired of eBooks, Seminars, and "Staged" Demonstrations… Cut through all the Bullsh!t and…

Join Me, My Instructors, and My Students
To Learn the Simple Truth About Meeting Women OTHER "PickUp" Companies DON'T Want You To Know...

Now YOU Can…

Watch what they do see how they effortlessly approach… attract the woman they want… build deep comfort… and set up a date or take her home right away…

Listen to them explain step-by-step what they did each time… Copy their exact behavior (and learn from their mistakes)… then apply it the very next time you see a woman…

Then YOU will get the results they’re getting the instant attraction… the deep connection with women within minutes… and the sexual intimacy you desire in record time…

Keep reading to discover how YOU too can wing with the world’s greatest pickup artists... and steal their secrets for yourself!


Dear Friend,

Here is the VERY simple, “master-key” formula you can use to achieve virtually any goal you may have… especially if it involves getting better with women.

Step 1: find the guys who are getting the results you want and watch what they do.

Step 2: “copy” what they’re doing – do what they do…

Step 3: YOU get the same results they got!

It’s the ultimate shortcut to success.

This is what smart people do. It’s what the world’s happiest, wealthiest, most successful people do to succeed… and now you can do it to. I’ll explain it all in just a moment, but first I have to tell you

What This Is NOT:

This is NOT a youtube video of some random guy hitting on a girl and getting nowhere... with no explanation as to what he did wrong...

This is NOT actresses and models we hired to come play along with us while we pretended to "pick them up"…

This is NOT a "staged" set where we rented out a bar and let everyone know we were filming a video and to just "act normal".

This is NOT a reality show simply meant to entertain you...

The women we approached... the results our students got... the situations they were in are all 100% REAL and were filmed LIVE and uncut. Plus, we break it all down for you step-by-step, every interaction--what went well... what went wrong... what could of been done better... all clearly laid out so you can use the information to supercharge your game overnight.

This IS REAL hidden-camera footage of world-class pickup artists expertly meeting and seducing women. You can NOT find this exclusive information anywhere else!

In all honesty, you probably know or have heard about all the techniques you'll see our instructors and students use on these videos. The techniques and strategies aren't that complicated... but this is the first time you'll get to see it done expertly--LIVE... and see it done badly--LIVE... and... (even more important) with full play-by-play explanations of everything that worked and didn't work. Keep reading...

Here's the story…

How I Became Outrageously Successful Meeting and Dating Beautiful Women

Using This PROVEN Shortcut…

Once I heard of the “seduction community” it wasn’t long before I started winging and hanging out with many of the world’s best pickup artists.

Many of the “household names” in the community were just getting started back then.

Myself and six other guys moved in together and started Project San Francisco so we could all help each other out.

And we ALL applied the fool-proof formula above to get better at weak-points in our game.

We’d go out during the day… or at night and meet women. Wing each other… watch each other work. Then sit around after wards and talk about what went wrong… what we did right… what we felt were our sticking points…and learned from each other’s successes and failures.

It was incredibly powerful.

At The Very Minimum Your Game Improves At Double The Speed!

Because you’re effectively gaining the same experience and knowledge of your other friends.

Each one of you is sharing his experience with the other and it’s like you’ve actually done it yourself—very powerful indeed.

The technical name for this process is “success modeling”. You’re modeling the successful behavior of the people who are getting the results you want… thereby guaranteeing you get the same success.

But You Have To Be Careful Who You Model!

Because you don’t want to model people who you aren’t getting more success than you, otherwise you’d only set yourself back.

I was lucky because I was growing my game with the very best pickup artists in the world.

The bad news is: you won’t ever have this opportunity to hang out and wing with the world’s best pickup artists unless you pay to go to their seminars costing hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Most of the Pick Up 101 coaches charge $400 per hour for in-field coaching… I charge $1,000 per hour… and our workshops start at $2,000!

Here's the good news:

Now you can wing with the greatest pickup artists in the world from the comfort of your couch with…

Watch The World’s Best Go In-Field…
Hear Every Word… See Every Movement… And Then Sit-down Afterwards and Hear Them Explain Everything they did, why it worked and how to make it work for YOU---step-by-step!

PROOF this is REAL footage of real pickups captured on hidden camera!

We wanted to make sure you understood this was REAL hidden camera footage of REAL girls our students and instructors approached, so to prove it--we did two things:

1. On many of the DVD's you'll actually see footage of my instructors going in to talk to the girls after the pickup to see what they thought of the interaction, raw and uncut.

2. We're including copies of the actual signed legal waivers that the girls in each of our DVD's all signed giving us permission to use video of them.

We blacked out their names for privacy's sake, but we want to make sure you understand this footage is REAL... because then you know the information REALLY WORKS!

Let me be perfectly clear: This is NOT just an entertaining reality show where you watch clueless guys go into bars and screw up with women.

This is NOT actresses and models we hired to come play along with our Pick Up 101 instructors…

This is NOT a Hollywood-style set where we rented out a bar for a night, and put up a sign saying we were filming everyone and to just act normal.

This is hardcore, REAL hidden-camera footage of world-class pickup artists expertly meeting and seducing women.

We’ve been working on this for years…

Other Pick Up companies I talk to say they’ve always wanted to put something like this together… but it is easily the hardest product we’ve ever created.

You see, we didn’t want to act out a couple of routines with models we had hired on a sound-stage. No! We wanted you to see what real-life pickup really looks like when it’s done right… with a real, live girl who has no idea what’s going on.

And that was part of what made this DVD series so challenging to put together. We must have filmed hundreds of pickups… but afterwards we had to get each girl to sign a waiver saying she agreed to be on the DVD.

Can you imagine that?

Imagine getting a woman attracted to you… then building up an emotional bond with her… gaining her trust that you’re just not another creep who wants to get in her pants, but you are actually interested in HER…

Then after you setup a date and exchanged phone numbers you had to walk back over to her and explain you work for a company called Pick Up 101… your whole interaction had been filmed… and you needed her to sign a release waiver saying we could use the footage.

As you can imagine, some girls did NOT agree.

But Here’s Absolute Proof You’re Seeing Only The Best Pickup Techniques and Strategies

Because the only girls who would sign a waiver to let us use the footage were the girls who were REALLY attracted… who really felt a deep emotional connection… and were basically head-over-heals for the guy who picked them up.

Remember, you have to make sure you model only the successful behavior that really works… otherwise you’ll actually hurt your game instead of improving it.

That’s why right now you can go to any video website, like youtube.com and see dozens of “hidden camera” pickups.

Most of which are just actors and actresses… and the others are just video of a guy talking to a woman… but is she really attracted? Did she really feel an emotional bond with him? Did she want to see him again?

You don’t know. It’s like playing Russian roulette…

Plus, even if he was successful… you never see him explain, step-by-step exactly what he did from the moment of approach… all the way to exchanging numbers and the goodbye hug to make it work!

But now you can!

Let me break down exactly what you’ll discover on each DVD:

DVD Number 1:
How To Approach Any Woman, Anywhere and spark instant attraction… and how to avoid the “nice guy syndrome” without becoming a jerk!

I’ve been teaching men the secrets of meeting and dating women for over 12 years, and not a week goes by that I don’t get the question, “How do I approach a woman?”

“The Strong Approach”: That’s where this DVD starts, and here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover:

• How to approach a woman so she sees you as a sexy guy who is successful with women--this will make sure she never puts you in the “friend zone” starting the moment you meet her! (Plus, hidden camera footage during the daytime with girl sitting down that shows you what it looks like when you do it wrong.)

• How to harness your nervous energy, the “butterflies” you get when thinking about approaching a beautiful woman, to make your approach incredibly powerful and attractive.

• The ancient karate secret every black belt knows about breaking boards… and how you can apply it to approaching women so you virtually NEVER fail. (See 2 more hidden camera approaches with girls sitting by themselves in the daytime so you really get this amazing principle!)

• How to powerfully approach a group of two girls and one guy in a loud nightclub without pissing anyone off but still getting the results you want (hidden camera footage of Daniel shows how he walked in… got the girls super attracted… and the guy just faded away!)

• The number one thing you have to remember to stop two girls walking past you in the daytime… and get them interested in you (if you don’t remember this one rule, you’ll never be able to stop a woman moving and get her attracted!)

• Why you NEVER want to eliminate approach anxiety (this is the secret other pickup “gurus” won’t tell you)!

Sean breaks out of this session to talk about “The Nice Guy Syndrome”…

If you’ve ever heard a woman say, “you’re such a nice guy… women would love to be with you” while she’s thinking “but not me!” you need to listen to this session.

What you’ll discover is everything you’ve heard about being a “jerk” to get women to like you is an absolute LIE! You’ll see how you can be a REAL nice guy—who is also sexy and attracts women effortlessly.

Good Guys Only Finish Last...
IF... They Don't Know What They're Doing!

Here's the first girl Barry approached...

And here's Barry's second approach that day where he got her number!

Watching Barry's hidden cam footage will show you how to get the girl... without... having to be a jerk!

Then another classic "Nice Guy", Mourad, shows you how it's done...

Here I am going in to get our waiver signed so we have this girl's permission to use her hidden camera footage...

Mourad did so well -- he went back in to get her phone number and she was so in to him, she immediately wrote it down... When you watch the footage of Mourad asking for her number... you can see how excited she is!

You’ll see hidden camera footage of one of our students, Barry, who is the certified “nice guy” approach a cute girl sitting by herself in the daytime, reading a book... and get amazing results. We’ll explain why being a nice guy actually helped him out in this situation and how it also hurt him.

Then Daniel interviewed the girl Barry approached to get her real thoughts and feelings on how the interaction went (hearing firsthand what a woman thinks of your approach is extremely valuable!)

Next you’ll see Barry approach another girl in the day time… get her phone number… keep her interested and have a great time. Then Daniel interviews the girl again afterwards to find out how she really felt about Barry.

Have you ever wanted to know what a girl really thought after you’ve approached her? This is your chance to get inside the head of two women and see how they react to two different approaches… and their real thoughts and feelings... it’s truly priceless information!

Plus, you’ll see a debrief with Barry describing how he feels after working through being a nice guy.

And last but not least you’ll see Mourad come out of his nice guy shell and meet a woman in the daytime… quickly get her attracted… and then go into deep rapport… all the while having a great time with the woman.

Then I talk to the girl afterwards to find out what she thought about the interaction... and amazingly… Mourad goes back to the girl and gets a rock-solid “number close”… as you watch the video you can see how excited she is as she’s waiting—pen in hand—to write down her number for him.

This is killer proof that this stuff actually works—she liked him so much she STILL wanted to get together with him even though she knew the whole thing was filmed… by a pickup company!

DVD Number 2:
How to instantly turn women on and make them comfortable simply by discovering how to touch them… and… how to handle the most popular objection from women, “I have a boyfriend”!

It's All About "kino"...
Can You Name The Three Specific Things I'm Doing While Touching This Girl That Not Only Make Her Feel Comfortable--But Increase Her Attraction For Me?

After you watch SPYCAM SEDUCTIONS... you'll know why I'm touching her on that specific spot of her body... why I'm touching her a certain way with my hand... and why I'm not looking directly at her...

If you don't know how to touch women--you'll never get the results you want!

It’s possibly the most overlooked part of meeting and dating women… but it’s the one thing that will show a woman INSTANTLY that you are a cool, comfortable, social guy who dates women like her.

Plus, it gives her an instant preview of how you’ll perform in bed later because how you touch a woman when you first meet her makes her think about how you’ll touch her later... in more intimate settings.

We call it “kino”, short for kinesthetic, or simply “how to touch a woman so you attract her, make her comfortable and turn her on… instead of creeping her out”. Daniel leads this session and explains:

• How you can do EVERYTHING else right—but without kino—fall flat on your face when meeting a woman (when you watch this hidden camera footage of Ken’s set you’ll see how even if you correctly use attraction and rapport material, without kino, you’ll get nowhere!)

• What every natural knows about touching women (and people in general) that you absolutely must know if you want to come across as the confident, sexy guy who dates women like her.

• The one way you can save a set if you haven’t touched her properly right away and there is no sexual tension and she’s not attracted to you (this is probably the ONLY way you can fix this problem—and you’ll definitely want this info to fall back on!)

• What women know about communicating with their bodies that most guys don’t (when you know this, and apply it to your interactions with women, they’ll instantly drop their guard and feel more comfortable around you)

• How Sean bearhugs a girl within seconds of meeting her and not only is she NOT creeped out… but she’s immediately turned on!

• But that’s not all!

Then me, Daniel and Sean will show you how to approach women when they appear to be with their boyfriends…

Then we’ll show you how to overcome the most common objection men get when starting out… the “I have a boyfriend” response from a woman. In this exciting session you’ll discover…

• How to approach a guy and a girl alone together at a bar, the right way (that doesn’t make anyone mad) when you think they may be a couple… and 80% of the time still get the girl!

• The simple, yet extremely powerful mental attitude or “frame” you absolutely need to adopt if you want to be able to handle this (or any other) objection from a woman (when you get this right—you don’t need any other techniques)

• Exactly what “I have a boyfriend” means in “girl-speak” (when you hear this explanation you’ll never again wonder whether she is REALLY serious about having a boyfriend or she’s just BS’ing you!)

• The number one thing you do NOT want to do when you hear “I have a boyfriend” (you’ll see hidden camera footage where you’ll see the worst thing you can do that absolutely will kill any and all chances you have with a woman!)

• Plus, canned lines and routines you can use when you hear this objection in almost any situation!

• And much, MUCH more!

Armed with this information you’ll be a fortress against any objection a girl might throw at you, including the “I have a boyfriend” response—so you must use this powerful information responsibly!

DVD Number 3:
How to be a “Natural” and attract women without canned lines, routine stacks and trying to be someone you’re not… Plus, How to wing like a pro!

I know you don’t want to use some other pickup artist’s routines… or lines you’ve read on the internet to trick a woman into sleeping with you.

I know you don’t want to lie to women about who you really are… or have to come up with an over-the-top caricature of yourself just to get a woman attracted to you.

You want a woman to like you for who you REALLY are!

You want to be able to be “natural” and still attract the beautiful women you’ve always desired. I know this because I am the same way…

How To Bring Out
"Your Inner Natural"...

You'll get to see our student Harsh mess up with a group of girls who already liked him... all because he didn't know how to properly use routine stacks and canned lines...

After you watch SPYCAM SEDUCTIONS... you'll know exactly where he went wrong and how YOU can avoid it. If you ever feel "fake" or get strange reactions from girls when using other peoples "canned material" and pickup lines--this is the reason why!

Welcome to "Winging 101"...

Then we cover winging--you'll get two see two more of our students wing each other...

And you'll see what they did right... what they did wrong... and what YOU can do to make yourself a "past master" at the fine art of winging!

And at Pick Up 101 we teach men how to “bring out your inner natural” and become the most attractive version of yourself—NOT pretending to be someone else.

Sean kicks off this session by discussing how to be more natural and still get the results with women you want—here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover…

• How you can just “be yourself” and still be the sexy, confident man she really wants

• How canned lines, stories, and routine stacks can actually KILL the attraction a woman already has for you (chances are you’re making this mistake all the time… but once you see what it looks like on hidden camera you’ll never do it again!)

• Why one of the worst things you can do when approaching women is focus on what YOU are going to say (most guys get this all wrong—after you see Harsh on hidden camera you’ll understand why!)

• How to figure out whether you’re “over-gaming” women with banter (if you don’t know when you’re doing this, then you’ll actually turn women off!)

• How to present who you really are and what you’re really passionate about in a way that makes women MORE attracted to you… and feel MORE connected to you—almost instantly!

• Plus much more!

Every once in a while you’ll find yourself in a situation where you could really use a hand… like when you open up a group of ten women and want to get to know the one you REALLY like. That’s what having a good “wingman” is about.

In this session we’ll reveal everything you need to know about the fine art of “winging”:

• The biggest mistakes guys make when they go out to “wing” each other and what you can do to not fall into the same traps

• The essential “wingman rules” you absolutely must follow to make sure you both have fun… game the right girls… and help each other get the results you want!

• How to take a girl you don’t know and make her your “wingman” to help you get the girl you want (this never fails, plus you get so much credit and attraction for having the balls to make it work!)

• How to let your wingman know which girl you want… and do it in a way that makes her more attracted to you… Plus it gives you extra points with the other girls and makes them feel comfortable.

• Why you never want to come into a set your wing is already in with high energy… and the one time when you absolutely have to (if you don’t get this right you’ll probably kill the momentum of the interaction and the girls you were supposed to be talking to will drag your wingman’s girl away!)

• And that’s just scratching the surface of what you’ll learn in this session’s multiple hidden camera pickups!

After you see this, you’ll be dying to call up a buddy and go in-field—the information is that good!

DVD Number 4:
How to read a Woman’s Body Language and know exactly what she’s thinking… and how to approach and handle big groups of people!

What a woman tells you with words coming out of her mouth is not nearly as important as what a woman tells you with her body language.

Being Able To Read A Woman's BODY is the ONLY way to know what she's REALLY thinking and feeling!

Can you name the three things this woman is showing our student with her body that shows she is definitely NOT comfortable?

After you watch SPYCAM SEDUCTIONS... you'll know exactly what she's doing with her posture... legs... and that magazine that clearly says "I'm not comfortable!"... Plus, you'll learn exactly what to do when you recognize a woman is feeling this way to ease her tension... make her more comfortable... and attracted to you!

Approach Any Group Fearlessly
No Matter How Big!

You'll get to see hidden camera footage of our student approaching a large group of girls... in the daytime... at a coffee shop...

After watching it you'll know exactly what to do differently when approaching a large group of girls instead of just one... how to let everyone know which girl you like... how to get your girl's friends to HELP you get the girl you want... plus, much, MUCH MORE!

In fact, it’s so important if a woman has to verbally tell you something during the seduction process (like “stop” or “I feel like we’re moving too fast”) then you probably already missed what she was trying to say with at least 10 non-verbal signals!

This is how women communicate… with their bodies and with their emotions… and you absolutely MUST understand their language if you want success with them. In this extremely revealing session you’ll see…

• How you can tell if a woman is open to you by discovering how to identify this certain type of body language (if you ignore this, you can be having a great conversation and everything will seem to be going well—but you’ll never get a number, date or kiss from her in the end)

• The incredible power of “calling it out”… what is is… how to do it… and when to use it to make any woman feel more attraction and comfort when talking to you

• Why a woman will intentionally tell you one thing with her mouth… and… something entirely different with her body (if you get this—you’ll GET women!)

• The definite cues a woman will give you with her body that lets you know she’s not attracted or comfortable with you… we show you hidden camera footage and point it ALL out to you—point-by-point!

• How to give girls the perfect personal space they want… so they can relax… feel comfortable and NOT get creeped out (plus, women automatically know you can read their comfort level and can make her feel good later… in more intimate situations!)

• Plus much more!

When guys are first starting out, they’re always afraid of the “big group” of guys and girls (or even just girls)… but despite the fear, many of our students find it’s actually easier to approach large groups of people than with just one woman.

Daniel starts this one off and shows you why it can be easy for you too…

• Why it’s actually easier to get girls attracted to you when you approach a large group of them (once you know this, you’ll never be like the other guys and approach the one girl sitting by herself because her friend went to the bathroom!)

• How to not be obnoxious or too dominate when approaching a big group of girls… but still keep control of the conversation and interaction

• A sure-fire way to approach a bachelorette party or birthday party group of girls and get them all loving you… and use them indirectly to help you pick up other girls much, much easier!

• Easy ways to handle a big group by actually positioning people the way you want them so you can get next to the girl you like… and keep things going smoothly

• You’ll see Daniel and his student go back into a big group of girls and get their permission to use their footage (his student did so well with the one girl he like from the group that he already had her number!)

• The one single rule that makes it EASY to match your energy for the right level to take control of a big group of girls (it won’t matter whether you’re in a loud club or a quiet cafť—if you follow this rule you’ll always come in with the right energy and be the obvious leader!)

• Plus much, MUCH more!

Armed with the information from this DVD, you’ll never again have any problem approaching a group of women and creating attraction with the one you want. Plus, you’ll be able to communicate with her using your body.

After you get her attracted and the rest of the group liking you, you have to learn how to Vibe…

DVD Number 5:
How to vibe with virtually any woman... or group of women and feel like you're talking to an 'old friend'!

Vibing, or just naturally talking to a woman, is so important we dedicated an entire DVD to the topic.

With vibing you’ll not only communicate how you’re a cool, sexy guy who is good with women. But you’ll show women that you’re a REAL man… not acting like someone else… who is really interested in HER—not just what's in her pants.

I kick off the discussion on vibing and share some incredible secrets like…

• How to vibe with a group of girls so that you keep the girl you like attracted and all her friends accept you and like you too (this is a crucial step for dealing with women in groups because if her friends like you, they’ll actually help you get with the girl you want!)

• The one time when banter can backfire on you and NOT attract the girl at all… you’ll see hidden camera footage of one of our students showing the exact time when it won’t work in ANY interaction. (If you’ve ever had a LONG conversation with a woman and it went nowhere—you’re making this simple mistake!)


Take SPYCAM SEDUCTIONS for a test-drive today...

It's Guaranteed to get you more numbers... more dates... more kisses... and more intimacy with the women YOU want... or it's FREE!

Plus, Claim your $283 in in FREE Gifts and Discounts Now!

• Why you should always go for “the close” and get a woman’s phone number… or set up a date… even if… you aren’t all that attracted to her and have no intentions of seeing her again.

• How to make absolutely sure you never get trapped in a boring logical conversation with a girl… where she sees you as just “another guy”… is not attracted to you and immediately puts you in the friend’s zone.

• How to handle one of the most common questions a woman asks you, “what do you do?” without being fake… or acting like someone you’re not… but still turning it around and using it to attract her instead!

• What to do when you disagree with a woman… instead of arguing with her… that is much better, keeps her attracted to you and keeps the conversation going on a happy note.

• The exact time when routines stacks, canned material and memorized stories actually HURT your chances of vibing and connecting with a woman… and actually make her uncomfortable and turn her off.

• Sean’s hidden camera demonstrates how you can use vibing to make girls so comfortable they’ll actually leave their friends with you, only moments after they’ve met you, because they like you so much… know their girlfriend likes you… and want you two to hook up!

• How you can actually use too much banter and funny material and turn girls off (plus, we’ll give you the non-verbal cues women will give you to show you’ve over done it!)

• Plus much, much more!

When you master the secrets on this DVD you’ll never again worry about “what do I say after I walk up to her?” and all your conversations will seem easy, relaxed and like you’ve been friends for years.

BETTER Teachers Than Lance Mason?

Sometime during my Freshman year in college I got involved in martial arts, up to the point where I was practicing 6 days a week during some periods.

I would mostly train with the local instructors at UC Davis, but occasionally we would go to Berkeley or somewhere else and train with the more experienced masters.

It was during that period I noticed something very interesting and counterintuitive.

I noticed that I learned a LOT more observing guys who where at my own level then me then I did from watching the Grandmasters.

Don't get me wrong, when the Grandmaster's lectured they could break things down in way newer black belts couldn't.

But when I watched the masters were working out or sparring each other, it was hard to relate what they were doing to the more basic techniques I was trying to get comfortable with.

I would watch the masters and it was amazing, inspiring, but often raised more questions then it answered.

On the other hand, when I watched someone near my level I would sometimes notice them making some little adjustment that was the key to a problem I had been experiencing.

It was one of those pivotal moments where I thought, Okay that guys is a lot like me, and there he is figuring out how to overcome the problem I've been having.

I could close my eyes and visualize what they were doing, and I could stand in front of a mirror and try to recreate their movements.

It makes sense when you think about it. These guys weren't doing everything perfectly, but they were working on the challenges I would soon be facing, and their process of mastering the techniques I was struggling with were still very visible.

The masters, on the other hand, were in a different league all together. The steps they had taken in the process of learning had now been eliminated. There were now few clues as to exactly HOW they got to be as good as they were.

So why am I telling you this?

I'm telling you this, because I have a confession to make.

Although several of my interactions are shown in Spy Cam Seductions, I am most certainly NOT the star of the show.

Nor are the other PickUp 101 instructors.

The REAL stars - the one's you'll be learning the MOST from, will certainly be the students.

My goal in creating the Anniversary release of Spy Cam Seductions was that no matter WHO you are, or WHERE your skills with women are at the moment, you can have that experience of saying to yourself: "Okay, there's a guy just like me and he's having a lot of the same struggles I'm having right now. Let's see how he handles this, and then we can learn from his experience."

By the way, EVERY student who appeared on Spy Cam Seduction received a complimentary copy of the exclusive Friends and Family release and WERE invited as guest speakers on my All Questions Answered calls so you get a chance to hear them ask some of their questions about their experiences.

Thanks to all of the Students, the REAL stars of the show!

-Lance Mason

DVD Number 6:
Daniel Johnson Advanced Hidden Camera Break Down

In this segment you get to see Daniel approach an Asian woman in San Francisco right before she crosses the street during the day. Parts of this video can be found on youtube, but this is the entire pickup from approach to getting the date—uncut!

Then Daniel sits down with me and Sean to discuss the ins and outs of the interaction… what he did right… what went wrong and his reasons for each action, step-by-step so you know exactly what to do to strengthen your game and what to avoid!

In this session you’ll discover…

• How to approach a woman during the day time and match your energy to hers so you keep her comfortable plus exactly what to do when you accidentally startle her or creep her out right away.

• What to do when a woman starts to move away from you… or continue doing what she was doing… after you’ve opened her (this technique is extremely valuable during the daytime because girls are often busy going somewhere)

• Exactly how to talk to women who don’t speak English very well… or even if they don’t speak English at all!

• How to “touch a woman without touching her” so you attract her even more… and simultaneously show her you understand how to keep her comfortable

• Exactly what Daniel does when he hears “bad news: I have a boyfriend” that automatically conveys he is in control of the situation… is confident of himself… deepens her attraction with him… and sets up HIM up to be the one who is being pursued!

• How to point out when a woman is feeling like you’re “playing her”… and strengthen your connection even more by showing her you really ARE into her and not just trying to get her into bed

• How to give women the freedom to walk away in a way that actually makes her stick around and want to not walk away.

• Plus much more!

The best part is: Daniel still set up a date for later with this girl... even though she didn't speak English that well... and claimed she had a boyfriend.

After watching this DVD just once you’ll have the skills to make sure you never let another gorgeous woman keep on walking past you on the sidewalk—even if she doesn’t speak English!

DVD Number 7:
Sean Newman Advanced Hidden Camera Break Down

We took the hidden cameras and followed Sean to a festival in California where he decided he found a Latin girl he liked. You’ll get to see Sean approach a group of four girls and attract the one he wants… eventually setting up a date with her.

Afterwards Sean gets grilled by me and Daniel to reveal how he did it. He shares everything, including…

• How Sean uses the world’s “lamest and simplest” opener to open the group of 4 girls… and the one thing he does immediately afterwards to trigger instant attraction with them

• What Sean does within the first minute when he sees the girl is uncomfortable giving him a hug that lets her know He’s paying attention and won’t ever make her feel uncomfortable

• Sean’s simple yet powerful rule that makes it possible for him to get away with crazy kino moves whenever he wants like big hugs, moving the girls around so you can get next to the one you like and throwing her over your shoulder to take her away

• How to do "nice" things for girls like taking their pictures while still staying “alpha” and actually making them more attracted to you

• What Sean tries to do as soon as possible in every set he’s in which makes the other girls in the group back him up and support him getting together with the girl he wants

• How Sean handles a guy trying to get into his group… without… being a jerk or trying to make anyone feel bad

• How Sean expertly transitions into deep rapport with the girl he’s interested in... and creates a rock-solid emotional connection with her

• And that’s just scratching the surface of what you’ll discover in this session!

Even more amazing: you’ll see what happens when one of the girls spots a hidden camera and confronts Sean about it. What Sean does… and his explanation of why he does it… will show you how to handle ANY tense situation a girl might confront you with. Just having this ONE skill in your repertoire will take your game to another level!

Plus, perhaps even more instructive, is the number one thing Sean would have done differently if he could go back in time and coach himself. This is incredibly revealing as Sean has had 100’s more sets since this video was filmed… and you get benefit from his mistakes!

DVD Number 8:
Lance Mason Advanced Hidden Camera Break Down

You’ve probably seen parts of this hidden camera footage on youtube before… but you’ve never seen it all revealed uncut and complete like this.

This was actually the very first day we ever did hidden camera filming, and I was at a festival in San Francisco where I approached a group of three girls and quickly attracted the one I wanted out of the group… it ends with me setting up a date with her and exchanging phone numbers.

Then I sit down with Sean and Daniel to reveal everything about the pickup, including:

• What I do as I first approach the group… even before my opening line… which causes the group to open up and welcome me in

• Exactly what “routines” I was using at the time… and why I decided to ditch them half way through the interaction

• How to get away with really aggressive and intimate touching that girls normally only let their boyfriends do

• How to sincerely compliment a woman without her losing attraction for you because she thinks you’re just like “all the other guys”

• The number one way to make absolutely sure you NEVER come across as boring when you’re telling girls information about yourself

• The biggest mistake guys make when getting help from their wings… that girls never do when their friends come into a group.

• How to isolate a girl from her group so you can create a connection with her… without… actually taking her anywhere

• Why almost every guy MISuses powerful deep rapport techniques (like “the cube”) ... and actually create LESS rapport with the girl

• Plus much, much more!

We Gave A Select Group of Guys
An Advanced Screening of SPYCAM SEDUCTION
Here’s What They Had To Say:

The SPYCAM SEDUCTIONS release party...

Click Here to Watch More Videos from the Party Attendees...

While we were putting the finishing touches on this product we realised it was totally unlike anything else on the market...

NO ONE has put together such an extensive collection of hidden camera footage... fully commentated... uncut... real and ready to learn from...

We knew we definitely needed to show what we had to a select group of guys to get their feedback --what they think is MUCH MORE important than what I think...

So we invited some customers out to Project San Francisco to take a look at the footage we had completed.

And then after they got to see the first and last DVD's we videotaped their reactions... keep reading to discover what they thought!

Lance kicked it off & introduced SPYCAM SEDUCTIONS...

The audience was spell-bound...

Don't take my word for it--we recorded them so you can hear in their own words how great SPYCAM SEDUCTIONS is!

Here’s your chance…

Our SPYCAM SEDUCTIONS: The Anniversary Release comes with ALL 8 DVD's (over 12 hours of footage!) of the Hidden Camera footage and ALL the instructional commentary (every word, gesture, and strategy is discussed in details onto these high-quality DVDs).

As you can see the value here is tremendous, but for this special ONE-TIME only Friends and Family release I'm Pulling Out ALL the stops...

I'm Pulling Out All the Stops for This
"Limited Edition" Release of SPYCAM SEDUCTIONS... I’m Including Over $1853 In FREE Gifts and Bonuses!

Anniversary Bonus #1: You get all the UNCUT STUDENT HIDDEN CAMERA PICKUPS, a $267 value, absolutely FREE!

In Spycam Seductions we generally showed the hidden camera footage either all the way through… or stopped it for an important point… then went back and showed segments of the pickup and stopped it and broke down each part step-by-step.

And some examples were so long, we didn’t even show the entire interaction.

Because of this, we figured you would want to see the entire pickup from start-to-finish so you could make your own observations! So we’re giving you just that all the hidden camera pickups with no interruptions and no commentary so you can analyze it yourself.

If we released these two DVD’s separately it would sell for at least $267, but because you’re ordering SPYCAM SEDUCTIONS today, you’re getting it totally FREE.

Anniversary Bonus #2: You’re getting an audio CD of the INSTRUCTOR’S HIDDEN CAMERA PICKUP, a $249 value, completely FREE!

You're probably wondering why this isn't a DVD. The main product DVD's already have the COMPLETE instructor sets on them so there's no need to be redundant. Still, we figured you’d like to hear the instructors banter and deep rapport skills during your commute or workout, so you can learn our favorite lines and catch the distinctions in tonalities that make them work.

You’ll be able to listen in and even practice along eith us if you like without any interruptions or commentary (this is your chance to see if you can pick out what WE are doing wrong—and how you’d do it better!)…

This audio CD alone would sell all day for $249 – but you’re getting it FREE because you’re ordering today.

Anniversary Bonus #3: I’m giving you COMPLETE TRANSCRIPTS OF EVERY PICKUP, a $187 value, totally FREE!

I’ve made truly “getting” the secrets revealed in SPYCAM SEDUCTIONS easy for you. Psychologists know that taking notes increases the amount of important key facts you remember so what we did was completely transcribe all the hidden camera pickups for you to read through, along with space for you to take notes.

When you get the system, I'll explain to you in a recorded message how to turn this simple "Notes" section into the MOST valuable part of the entire course. By watching the recorded interactions over and over again and making your own notes about what you see in the interactions. By forcign yourself to make youre own observations in addition to the ones we give you, you'll arive and a whole new level of understanding of the dynammics between men and women, and what you need to do to take your own game to the next level.

This is easily a $187 value, but you’re getting it for free because you’re ordering today.

Anniversary Bonus #4: You’re getting HIDDEN CAMERA FIELD REPORTS, a $87 value FREE!

Out of the tens of thousands of interaction me and my instructors have had with women, we were only able to capture a tiny fraction on film.

The truth is there is a wealth of knowledge and experience to be gained from studying what happened when the cameras weren't rolling.

I pulled some strings and got permission to share the juiciest and most insightful field reports from all of our instructors around the world… you’ll get inside their heads and figure out why they decided to use a certain line… what they thought the woman was thinking… and why they chose to do what they did.

These field reports will help you analyze when they got it right… and when they were totally WRONG… and will absolutely take your game to a higher level!

We could sell these separately for $87, but they’re yours FREE for ordering SPYCAM SEDUCTIONS today…

Anniversary Bonus #5 and #6: You’re getting recordings of TWO 'All Questions Answered' calls with me, Lance Mason, FREE! (...a $247 value each)

While watching some of the hidden camera pickups, at some point you might be thinking “why did he say that… or why did he approach like that?”

"Was that the right thing to do, or could he have done something better."

"Why did she react the way she did... was that a GOOD thing or a step backwards?"

The Fly 35 who ordered the original Friends and Family version of SPYCAM SEDUCTIONS last year were the ones asking the questions, so you know they won't hold back. I'll stay until the last question is answered... and you'll get it all delivered right to your doorstep once the calls are over.

As if that weren’t enough I have one more SUPER bonus for you! This is easily a $149 value, but you’re getting it for free because you’re ordering today.

Anniversary SUPER BONUS #7: You’re getting the SUPERGIRLS' SUPER INSIGHTS DVD, a $169 value, absolutely FREE!

This is the real deal--Sean, Daniel and myself may think we’re God’s gift to women… but the REAL proof is if women feel the same way!

That’s why I’m so excited about you seeing this bonus DVD, on SUPERGIRLS' SUPER OPINIONS you’ll see our Supergirls Shiva and Betty watch our full pickup footage and talk about…

• What they think about the different lines and routines me and the other instructors use…

• Their commentary on how the girls are reacting… and how they would react in the same situation…

• What they thought worked well, what wouldn’t work on them and how they thought the situation could have been handled better…

• Plus much more!

This is priceless information, where you’ll get inside the heads of two high-quality women and discover what they REALLY think of what we’re teaching!

This DVD is easily worth $169… probably MUCH more… but because you’re ordering today I’m throwing it in FREE!

(NEW!) Special Bonus #8: Student interview DVD

This almost got left on the cutting room floor due to cost restrictions, but once I
realized this was gong to be our ONLY friends and family release I asked Eva (she's the cute Redhead in the "Daniel Johnson Show" party video on the SpyCam page) if she could edit it together so we can get it out to you.

 She's almost done, so we should be able to get this out to you

(NEW!) Special Bonus #9: Participation in our "Reading the Signs" competition.

I personally believe this bonus can add more value to your game then anything else in the entire package.

Once everyone has the product we are going to send out a little contest on some details in the hidden cam interactions you may have missed.  Your job is to go back and read the clues to find the correct answer.  This will really force you to study the interaction in a new way, which will help you in your own interactions with women.
There will be some pretty sweet prizes for the winners, but I won't tell you what they are just yet ... ;-)

(NEW!) Special Bonus #10: Future access to 'un-released' hidden camera footage that we collect in the future.

It's hard to say what this one is worth. After all, the SpyCam release could be a total BOMB, and we could decide people don't REALLY want to see hidden camera videos in the future.

If that's the case, we'll probably stop filming them and this bonus won't be worth much.

But if you believe, as I do, that this is going to be our most popular product yet, and that this never-to-be-seen again release is going to become a LEGEND in community circles, then you can only imagine it's going to make sense for us to film more of it.

A lot more.

Some of that we might release in future products, some of it we won't release at all.

Here's the deal.

Whatever we do, I'm not going to charge YOU for it. And if we don't really plan on releasing it (or can't for some reason) I'll still try to find a way for you guys check it out.

Again, I have NO IDEA how to value this one. We could never film hidden camera footage again, or we could create a whole new product and send it off to you at cost.

Let's just call it a gentleman's agreement, as a Anniversary Release member, you'll have access to the hidden cam footage we create in the future.

Oh, one more thing, if we do cut up this version into smaller edited pieces I won't be sending you a copy of THAT product - you've already got EVERYTHING we have today. I'm just talking about the 'new' stuff.

Add it up, that's $1853 in bonuses for ALL Friends and Family membes, not to mention the additional $194 - $1094 in bonuses for the first FIVE and 35 men to reserve there copies.

How much is this really worth?

Well, you should know that the cost of one of our standard workshops is around $2500 per seat.

That's not all... you have to pay hotel accommodations, airfare, food and time away from your home and work.

When you add it all up, an average investment in just ONE workshop is well over $3,000!

Guys come to our workshops for a lot of reasons, but almost ALL them site two reasons above all others:

REASON #1: To heard the real live feedback of the instructors on the interactions the've had, and on the interactions of other students that they had also witnessed.

REASON #2: To SEE with THEIR OWN EYES the results the instructors AND the other students are getting, and to erase every shred of doubt that the techniques that they are being taught might not work consistently, or might not work for guys like them.

As I mentioned, we've been preparing our techniques and filming this footage during about three years of workshops. Now, on most weekends we have two or three workshops going on somewhere in the world, but we were not filming at all of them.

The instructor footage was captured 'off hours' when we were NOT teaching so as not to imapct the student experience.

My guess is that on average over that 3 year time period we were filming at about one workshop a month, and we have only presented the absolute cream of the crop of all that we were able to capture.

What your getting is literally the BEST, most coherent, most INSTRUCTIVE interactions we've been able to capture in over THREE YEARS of non-stop workshops, coupled with DETAILED analysis, with instant replays, interviews with the men (and WOMEN) in the set.

If you took a workshop with us every month during that three year period it would cost you about $90,000 not including travel fees or any other expenses. And I guarantee you wouldn't have the level of access you get here, to observe the KEY DETAILS that really makes this stuff work.

And you DON'T need to travel, you don't need to watch with your eyes peeled afraid that you might "miss something". You can take notes in your own home, watching the interactions through multiple camera angles, clear audio (in most cases), AND written transcripts and subtitles! ... Over and over again in your own home to discuss with your buddies and relate it to your own recent experiences.

Now, obviously I'm not charging $90,000 for the program.

There are, however, products on the market right now going for $3000 to $5000 that took only a month or two to throw together and teach methods with MUCH LONGER learning curves.

While I might make more money if I did that, I also feel I would alienate a lot of great guys who would otherwise somehow pull together the cash to grab this opportunity and make a real difference in there lives.

Since I'm only offering the full UNCUT version this one time to the "insiders", I want you to all be able to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Just 1% of the Cost of the Equivalant
Workshop Experience

That's right! You'll get the the best learning experiences in THREE YEARS of workshops, professionally recorded on digital DVD.

If you act before this Friday, you can claim your copy of the Uncensored Anniversary Edition: SPYCAM SEDUCTIONS for just 5 tiny investments of $97

Or if you would prefer to pay the full amount up front, you can get your copy today for just $495.

Why would you pay that much just for a bunch of DVDs and CDs and some printed material? Good question. The answer is simple.

What we've created over the last 3 years can turn your life around.

But, don't take my word for it. Just take a look at the testimonials running down this page showing what others say about us and our ability to transform ordinary men into men who have absolute choice with the women in their life… and the ability to attract and keep the ones who really turn them on!

Just $1.35 per day to Have Access to the BEST Learning Opportunities in THREE YEARS of Workshops -- FOREVER!

When you really think about it, compared to having a lifetime of success with women, 5 payments of $97 (or $495) is really just a painless drop in the bucket.

Consider this: Over the course of just one year, by which time you will have already completely transformed your relationships with women into fun, sexy, attractive encounters instead of boring conversations, your investment in this system will only be $1.35 per day… that’s barely the price of a cup of Starbucks coffee!

… In fact, if $1.35 isn’t about half the price of just ONE beer at the cheapest bar in town (and how many of those do you have to “invest in" to be able to go talk with a gorgeous woman now... or...

how many $6.00 drinks have you bought women in the hopes of getting them attracted to you?)

… plus, think about this for a moment:

Each one of the instructors charges as much as $400 an hour for teaching and consulting with students “in-field” (I charge $1,000 per hour).

Since you're getting the best of 3 years of workshops (and more, when you look at all the extras and the bonuses) worth of knowledge wrapped and packed into this powerful system, that's got to be close to a $15,000 minimum value when you compare it that way.

But don't stop there.

Consider that it took many, many years for the panel to learn their craft, not only in experience — paid with heart-break, sweat, tears — but also in courses, seminars, training, trial and error, MANY failed relationships, tons of embarrassment and numerous successes and failures along the way...

I mean, look at what I went through... what Daniel and Sean went through... what all of the other pickup pros went through.

What if you could literaly "look over our shoulders" at differnent phases in our development and witness (not READ ABOUT or see DEMONSTRATIONS OF) but really witness first-hand the KEY DISTINCTIONS that make this game EASIER then you ever imagined?

What if you could leapfrog over the frustration and time it would take to learn it all yourself? How much money would THAT be worth to you?

A lot more than 6 tiny investments of $97, I can guarantee you that.

BUT that's not all, here's...

SPECIAL Anniversary Discount:
Order before this Friday, December 15th and
You Save Over $500!

Because we're re-releasing the Anniversary Edition of Spy Cam Seductions, I've decided to make you an offer you can't refuse.

When you claim your course today, you're not only going to get the $2,300 discount... But you will get the 5 free bonus gifts above

... or if you prefer to pay it all up front, I'll take another $100 off the price (because you're saving me some bookkeeping hassles!) -- making your investment in this system only $495. That means it's only $1.35 per day over the next year for this life changing information!

By ordering before This Friday, December 15th, at Midnight, you're not only GETTING the complete package that will never be offered again, you'll also be getting the BEST deal we'll EVER offer for any of this material. Period!


And don’t worry, I’m taking ALL the risk here by letting you give SPYCAM SEDUCTIONS a good ol' college try with my…

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Since you risk nothing, why not order Spycam Seductions today?

You won’t risk one cent by trying SPYCAM SEDUCTIONS. That’s because your order is protected by not just one, but three guarantees:

GUARANTEE No 1: SPYCAM SEDUCTIONS is guaranteed to improve your game… you’ll get more attraction from more women immediately… you’ll build deep rapport effortlessly… and transition to sexual intimacy more often—or it’s FREE! That’s right! You must be completely satisfied with SPYCAM SEDUCTIONS or you pay nothing.

GUARANTEE No 2: SPYCAM SEDUCTIONS is guaranteed to take you out “in-field” with the world’s greatest pickup artists... all from the comfort of your couch! It will break down the exact methods, techniques and strategies we use, step-by-step, so you can copy them and get better results with women.

Compare that to watching a reality show or videos online where you don’t know why the people are doing what they’re doing (or if it’s even working). You must be completely satisfied with SPYCAM SEDUCTIONS or you pay nothing!

GUARANTEE No 3: SPYCAM SEDUCTIONS is guaranteed to be completely and totally REAL. We are guaranteeing that each one of the girls didn’t know they were being filmed and our methods really work. As proof we are including the signed waivers the girls had to sign (after the pickup) in order to use their footage (note: the actual names have been blacked out for their privacy).

Give SPYCAM SEDUCTIONS: The Anniversary Edition a try for Six weeks. You must see, feel, and experience an incredible improvement in your game... you'll get better reactions from women... more attraction... deeper levels of connection--faster...

You must experience better results... more fun... and more intimate times with the women you choose and be absolutely ecstatic about your new skills.

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Lance Mason

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Here's What Audience Members Had To Say:


For Spy Cam Seductions it was weird just seeing people just walk up to people. You never expect that, just at like a random place. Like at a fair. Just like, "Hi whatís your name? Wanna go to dinner Tuesday? Alright, awesome, lets do that." And sheís like, "Ah yeah, definitely, Iíll cook". I would never see that happening with me until after this video.

It would be weird being a student going out there for your first time and then, just like that, knowing what to do. But overall they did really good. It surprised me how good they did for their first time on video camera. I could just imagine how nervous Iíd be and stuff like that.

I remember my first time out, it was actually at a seminar, but it was before when I read the books and read your guysí stuff and watched the emails. I was sweating, I remember just following the girl for about a half an hour and then he just pushed me and pushed me and pushed me and then finally I did it and she just booked and started running. Then finally about after five or six times I just started nailing it like nothing. And heíd be just pointing her out and being like ďTell her sheís cuteĒ and Iím like ďAlright, Iíll go tell her sheís cute.Ē

The instant replays, I liked those a lot. ĎCause you donít notice things like that until they point them out, then once they do point them out itís like ďOh, voosh, now I understand what theyíre talking about.Ē But before youíd just see them and be like how does this work? How can this be so easy? And then theyíll go, ďYou see how I just slid my hand down here, rather then up here?Ē I could definately see how hard itíd be to make this video. First of all you just got the cameras on you, so thatís like another little drawback. Then on top of that making sure everything happens just really good and then God forbid if for some reason, like Lance was saying one guy had really good footage, everything was going really good. Then he gave his friend the video and was like, ďAll right guys, itís a good night, Iím going to go take her home,Ē and then the guys lost the video!

The stuff you guys show on Spy Cams is a lot better then the other dating shows and stuff like that just because like the other dating shows will only show you clips, theyíll be like, "Go in there tell her this" and then heíll be like alright, he got the girl. But this stuff shows you detail by detail, and theyíll show you everything he does and theyíll go back on it and theyíll go like "See this? That was way tight like that was an awesome job he did right there." Compared to the TV shows where itís just like, "Ok, here ya go, go get the girl and then you just come back half hour later with the girl but it just snips that part out and doesnít show anything. Or if it does itís just like a monologue and it just shows the parts that wonít exactly give you what you need to do.

Buy Spy Cams definitely, f*cking awesome!


I think people have been waiting a long time for a product like this to come out. Thereís so many people out there that claim they can do, you know, all these great things. But nobodyís really put their money where their mouth is and this product goes beyond and above what people are expecting; covers everything. These students are going out and approaching for the first time. The way Lance teaches these guys how to do it, itís as if theyíve been doing it all their lives. You canít even tell itís perhaps their first time, they look so natural and confident from the skills that heís given them.

I can really relate to this program because I remember once being in their position, feeling the butterflies before you approach and wondering whatís going to happen. And the more you do it the more confident you get and itís great to see students out there, going through it and getting to where they want to be.

The freeze frames and the instant replays are extremely helpful because you get to watch it, then you get the coaches feedback and from the person who was actually involved in the video, so for example when Lance goes and talks, on his video, he goes through and he breaks it down step by step. And thereís a lot of things going on that you might not have thought, and he really shows you the little subtle things that make all the difference in the world in order to make people feel completely comfortable.

Itís taken them a long time to put together all of this footage. Thereís so many things that can go wrong with, you know, being in public, having buses drive in front of you, never knowing if the cameraís on or off, or if the shotís being wrecked. So, you know, I really got to to hand it to these guys for putting in all of the long hours and putting together something that can really show people that this stuff can be done, theyíre doing it, and they can teach anyone who wants to learn the skills to go out and meet any women they want.

With what I saw from the Spy Cam Seductions today, itís been great. Iíve seen approaches from students and instructors and they really cover everything. You get to watch it in real time, in real life, and theyíre going through the whole thing, and helping you understand what theyíre doing, the whole time theyíre critiquing themselves and kinda telling you exactly what theyíre doing in like the narrative form.

I think this is a very, very interesting product to watch because nobodyís done it. And they way they did do it, they did a really good job. Theyíve done something that to most people would be impossible, and theyíve taken it and theyíve made it look very simple. In the terms of if you want to learn from it, itís very understandable and itís a product of learning how to go and do this in real life. You see it, youíre going to believe it.

The audience reactions to this program, itís been great because theyíre seeing a lot of things they didnít think would be captured on film. And itís just been really great to see these guys, theyíre having the realization, right in front of their own eyes, they came in kinda skeptical like, "Ok, what did he get on film?" And as we watch it, the reactions of people, itís like, thereís laughter, and theyíre really seeing and feeling with their own eyes that, "Wow this is really something I can do, I can learn how to do this. And now that Iíve seen how they do it, I wanna do it myself."

The difference between Spy Cam Seductions and watching reality TV is that this is actually real. In my opinion everything I see on TV, they canít actually, theyíre not performing to reality; itís fake. They have all these things plotted out and most of the time they just end up making an ass out of themselves. And with Spy Cam Seductions, itís real. They go through it step by step, showing you exactly what theyíre doing, and why this is reality and why this actually works. Where as on TV everything, itís all edited and chopped up to make it look, and they can make the worst interaction look good. And whatís awesome about this is that itís completely real. Anyone who has the oppurtinity to get ahold of these products should be jumping all over it because thereís just nothing like it.

The set at the end with Lance where they break down the whole thing from start to finish, itís great because you know heís just going in, heís being himself, heís fun and heís playful and it just works so good because thereís so many little things that are going on that to the average eye it just looks like Lance has known them all his life. And to be able to do that to any group of people you want, itís something most people canít even dream of doing, or conceive, and by actually seeing it and realizing, "Oh wait, he didnít even know these people?" Itís priceless because he breaks down exactly what heís doing, like every little thing, and thatís just gold because thereís nobody out there that can do it and break it down the way he does. Nobody.


I think that men really need this product. I think itís a great product, I think it addresses every guyís need and the way they break it down, thereís nothing hidden and itís not hard. And itís really helpful.

When I was first looking at the Spy Cam Seductions video with Sean, he was so smooth, it was so great because it looked as though any guy could do it. He didnít have special tricks, no special conversation that he had put together Ė studied for weeks type of thing, like a script. It was just really straightforward. He immediately made the girls feel comfortable and I got a lot out of it, I learned a lot just from that hour or so video.

I really enjoyed the freeze frames that they did on that video, and the reason is that it broke it down. A lot of the moves that Sean did were subtle. When they did it slow motion it was very clear what he was doing and why he was doing it.

So when Sean went back to get the waiver from all of the girls, they were all really surprised that, "Oh my gosh, Iím on camera? And now you want me to sign a waiver?" Well Sean he made it in really well, worked it in really well, made the girls really comfortable. And he told them the truth, he told them that when another camera came up to them, "Oh this is my friend and yeah heís got a camera and yeah you wanna be on camera also donít you?" And it was just all very smooth. And the girls just seemed to agree with almost anything he said because he was definately in the lead.

Of everything that Spy Cam Seductions puts out, I saw two videos tonight. And Iím really looking forward to looking at all the videos that are available.

If I were to compare Spy Cam Seductions and TV shows, that I like the reality effect of Spy Cam Seductions far better. When you have people who have no idea that theyíre being filmed, it changes the whole dynamic of the entire set. All their responses are so candid, and it makes it more fun.

Iím really new to PickUp 101. Like I just got a spam email and it just happened to go into my inbox and I opened it and followed some of the links, I learned a lot about it, thereís probably 50 guys here tonight, I didnít realize that so many men really, really need this. And not just that they need it itís just that theyíre looking for someone to really help them and not just have alcohol as the only thing that going to help them talk to


Well, I came to the party to see what DVDs were on offer, and we saw the first one and the last one and the one that I really liked the best was this guy named Mourad, who is closer in my age then most of the other guys who were in the DVD series. Heís got this very kinda low-key but very warm style and thatís really closest to the style that I would want to emulate because I really donít think a lot of flash would suit my personality all that well. So he had this sort of warm, friendly approach and he got the result and that was great, so thatís definately something to see and learn from.

It is absolutely helpful to see the lessons demonstrated through live pick-up. I remember the first presentation I ever came to at PickUp 101, when Lance was showing just some of the body language and some of the moves, and it wasnít a live pick-up, it was only a demo but I learned so much just watching that. Iíve read a lot of this stuff and Iíve looked at a lot of the theory, but thereís nothing like actually seeing it in action, either from someone who is giving a demo or from seeing what actually happens in the field. And itís funny, when you look at something that actually happens in the field itís like "what just happened here?" Itís not this big flashy thing, someoneís just sitting here and having a conversation. Itís like wow, this is actually a lot simpler, and a lot more subtle, then you make it out to be in your mind when youíre just reading about it in a book.

Anybody who sees this is going to realize how real the people are. Theyíre going to see not only things that go really smoothly and are, you know really successful, but also some of the hiccups. Theyíre going to see some of the guys who didnít quite get it, or arenít quite comfortable and you see that theyíre on that path. But itís very clear that these are not paid actors, these are people who are actually doing the work. And you also see the instructors and you see what it looks like for someone whoís been working on this for a long time do it and what youíll see is, if you piece it all together, sort of these people on this path. So youíll see these people who are absolute beginners who havenít quite got it and youíll see these people going through this process of development. In fact there was another fella named, Barry, I think, and you see two different approaches he does, and you see a definite improvment between the first one and the second one, and even at the second one you know heís not all the ways there yet, but you know heís on the right path.

This was the result of lots and lots of hours of footage. There were probably 3 times, 4 times, 5 times as many things that didnít make it on these DVDs that did. Seeing guys in all different stages. Particularly the way Lance and the other instructors break it down to say ďOk whatís going on here, whatís working, whatís not what could they have done better.Ē This is something that has been thought about for a long time. Obviously, these guys are realizing a dream that theyíve had for a long time of putting this out there so people could see what the process is and see that this stuff is real and that it can work for you.

I never really thought about whether there would or could or should be a product like this but now that Iíve seen whats gone into it, Iím not at all surprised no oneís released a product like this before because itís a lot of work. I mean, 200 approaches and technical problems and just figuring out how to get the shots and thereís a lot that goes into it and to realease something like this requires a lot of dedication and a lot of work. I think a lot of people are not really focused in that direction, they donít really care enough to put the work in and make it happen.

This is training, this is something entirely different. This is a training product. This is not about entertainment or wowing the audience or saying gee how did he do that? They explain to you how to do that and furthermore, itís the kind of thing that you can learn from and it bolsters your confidence that yes you can do it.

Iím definately excited to see the rest of the product. I know that in the other 5 dvds thereís just gems of material in there that I want. I really want that material because the more of this I know the better I can home my game, the better off Iím gonna be.


I've actually been waiting for it for some time, a product that actually shows these live pick-ups and how they actually go down. I've seen little clips on the Internet and bootlegged stuff but it's a lot more helpful to see the full approach. It is helpful to see how it starts, what it's like in the middle, how you finish it up. Just the whole process of the approach and how the instructors do it as well as the students, who aren't as comfortable doing this, to see what it's like who hasn't done it before and isn't a big pro.

I was actually really impressed by the students, and that they did agree to be filmed in such a high-pressure environment.

When I was watching I could definately relate to what the student feels like. I could see myself in every one of those interactions because I've had similar reactions from women and I've done similar sort of things. I've done things the right way and I've done things the wrong way but it's helpful to see, and actually hear exactly what the girl was thinking directly afterwards with the interviews post approach.

Watching Spy Cam Seductions makes me excited to go out there and do some street approaches, because the ones I saw looked fairly natural, they looked comfortable. I don't think I would get any strange reactions if I tried. I know that a lot of guys can be more comfortable initially doing night time approaches because it's a loud environment and you're not going to be singled out quite as much but the product showed that even newcomers can have very solid interactions right from the start, if they just have the confidence to go and approach, even in the daytime.


I think people have been waiting for something like this ever since anything that has anything to do with meeting women has come out. That's all I've heard people talk about. This is it, this is the next step right here.

I've never seen anything like this before. I've never seen anything this quality before. It's just amazing,

I don't even know how they were able to get so much of that hidden camera footage. They were showing these cool little trick boxes and stuff, it was pretty sneaky.

I couldn't believe that some of these people were approaching women for there first time on here, it looked so natural, it looked like they'd just been doing it for years.

The instant replays were incredibly helpful. You see it and you have your own view as to what goes on and then you have them break it down for you afterwards and they give you their thoughts on it and on what they could have done to make it better even on top of that, which was really impressive. But to see the view from somebody who is just so fantastic, it just gets your mind going in a whole new direction.

Watching the PickUp 101 stuff is insanely better then anything I've seen on TV or any other video for that fact. It's so real, it gives you stuff that you can use right away, you can just walk right out the door and start doing it and it's going to work. The other stuff seems like it has a lot of fluff and it's nice to have someone who just cuts right into the meat, puts you right in the trenches so to speak.

I saw quite a bit already, we went through a couple of the videos and I have to say that I absolutely have to see the rest. Absolutely, it's just too awesome to miss even five minutes of it.


This was great because they showed the whole thing. Then they broke it down with the roundtable discussion. It was great to see their take on it. And then the key question at the end of the video that Lance had to Sean was, "If you could go back was there anything you'd do different?" And Sean just started laughing and was like, "Yeah, I'm such a re-tard, I should have just stopped taping for the day and pulled them back to the pad, because they were ready to go, we were all having fun." Just goes to show you that even though Sean's really good at what he does, even he gets caught in the moment and doesn't think right.

It's nice seeing it live, but it's different seeing these guys do a real interaction in a real situation, especially Sean and Lance. Watching those guys interact and seeing them put into practice some of the things I knew in theory was really beneficial.

The freeze-frames where great, that was one of the best parts. It was good to watch the whole interaction but when they stopped it and dissected it, it was very helpful.

Just from the two [videos] that I've seen, it's a made a couple things that I kinda already knew click into place and I'm like, "OK, that's how that looks live or that's how you can use that technique, line, whatever." Seeing Lance's body language and Sean's body language, how he picked up the girl over his shoulder. Just seeing all that had given me a new confidence.


I'm originally from Santa Barbara and I drove all the way up to San Francisco specifically for this event, just so I could see the Spy Cam Seductions. No one else, I think, in the world has done this. It's basically years of following other guys around while they do real live pick-up and it's real, it's not fake. You can tell it's not fake because they've already shown in their preview, "these are some of the bad approaches, this is why they were bad," they have the round table, "this is exactly what you should do to avoid the bad habits. Then here ya go, this is a successful one, this is what it looks like". So you see the whole spectrum, "This is bad, this is what you have to do in order to get better". I don't know anyone else who has ever done that. Driving up from Santa Barbara, it was a long drive, but it was worth it, just to see it.

I've only seen about an hour of it so far, and I think they said it's like eight DVDs or some incredible number of hours of footage. And it's from the very beginning like, "This is a guy walking up," all the way to the fact that he gets a date. It's an incredible product, I can't wait to get it actually.

In terms of showing what is possible with just a stranger walking up to another stranger, and then they meet and then this great thing happens. That what romance is all about. I can't wait to get it, it's the greatest real-world production ever.

The most amazing thing is that the entire thing happened through a spy cam. She didn't know she was being filmed, the instructor's all nervous because he's on camera, he's not a professional actor. He's just a guy who's trying to get better with women. Then he has to go back later on and say, 'Excuse me, we were filming this and I still think you're cute, but I still want to put you on this DVD product." That's just crazy.


I've never seen any product like this, where there's a commentary where they tell you what the stages are, what's going on during the pick-up. They show you some examples where things aren't working quite right, some were they are working quite right. They tell you what the mistakes are when it's not working and when it is working they tell you what was going right and why and I think it's really good that they explain everything.

I think people have been waiting for a hidden camera project like this forever.

Even if you go out with a friend who's really good at picking up women, it's so noisy in there that you can't really hear what they're saying. With this you can tell exactly what they're saying, there's subtitles on there, the people are explaining it to you, they're showing you scenes as they explain.

Where I'm lacking is in the material, I don't have enough material that is interesting to women. And I think they give you a lot of good examples of material you can use and it gives you an idea of what to think of on your own that would be interesting to women.

The freeze frames and the commentaries were definitely very helpful in understanding what's going on in these scenes. I think it will help anybody to learn much faster.


There's really not anything exactly like this out on the market. I've seen short snippets but this is actually a lot more than I've seen before. I think people have been waiting for as long as they've been practicing the game for something like this to come along. It just breaks it down, it's very lucid, very direct and to the point.

Being able to see it is a lot more then just reading about it, being told about it.

Seeing some of these guys out there on their first times, already being really comfortable. I can relate to the students as they're doing their approaches just because it's something that I've done before, they actually looked more comfortable then most first-time students I've seen out there.

They've been working on this for three years now, through various technical difficulties and practicing putting everything together, so I think it's been a while in the making.

To be honest, after watching this I just wanna be out sarging right now. Just watching it and seeing these points, these little sticking points are clicking in your mind. "That's something I've done before, that's something I need to do", you just wanna go do it right now.

I think a lot of stuff that's out there on television or online, it's kinda sensationalism. You're seeing short snippets, you're seeing it done but you're not really fleshed out. This is something were they're taking the time to actually show you the details. You see what's happening, why it works and they're telling you exactly what's going on.


Tonight we watched the first and last DVD of Spy Cam Seductions and I thought the DVDs were great, especially the last one, I really liked watching Lance's approach from beginning to end and I'm really excited about watching the rest of them because I feel there's just so much in between them. The first DVD was about the first approach, having a strong approach and the last DVD was about just taking it all the way through.

I thought the instant replays were good, especially with the commentary. It felt like one of those director's cut shows where they play the movie then they have the director and the staff talk through it. Just seeing the approach the first time, I had my own commentary in my head and then seeing the coaches comment on it made a big difference because they obviously know what they're doing.

I could really relate to those students because I just took a workshop less then two months ago and I could feel myself getting better. My first approach I was really nervous then over the course of the workshop I got a lot more comfortable. I think that if I had a microphone attached to me and someone was filming me I'd be even more nervous, I have a lot of respect for those students.

It was good seeing in the video that the people go through the exact same things that I go through when I go into the field. Just seeing how they overcame a lot of the very common stumbling blocks.

Spy Cam Seductions is aimed at instruction whereas other TV shows are aimed at entertainment. I think Spy Cam Seductions really has the goal of teaching the viewer the material and getting him to do what the people are doing onscreen.


As far as Spy Cam Seductions goes, I think it's a great idea. Not lots of DVDs are out there right now doing that. You see stuff on youtube for example, you see stuff from famous pick-up artists all over the Internet but there's no such thing as you're showing a live pick-up, natural, and you have other people commenting on it. You have people commenting what happened, what went right and also what went wrong.

It shows you how to switch gears, from building attraction, to building rapport, to going into deep conversation. Sometime people don't know when to switch gears. I think these are great pieces to show you when you need to shift gears, when to move from attraction into building rapport and then getting to know her conversation.

I saw Lance and I saw Sean and I saw Daniel and they were commenting on these tapes and not only was it like bragging, "I did this right, I did this right," there were certain things that they did wrong and it shows you that if you do more things right than you do wrong, eventually it will lead to something, it will lead to attraction.

These are things that you just don't notice. Even if you go out with friends every night, these are things we don't notice, you need to see them on tape, it will probably take me ten years to figure this stuff out, and when these tapes by PickUp 101 are out there, it's a great idea, you can pay attention to what's happening and learn really fast. These are thing that would take years to develop and they're just right in front of you.

This is not something that came just out from the blue, this is something these guys have been working on for 12 years. And all the time they took to develop these skills you're not going to just learn it. You're going to be amazing when you see these DVDs and you go outside and start picking up women like crazy and have a wild orgy in one night. But it's gonna save you so much time and all you have to do right now is to practice. It's like you have the tools, and now you've just gotta learn how to use them. It will save you frustrating years, believe me I have had frustrating years before Now it's like I laugh at it, I have all the tools. You just gotta go out there, and like Lance says, meet some women.

If I would have found these DVDs years ago, it would have saved me lots of time and effort, and everybody can learn this on their own but it's going to take years and it's going to be painful. Life is short, you better take this and get rid of the fear. Because once you conquer that area of your life you're going to feel great about yourself.