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Never again lack confidence with women...

“Discover the Powerful Force That Makes Women Come To You!

Transform Your Physical Body Into the
Ultimate Babe-Magnet Machine ...
And Experience the Sheer Unbridled Joy of Instant and
Permanent Rockstar Confidence With Women...
Even if You're an Out of Shape and Out of Luck
Divorced 54-Year Man Like Me

Eric R.
Wholesale Foods Business Owner

Dear Friend,

Me, Eric, at the Physical Confidence Workshop

If you have ever wondered how you can develop the confidence to talk with smoking hot women, how to get past being shy at social events, and eliminate approach anxiety forever, then this will be the most exciting and important letter you've ever read.

My name is Eric, and until recently I was so nervous around women I would begin shaking like a leaf. Whenever women were around, my voice would get choked off so I could barely speak, and I constantly would talk myself out of approaching women due to fear.

I don't know if you can imagine what it was like for me, but I even thought I was doomed to be a nervous wreck around women for the rest of my life.

And yet, I'm writing today a changed man. In fact, it's hard for me to believe I used to be such a mess around women, so if you relate with what I said... there is hope for you too.

As you read on I'll tell you more about how I gained the kind of self confidence with women I thought only pro athletes and movie stars could have, and I'll tell you about how it all happened to me in just 2 DAYS!

First I want to share just one story of many about how what I've learned has rocked my world, and changed my life forever.

She Bought Me a Hundred Dollar Dinner!!!

This is an email I sent to Sean Newman, one of the PickUp 101 instructors who presented alongside Lance during the two-day seminar...

Hi Sean-

This week has been getting better and better. Check this out...

A young lady I've known for 3 years took me to dinner tonight, at my favorite restaurant. I would rate her a 9. She is 30 yrs old, and at 54, you can definately say I am well... older.

I had a great time with her while waiting for our table, including opening a group (two women and a man also waiting) and inviting myself to join them for dinner, getting everyone laughing... like who is this guy.

My friend and I got a prime table at the restaurant, I bantered with the host and hostess on our way in, and then with the waitress, The waitress, Elizabeth, later asked the chef/owner, whom I had said hello to earlier, "who is that guy at table 51?", because she was enjoying us so much.

We had a fabulous meal, bottle of wine, and the waitress at the end of the meal, thanked me for being so much fun and making her night. She has a killer smile and was just beaming.

While I was in the bathroom, my friend paid the check, which was well over $100.00, and then thanked me for the best time she had had in a long time. Mighty fine. Just another ho-hum day in my new life. (I'm kidding)

I can't recall anything quite that sweet happening in recent memory.

I have been having so much fun this week. Thanks again to you and everyone at the workshop.

Eric, Wisconsin

There's plenty more stories like this, including...

Plus, I directly attribute what I've learned from PickUp 101 with me landing a huge new account for my business. Talk about a totally unexpected benefit.

Contrast this with where I was mere days before. I remember telling Sean it wouldn't work for me because I was older, had been married, and didn't have a clue about women.

This may or may not seem like a big deal to you, but for me these have been major breakthroughs! All from just soaking up the information Lance presented in his two day physical confidence seminar!

It wasn't just me and the other guys who had been 'out of the game' that benefitted either. Attending the conference with us were several guys who seemed to have taken every workshop on the planet relating to women. Many of these guys were currently dating four or five women at a time, and even those guys were raving about how powerful and simple the tools Lance was presenting were.

Lance and the guys even got some hidden camera video of Ethan, one of the attendees, talking to some girls before and after the event. Even I was amazed to see him quickly get two numbers in row using what he learned at the event!

Now let me share with you some of what I've learned from Lance and his team, pay attention, this is important.

The #1 Thing Women Say They Find Attractive...
Is Confidence

Frankly I had spent a lot of time reading techniques in books and on the Internet, listening to CD's and MP3's, and studying DVD's on how to pickup women. More than I would like to admit. But none of it worked consistantly. Not the best lines, not the funniest stories, not any of the rapport skills I learned.

Sure, I'd have some snippets of success -- heck I managed to luck into another relationship at one point, but it wasn't a healthy relationship. The only good thing was the sex, and because I couldn't get consistent results with women, I didn't have the courage to break up with her.

I was very frustrated, and assumed it had something to do with my looks or my age. More than anything I wanted to know what would work with women every time.

I know now it's because I never had any confidence, and more than anything else, women want a man who is confident.

Heck, I guess deep down I knew that, but who wants to find out that the one thing you don't have is exactly what women want the most.

And to make things worse, I read up on women and confidence and discovered that

Women Are Easily At Least 10 Times More
Sensitive To Your Body Language,
Your Physiology, and Your Emotional States!

Man I figured I was screwed. Even when I was able to look perfectly comfortable and confident on the outside, the reality was I was very nervous on the inside.

No wonder I wasn't having any luck with women.

On the other hand, at least now I understood the root cause of my lack of dating success. The big question was how can I get total self-confidence with women. How could I be an Alpha Guy and have the aura of confidence to attract jaw dropping sexy women, twenty years younger than me.

As luck would have it, one day while surfing around the Internet, I heard about this guy Lance Mason and PickUp 101. A lot of guys had good things to say about him and how his programs had boosted their confidence with women.

So I emailed one of the guys and asked him just exactly how he got confident with women. He said that PickUp 101 had a series of easy exercises to change your body language, and how by practicing the exercises it gives you confidence immediately.

I called PickUp 101 right away, and Andy told me that there was a special 2-day workshop called Physical Confidence.

I signed up on the spot!

Your Body Can't Lie!

The first thing I learned was that body language is the best mechanism to project confidence.

It's common knowledge that 93% of human communication is non-verbal. So it only makes sense the way you present your body and the tone of your voice is massively more important than what you say to a woman, and will be what affects her experience of you the most.

In short, your body language is a dead giveaway to how nervous or afraid you are.

Lance explained that confidence is something you carry with you always. It's a way of life not something you 'turn on' just when you want to talk to women.

You see, self-confidence comes from a feedback loop between your body and your mind. Body affects mind, and mind affects body. It's hard wired to work this way and is not affected one bit by conscious thoughts. It's a basic law of biology.

That means, you can't use your will power alone to become confident. Your confidence level is written all over you, and women can read it 50 feet away. Or as one of the instructors put it, women have the best bullshit detectors on the planet.

Let me share a secret I learned, body language is not just a means of communicating self confidence...

Body Language Is The Fastest Way To
Unbeatable Self Confidence

Your body positioning affects your emotional state. This is scientific fact. But don't believe me, try this experiment that Lance showed us and see for yourself.

Try feeling sad. Think of an event that made you really sad and allow the feelings to wash over you. Got it?

Okay now force yourself to smile.

Did you do it?

Kinda freaky isn't it? When I did it, it felt totally weird and very uncomfortable.

What's more, if you continue to hold the smile, you'll find it impossible to be sad (or angry either).

It's because you changed your body physically, and that has a powerful and immediate effect on your emotional state. You can't not be happy when you smile. And that's also why even us guys can tell a real smile from a fake one.

What's really exciting is that you can change your self confidence just as quickly by changing the way you carry your body!!!

So why is it that guys like you and I don't have this kind of self confidence if all that's required is to change your body?

Well there's a lot of reasons actually, but there is only one that matters. You see, the reason you don't have this kind of confidence with women is nobody ever taught you this stuff.

It's Not Your Fault

After all, no one taught you how to be a cool confident guy when you were growing up. Not Mr. Jones your 9th grade Phys Ed coach, not your parents who like most parents are totally clueless about how to meet women, and certainly not the other kids on the playground at recess.

And the commonly heard advice to "just be yourself" hasn't worked for you either has it? I've been 'being' myself my whole life, and it has never worked for me.

"It's very simple but it's also very effective. And it's something I was never taught, so it's very cool to learn from someone who has mastered these skills, and it's obvious Lance has mastered these skills.

I've already put in to practice a lot of things I've learned from Lance, and I KNOW it works. It's been very helpful."


James - Real Estate Developer, San Francisco CA

As you read this letter, you'll discover how I finally became the kind of man that women find attractive. You'll discover how I got the hottie to buy me a $100 dinner, even though I was flirting with all the other women in the room. And why it is that women now come up to me and give me their phone numbers.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to doing a major overhaul on my self confidence and obliterating my fears and doubts with women, during this program I also learned two more invaluable skills that have already had a HUGE impact on my success with women.

More on those in a moment, first I want to tell you something most guys don't really understand very well. Heck I didn't either when I was searching for answers on how to be good with women.

I thought it was all about having a good pickup line and knowing a couple of good stories or jokes to make them laugh.

Boy was I wrong. If you only learn one thing from me today, please take this lesson with you, it's the most important lesson for any man who wants to be good with women.

Master Your Inner Game
And The Rest of The Pickup Process Will Come Easily

A few short months ago, I would have bet you a year's salary I would NEVER be able to talk to an attractive woman without shaking uncontrollably. I rarely would approach a woman due to approach anxiety, and only talked to women I was introduced to since that was 'safe'.

Now I flirt with women everywhere I go. In fact it seems weird not to talk to all the women around me. And it's amazing how women respond! I haven't had this much fun in my life.

My only regret is that I didn't start with my inner game, but honestly, how was I to know. Like I said earlier, they don't teach you this stuff growing up.

Now I could tell you that I figured this out on my own, but the fact is I got this straight from the horse's mouth. You see there were women at this event. Very attractive women who date a lot, and you get to hear them say exactly what it's like to be a hot woman in the dating scene.

Without a doubt one of the coolest things about PickUp 101's workshops is Lance always has attractive women there, and he gets them to answer questions about what they really respond to in a man. It's amazing what I learned from them. Lance really gets them to open up and say things women NEVER say to men.

Nicole, Shiva & Yuko

"It's my first workshop I've taken. I was kind of scared and really skeptical. But going through it step-by-step was really easy to learn and practicing it on the breaks. I picked it up quickly

The girls gave me a lot of information I would have otherwise never discovered on my own. Getting their perspective was an eye opener.

Honestly I've read a lot of stuff for the last year straight. That didn't help me as much as seeing what they were teaching.

My favorite thing was realizing it's not that hard, and it's small stuff that you can do it really quick. It's almost instantaneous. You need to practice a little bit, but for the most part it's almost instantaneous in your life."

Jeremy - Manager, Sacramento CA

Plus you get to see for yourself how these women react when being approached by a confident man with good body language vs a guy who is shy and insecure. This convinced me, and I made up my mind in about two seconds that I was going to become a confident man before the end of the weekend.

As you can imagine, I was very happy to discover...

Learning Confidence Is As Simple As Learning How To Walk

And sit, and stand. I'm not kidding. Once Lance had us convinced on how important it is to be confident, and that you can over come your fears and learn self confidence through body language... the first thing he teaches you is how to walk.

I'll bet you've never thought about this before now, but the first time most women see you is when you are walking.

More important than that, it's when she makes her FIRST IMPRESSION of you. That's when I realized...

If Your Body Language Is Screaming Out "I'm Not Confident"
You're Screwed!

And the longer you wait to approach, it only makes it worse. She's not only decided you're not dating material, she's also signaled her friends. By the time you do walk over to her, they will blow you off and it's GAME OVER.

The sad thing is, some guys think you can 'entertain' a woman and create attraction without the skills that Lance is teaching. You can read about this in certain online forums where you'll find a long list of games you can play with a woman. But games and gimmicks are not what women find attractive -- ALL women find confidence attractive.

If this is the first time you've ever heard this, don't worry. Until this program I never heard it either and frankly I didn't believe it until the girls said it was true. They even showed us how they signal each other before a guy walks up to them. It was like being let in to a secret society and learning the code language!

What this all boils down to is this, women know way BEFORE you approach if you are a confident guy. And if they 'read' any lack of self confidence, fear, or even shyness from the way you stand or walk, you don't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting a date with her.

None! Zip! Nada!

On the other hand, by changing your body language, you not only FEEL more confident... you RADIATE confidence. You give yourself a huge advantage, before you approach.

Stop and think about that for a second.

Simply by changing the way you walk, sit, & stand, you can erase a huge negative first impression and instead create a positive first impression. Women will WANT to meet you, because women find confidence attractive.

23 Simple Practice Movements You Can Use To
Increase Your Confidence Immediately

How do you get confidence? It's easier than you could ever imagine.

Lance has created a simple set of tools that teach you step-by-step exactly how to change your body language to that of a confident man.

More important than that, you will be able to do these the first time you try them. And you'll notice the difference in your body.

You do the practice movements and you will immediately get results. And not only will you feel more confident right away, other people will notice. Lance even explains how you can go out and test how complete strangers respond differently to you as proof that it works.

The practice movements each build on each other so you don't get overwhelmed trying to do them all at once. You'll be amazed at the detail in the movements, very subtle changes have a big impact on your confidence.

"It's been eye opening. Everything is demonstrated very simply. It's how to be cool broken up into it's component parts. If you do the exercises it ups your confidence

It's very specific and very simple. Broken down into the fundamental pieces so it's easy to understand

If you're not getting good results already... you're doing something wrong"


Mike - Software Developer, San Francisco CA

And there is an added bonus to practicing these, you'll begin to notice you can 'read' body language when you are out in public. You'll begin to notice who the confident men are, and what guys are lacking in self-confidence. It's a metaphor that has been used a lot, but it's liking being able to see the matrix... the matrix of social dynamics.

Do the drills, get amazing skills, boost your self-confidence, and feel good because you are actually taking action.

Most important of all...

Even The Most Drop-Dead Gorgeous Women
Will Never Make You Nervous Again

Okay, maybe a little. But it's not fear that's making you nervous... it's the excitement of attraction with a new woman. Instead of approach anxiety, you'll have approach anticipation. Kind of like when you were a kid and it's your birthday and you can't wait to dive into your presents.

Frankly that simple change, from being afraid of approaching a woman to getting excited about approaching a woman is the single best thing that can happen to you.

Just by approaching women you'll find yourself getting attraction. In many cases all you have to do is remain calm and chat a bit, and you'll get a date.

Remember, women find confident men attractive. Confidence will get you more dates than anything else you can think of.

Plus, you will be learning...

Pointing out Girls' body language

How To Read A Woman's Body Language
And Know Exactly What She's Thinking

But why stop there?

You can become an expert with women by learning to read their body language.

It takes a little practice, but this skill will save your ass time and time again.

You'll know when a woman is in to you.

You'll know when she's interested but uncertain, and you'll be able to tell what she needs from you.

You'll know when you've gone too far, and how to recover. So many guys blow it by not realizing when they have come on a little too strong.

When you have this kind of awareness about women, hooo boy, you are as rare as a four-leaf clover and women will be stunned and amazed at how well you understand them. It's like a dream come true for a woman to find a man who she doesn't have to explain what's going on for her.

This is the key to a deeper understanding of women, and women appreciate the very few men who can do this.

"A lot of people think that you can get all the ladies if you're good looking. The truth is what a woman finds attractive rarely has anything to do with what you physically look like. It's all about how you move, how you can read a woman, and how you react and interact with her.

A lot of the good looking guys SUCK at being with women, because they think "Ah I'm good looking, I don't need to do anything. I don't need to get in tune with her, I don't need to know what's going on" and that's complete crap!

If you can't read what I'm telling you with my body, then we can't really talk about anything. Women don't really ever say what they mean, they say it with their bodies. You want someone who knows you, who's in tune with you and who can respond to you.

It's easy to be skeptical about something like this because a lot of people make the same type of promise. I'm one of those skeptical people, and I was completely surprised at how amazing, effective, and informative this whole workshop product is. You've got nothing to lose"

Shiva - Student at San Francisco State University
Pickup 101 Wing Woman

Lance really pulls back the curtain for you here, and it's not just a guy telling guys either. You get to see and hear it from the women, something you won't find anywhere else.

Women aren't ever going to teach you how to read their bodies. They expect you to know, and if you don't it tells them you don't understand squat about women.

Frankly I thought this knowledge alone was worth the price of the program.

Well here's where it gets even better, as you

Discover What Body Language
Attracts Women Instantly

If you've ever hung out with any women friends or female co-workers, you know when they see certain guys they get excited. Not like screaming teenagers at a Backstreet Boys concert, but more like "mmm, I'd like to meet him" excited.

That my friend is attraction!

My strong hunch is if you have ever had this experience, you figured it was because he was good looking or had money. Nope. Wrong answer.

It was his body language she picked up on, and it had such a strong first impression she was INSTANTLY ATTRACTED to him.

I'm telling you this body language is powerful stuff. It speaks the language of attraction to her subconscious mind, and bypasses all the crap she's been told she is supposed to be attracted to by society.

Maybe you've heard that attraction isn't a choice, well this is where you find out why PLUS you'll learn exactly what body language triggers attraction.

Master your body language and you will have the same affect on women. You will be able to create a powerful first impression. You will have women drawn to you like groupies to a rock star.

Can you imagine what that would be like? Pretty cool isn't it?

But Lance wasn't done yet. Without a doubt he is the king of over delivering. Check this out...

The Secret Ways You Can Touch Women Immediately
That Makes Them Want MORE of You!

One of the things Lance is famous for, even among the world's top pickup artists and seduction masters is the way he uses touch with women.

Lance has a standing bet that if anyone ever sees him go up to talk to a woman and he doesn't touch her in less than 3 seconds, he'll pay you $500.00 on the spot. And it's not about showing off, it's to make an important point about how crucial it is to touch women right away.

Touch is a language women understand. I don't care what your skill level with women is, you've seen how they greet each other.

When you touch a woman the right way, you make her feel instantly comfortable with you.

When you stand next to her and don't try to touch her until ten minutes later... that comes off as weird and you risk setting off her creepy guy alarms.

Most guys are terrified to touch a woman as soon as they meet her, so when you learn the secrets of how to do this, women get it right away that you are different.

"Before this program, I never thought I should touch a woman before she touched me. And I was often written off as a creepy guy and now I know how to prevent that.

Lance is really good at motivating and inspiring people. It's clear that he knows exactly what he's doing and he seems to be pretty good at conveying that to other people. You can be really good at something, but how well do you convey that to someone else. Lance seems to have that gift."


Tim Zebel - Audio Engineer, Oakland CA

Plus you'll learn Lance's

100% Foolproof Test For Attraction

It took him years to figure this out, but once he got it, he's never been wrong. Now you can learn this amazing test, and take all the guess work out of when to shift from attraction into rapport.

Let me repeat something I said earlier... our bodies can't lie. Neither can a woman's body, and that's why this test works every time.

Her subconscious can't hide the attraction she feels for you, and with Lance's test you can find out in seconds and no one watching would have any idea what you are doing.

How cool is that? No more doubt. No more wondering. You will move with skilled precision down the perfect path of seduction, and she will think she's hit the lottery for the best man ever.

Fact is, if I had to sum up in one short sentence what the real secret of this program is, it would be this...

Master Body Language & Touch
To Create Instant PHYSICAL Excitement

Listen, there's more. Lot's more, but this is really important so I want you to get it.

You've probably heard about 'Natural Game' or heard the term 'Natural' to describe any guy who is good with women.

But there's a real irony in all of this, because no one is born with these skills. No One! The guys who are really good with women learned what to do at a very young age, and just keep getting better. To them it's as natural as talking to the waitress when they order food.

Now I too feel comfortable around women. In fact I can flirt and banter easily with hot women half my age. To say this is a huge change in an understatement!

And it's not just learning 'material' either. I still felt uncomfortable using lines and stories I had learned, until I got this whole body language, touch, and confidence thing solved. Then all the pieces snapped together like a big jigsaw puzzle and I saw clearly the big picture.

Listen... if I feel comfortable, then you certainly can do it.

And the first step you need is to get confident body language, then learn to read women's body language, and finally how to touch a woman.

I could go on and on with my story, but instead I want to tell you just some of what you'll get from this program:

  • How you can easily RADIATE raw power & masculine energy the INSTANT you enter the room.
  • How to let a woman know that it is "ok" to show HER attraction to you, AND do it in a way that won't embarrass her in front of her friends.
  • How to make sure you NEVER intimidate a woman with your body whether you are the size of Shaquile O'Neal or Woody Allen. (Men of ALL sizes need to be aware of this)
  • The common body language that sends the WRONG message to hot women.
  • 7 simple tweaks to your posture that will have you looking like James Bond instead of Napoleon Dynamite
  • The major body language "error" 96% of men make that screams out to a woman "I am NOT CONFIDENT" (and how you can ELIMINATE it forever!)
  • How you can have powerful effortless body language instead of 'trying-too-hard'
  • The facial expression that triggers her animal lust every time and will have her fighting to resist jumping on you, no matter how much of a 'good girl' she normally is.
  • 6 super simple ways to touch ANY woman within seconds of meeting her without setting off her 'creepy guy' alarm.
  • How to stop "leaking" Nervous energy forever
  • How you can use your body to create a 'psychological vacuum' to pull her magnetically closer to you without her even knowing why.
  • The "Sensual Touch Escalation Blueprint" that tells you exactly how to move from 'playful' touching to more sexual physical contact. (Get her excited and imagining what it will be like with you in the bedroom)
  • The Natural Attraction Secrets of making a strong FIRST IMPRESSION. (You can trigger her attraction from across the room!!)
  • A simple way to make her FEEL like she's known you for YEARS.
  • How to take up MORE space and have LESS people bump into you (Even in a crowded club)
  • The Opera Singers trick to relaxing your throat (Do this, and you'll speak with a cool, confident, & SEXY voice)
  • A surefire never-fail method to instantly OBLITERATE any bad mood no matter where you are. (Do this and it's IMPOSSIBLE to be bummed out and instead you'll be smiling, happy, and the fun guy every girl wants to be around.)
  • The Secret professional speakers use to hold a group of any size captive and focused on you. (It even works on A.D.D. girls in loud nightclubs)
  • The almost INVISIBLE body language queues a woman gives off, that says "I want YOU" (Never miss an opportunity again)
  • A sensual way to shake a woman's hand that INSTANTLY tells her you know how to please her in the bedroom.
  • The Step-By-Step confidence building program you can apply to all areas of your life.
  • The little known 'trick' to putting your arm around ANY woman you've just met that fools everyone into thinking she's your girlfriend. (And why you NEED to do this any time you are working a room)
  • The one part of a woman's body that never LIES, and how you can use it as a foolproof test that she's totally attracted to you. (And no, it's not her eye's, her smile or her hips)
  • An almost MAGICAL way to separate a woman from a group of even her best friends, that's so smooth even she won't notice that suddenly she's alone with you.
  • How to make it look to EVERYONE like she's more interested in you than you are in her
  • Why "fake it till you make it" doesn't work (and the foolproof methods you can use instead)
  • The super sneaky way to get cheek-to-cheek with a woman you've known less than 30 seconds (and have her feel totally COMFORTABLE with you)
  • The #1 body language mistake nervous guys make that chases women away faster than a skunk at a picnic.
  • and much much more...

Maybe you have doubts about if it will work.
Fair enough. I've been ripped off before myself and it was creepy.

Here's what I can tell you, the techniques to change your body language, give you confidence, and teach you how to use body lanuage to attract women have been taught in every Pickup 101 workshop since day one. And every workshop has had a FULL guarantee.

What that means is there are hundreds of workshop graduates around the world who have benefited from these exercise based training methods. Many have gotten so good, they went on to be instructors.

I'll tell you something else, what you learn goes way beyond just meeting women, the confidence building exercises, learning how to read body language, and understanding how to use touch in social situations will help you in business, around your friends & family, and even in public speaking.

"I have learned more about body language from Lance in 2 DVD's and a workshop than I learned from 4 years at university and 20 years experience."

Trevor R, Psychotherapist, UK.

People will enjoy you more, and you will enjoy being around people more, even if they are complete strangers!

But the more important question is...

Will It Work For YOU?

Want Proof?
Hidden Camera Video Reveals Student's
Real-Life Body-Language Bloopers:
Watch the Before & After!

Watch as Pickup 101 Student Ethan Transforms from 'the guy who women run away from' to "Confident Ladies' Man" right in front of your eyes!

Just click the video below to see for yourself:

Good body language has been used by men for centuries. No offence to Sir Robert, but if it works for him...
it'll work for you!

Yes! It will will for you and here's why I can say that with such confidence. All the material in this program is based on evolutionary biology combined with real world experience.

You see, all human males are fundamentally 'wired' the same way, and by wired I mean your neurology and physiology. That's a fancy way of saying that your mind & body have a scientifically proven relationship.

When you change your body, you change your mind and your feelings. It works every time, just like if you go to the gym and lift weights you will get stronger. It's how we humans work, and that's the beauty of this program.

Listen, I want to be crystal clear on this point, unlike lifting weights at the gym, these training methods are easy to do. It may sound like it's hard and will require a lot of effort. Heck I was worried about that too. But these exercises are so easy you can do them EVERYDAY.

At home, at work, while running errands... anywhere. Any time. In fact you should be doing this every day. That's the real magic behind what Lance has created in this program, it's brain-dead simple to make it a part of your everyday life.

And no one will know what you are doing. In fact you will notice how they respond to you differently, since you will be moving through the world with the body language of confidence.

But Do You Really Need This Program?

You might think your situation isn't so bad. And bluntly, YOU are the only one who knows the truth. But here's a short list of questions to help you be honest with yourself as to whether this program is right for you.

  1. I can easily walk up to ANY woman or group of women and talk to them, every time, no matter what the situation or my mood
    [yes / no]
  2. My friends would say I'm a confident guy around even the hottest women. [yes / no]
  3. I'm able to consistently attract the kind of women I really want to be with right away every time. [yes / no]
  4. I feel totally comfortable touching women I am talking to within the first 5 seconds of meeting her. [yes / no]
  5. A stranger who sees me talking with an attractive woman I just met, would say we are good friends or dating, just by observing my body language. [yes / no]

Be real with yourself here. If you didn't answer every question with a strong YES, then you owe it to yourself to invest in this program.

Frankly, even if you said yes to all 5 questions you STILL need it. This program wasn't just for guys who struggle with women... learning how to read a woman's body language will save any guy hours of frustration and drama.

That weekend in May changed my life, and I owe you and Sean big time. Since the workshop I have attracted 100's of girls, connected and dated about 20, and seduced 6 all the way to a sexual relationship. I love my life right now, and feel that every guy should exeperience this feeling.

Berny K. - Chicago IL

Listen, it's easy to be skeptical, doubtful, and even cynical about what I've said. Like I mentioned earlier, after my divorce and not having dated since the 1980's, I would have bet you a year's pay than an out of shape, 54 year old guy like me would never be good with women.

So why did I choose to go with Lance and PickUp 101? Because they stand behind everything they do with strong guarantees based on RESULTS. Money back guarantees.

As Lance told me, "If what I teach you doesn't give you choice with women, I don't want your money", and he means it. I've never experienced a more supportive group of people than the staff at PickUp 101. From interns to instructors, they genuinely care that you get the results you want.

This program is no exception and comes with not one, but THREE guarantees:

Lance Mason's Triple Strength
Six Week Risk-FREE Guarantees



1. First, a Six-Week No Hassle 100% Money-Back-Guarantee: You get to try out Lance's Physical Confidence program and find out for yourself how quickly and easily you get filled with confidence, especially around women. If for any reason you aren't completely convinced that this is hands down the most amazing program on body language, kino, and how to use them to attract women. Then box the whole system up and ship it back. You'll get a 100% prompt and courteous no hassle refund.

2. Second, you absolutely do not need to have any kind of specialized knowledge about attracting women in order to use the Physical Confidence Program. If you disagree with this, then box the whole program up and ship it back, and you'll immediately get a 100% prompt and courteous no hassle refund.

3. No matter how good you currently are, you can double your results with what you learn in this program. If you don't find the techniqes, tactics, and knowledge on this DVD at least doubles your current level of success with women, box the whole program up and ship it back, and you'll immediately get a 100% prompt and courteous no hassle refund.

Listen, this was two extremely full days of information, demonstrations, and exercises, so you're going to get a TON of killer content. It's been edited to remove the dead space, miscues, and any repetition, but that still leaves over 15 hours you're going to get with this program so I thought I'd lay it out for you as to what you'll be learning...

Over "15 Amazing Hours" of Insights, Exercises, and Drills

I know, I know. It's Quality NOT Quantity that matters.

Honestly, Lance didn't even want me to tell you how long the program is. He was worried that people might think there was some kind of 'filler', or other material that wasn't essential. I can assure you this is not the case. Lance has spent over ten years mastering the secrets of physical confidence himself, and over 3 years teaching them professionally, so to have him pack them all into a 8 DVD program was quite a feat.

This is dense stuff, and cannot be absorbed in one sitting. In fact, when you get the product, the first thing you'll see is Lance's six-week training program schedule that tells when to watch the DVD's and when to do the exercises, and when to take a break so you can notice that changes that are taking place.

Until you get the full training program in your hands, here's a short list of what's included.

DVD Disc #1 ($300.00 value)
You'll dive right into learning about the perfect mechanisms of attraction used by the men referred to as 'naturals'. You'll also learn from women, what they have to say about attracting women, and the core of an attractive man. Then the question of what body language is and the myths of body language are explored in depth.

DVD Disc #2 ($300.00 value)
In order to really understand the physical nature of attraction, you need to understand the body, the physical states, and how to develop your awareness of physical states in your own body. Also how the subconscious mind figures in all this. You'll then begin to learn how to 'read' body language and the physical communication going on around you all the time. The basics of female physical interest are explained, and you'll learn what confidence really is.

DVD Disc #3 ($450.00 value)
Picking up where Disc 2 left of, you'll learn why confidence is physical, and the body language 'rules' of a confidant man. Now it's time to train your body to be confident. This disc is loaded with exercises of confident body language. Everything including sitting, standing, walking down to the smallest details of what do you do with your shoulders and even your fingers. With just this disc alone you can transform yourself into a cool confident man. But there's a lot more to come...

DVD Disc #4 ($600.00 value)
Now that you know the exercises, you need to learn how to practice. Remember, it's not practice makes perfect... it's perfect practice makes perfect. Get it right the first time. Also you'll learn some other tools to transform yourself, before moving into one of the most eye opening concepts Lance teaches, the difference between physical and psychological space. This one gem will allow you to get close to women so fast it'll make your head spin. And when I say close, I mean cheek to cheek.

DVD Disc #5 ($225.00 value)
On this disc, you'll learn how to develop your own style with these movements. This isn't about learning to be some sort of Lance Mason clone, this is about becoming a 'naturally' confident man. We're all different and meant to be different, this is where you learn how to express your individuality. Then it's time to learn how to touch women (referred to as 'kino' for kinesthetic). You'll learn the different ways you can touch any woman the instant you meet her without being creepy. Then Lance will show you some of the more advanced and fun ways of touching women they enjoy. Finally Lance teaches you his now famous foolproof test for attraction. This one test will save you hours of wondering, guessing, and doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.

DVD Disc #6 ($300.00 value)
This disc begins by letting you in on the secret world of female to female communication. When you know this, you're like an 'insider' with women. Another way of demonstrating your social awareness. Then Lance answers one of the oldest questions in seduction... When to kiss a woman. Which is a great lead into how to read women's body language. Lance also adds in how to set expectations for intimacy with a woman, an important step many guys leave out. And lastly, you'll learn another Lance Mason secret, the "it's on" facial expression that triggers a woman's subconscious to imagine being intimate with you.

DVD Disc #7 ($300.00 value)
Since Lance had us learning facial expressions, he showed us something that blew my mind. You'll even see me as the guy doing the demonstration on this one. I never would have believed this, but it turns out you can control your emotional state by controlling the expression on your face! I was floored at how well it works. Just think of the possibilities here. Anyway Lance then will teach you the traits of confident people, and how to express confidence to women. He finishes up with showing you how to calibrate your movements based on your body type. Every body size needs to do things a little different, here's where you learn what that is for your body.

DVD Disc #8 ($250.00 value)
Now that you know the body language of a naturally attractive man, it's time to internalize the confidence. In addition, you'll learn how to get noticed, and to calibrate how much confidence you are radiating by the way people react to you. This is the perfect feedback mechanism and it's available to you anytime you are around other people. Then you'll be given a step-by-step plan so you'll know exactly how to take all this material you've learned, make it work for you, and get RESULTS! Finally Lance ties it all together and wraps up this most amazing program.

Total value of these DVD's if purchased separately: $2725.00

Here's Your Chance...

My Physical Confidence Program comes with ALL 8 DVD's (over 12 hours of footage!) of Top-Notch footage from Me, The Subergirls, AND The PickUp 101 Instructors. (every word, gesture, and strategy is discussed in details onto these high-quality DVDs).

As you can see the value here is tremendous, but for this special ONE-TIME release I'm Pulling Out ALL the stops...

I'm Pulling Out All the Stops for This
"Re-Release Bonus Bash" of PHYSICAL CONFIDENCE... I’m Including
Over $538 In FREE Gifts and Bonuses!

You got that right! It's been 4, count it... 4 Years since we first filmed the Physical Confidence Program, right in my living room at Project San Francisco.

There was standing room only, and even my roommates had to sit on the staircase while I talked for 2 complete days all about Body Language and the Physical Confidence.

And to celebrate this Big Anniversary, I'm re-releasing Physical Confidence

Ends This Friday, December 15th
at Midnight (Pacific Time).

And to sweeten the deal, I've added some AMAZING Bonuses... Check 'em out below...

Bonus #1: Test Drive Physical Confidence for FREE! Order Now & Take Advantage of my "Free Trial", and You Only Pay For Shipping Today

Check this out: If you choose the payment plan option, I will let you Test-Drive my System for 30 days... After that, you'll only have 5 Easy Monthly payments. You'll just need to pay for shipping today, and you'll have Thirty Days to Try it on My Dime.

... or if you prefer to pay it all up front, you'll get a further discount of off the price (because you're saving me some bookkeeping hassles!)

I can't possibly make it any easier for you to try this program out for yourself.

Bonus #2: Instant Download of the "Secrets of Body Language Exposed!" (A $97 Value...)

I held a invite-only conference call for 50 select students, and I'm opening it up for YOU!

This is just a taste of what you'll learn:

  • The 10 Biggest Mistakes guys make with Body Language - Even Dating 'Gurus' Get this Wrong!

  • The Sneaky Trick you can learn about Physical Confidence from Lance Armstrong... (It's NOT what you think!)

  • Why 'Touchy-Feely' Stuff doesn't work when it comes Physical Confidence - and a FOOLPROOF exercise to get it right!

  • CONFIDENCE ON COMMAND! Learn the EASY Steps you can take right now to INSTANTLY be the most confident guy in the Room!

  • The Top 2 Things you can do RIGHT NOW to Skyrocket Your Physical Confidence (no alcohol required!)

  • ...and SO much More!
  • Bonus #3: Instant Download of my "Guerilla Underground" Body Language Seminar (A $147 Value...)

    I had a 1 day Seminar for some of my top Students, and my roommates here at Project San Francisco.

    But... The original Body Language DVD was just a nightmare to get from idea to finished product. Besides involving a girl I was dating at the time as the videographer, and 2 hours of material was lost when the laptop hard drive went to the great electronics depot in the sky.

    In these screen shots you can see just how... ummm... rough around the edges my first attempt at making a product was.

    It's funny to see me speak on camera for the first time, but my example student, Nate, was even funnier, he truly needed my help.

    Funny thing is, as rough as original body language DVD is, it's still one of my BEST products on how to quickly change your body language to radiate confidence with women.

    ...And it's yours FREE when you order!

    Bonus #4: Get a FREE Evaluation Call from One of Our Certified Instructors! (Limited Time Only)

    First of all, a lot of guys are skeptical and want to know why we are giving away a free evaluation call, especially with experienced instructors who spend most of their time leading large workshops.

    There are a few reasons:

    First of all this is a limited-time offer, so not everyone who visits this page has access to this. Quite honestly, this offer is only possible because we know we can take the offer off of our website at any time when we get too busy.

    Second of all, it's our experience that some guys can get overwhelmed by all the information on dating and "pickup" that's available, and have trouble sorting through what might get results for them.

    Thirdly, we're all here to learn and grow, and we enjoy helping guys' progress in the fastest, easist way possible.

    In the evaluation calls we can get to the heart of some of your challenges with women, and help you evaluate an appropriate course of action moving forward. And if we're not the best people to help out with your particular situation, we'll tell you that too.

    That means you won't have to waste tons of time and money on programs that won't ultimately help you to achieve your goal in the fastest way possible.

    Signing up for a one-on-one evaluation call is easy, IF you're fast.

    Important: We only have limited call availablity, if you miss your chance to schedule a call, I cannot guarantee you will have a chance to reschedule

    Remember, spots are filling up quick, and I can't say when we might have the time to reach out to guys on a one-on-one basis like this again.

    Signing up for your free evaluation call is simple, just answer the questions below and we will contact you to let you know if we have space available for you. Our coaches typically charge $197 for an hour of coaching, so if you act quick and qualify for the call, this is a value of at least $147.

    Special "Early Mover" Bonus for first 37 to Order Audio download of my bestselling "Everything You Know About Women is Wrong" program.

    The perfect compliment to the Physical Confidence program, this explains how what you have been taught about women is holding you back, and gives a complete download of a new empowering, and effective way to view the world of women.

    Currently sells for $147.

    Listen, if all you did was change your body language and build rock sold self confidence, your dating life will explode.

    You'll have all the women you can handle in your life, and your biggest problem will be finding the time to date them all.

    It's a quality problem.

    But it all comes down to you.

    Because if you've ever wished that you had more confidence, hoped you had a way to overcome your approach anxiety, or prayed that a woman would come up and talk to you... well I've got some news for you.

    Hoping, Wishing, and Praying Doesn't Get You Very Far
    When it Comes To Hot Women!

    Self help gurus will tell you that all you have to do is think positive or tell yourself affirmations and Presto, all your problems are gone. Bluntly, if you think hoping things will change actually makes a difference... I've got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.

    You simply can NOT learn this stuff on your own, anymore than you can learn to play Mozart on the violin on your own. You need someone with the knowledge and REAL WORLD experience with 1000's of women, to give you his wisdom.

    There is NO ONE that has both the skills with women, and the skills to teach it like Lance does. No One!!!

    And if you don't have the balls to buy this program... when there is NO RISK just to check it out... then like Lance said at the seminar "You are dooming yourself to be a nice guy loser, and at best you'll be a free meal ticket for any woman you are lucky enough to talk into a date."

    Lance will bend over backwards to help any guy who makes an effort to help himself, but if you can't invest in yourself... there's not one damn thing he can do for you.

    I urge you to order your copy of Physical Confidence right now. Because here's the cold hard reality of your life -- You only get ONE LIFE to live -- And I don't know about you, but I want to live the kind of life I've always dreamed about... where you are happy and dating all the women you can handle. Thanks to Lance's program... I'm well on my way.

    One more thing, this program may seem expensive, and frankly it ain't cheap, but consider this... The average person at this one time event, paid around $2500.00 when you add up tuition, plane flight, hotel, and food. Plus each man took at least one day off work, and in some cases both Monday and Friday.

    Heck there was one guy came all the way from Australia. He spent $3,245 and that doesn't include the all the vacation days he burned up, or the souvenirs he bought for his buddies back home.

    Here's another way to think about it... Lance currently charges $1000 an hour for private coaching, and that's IF you can even get on his packed schedule. (Last time I checked, there was a 6 month waiting list.) With Physical Confidence you get permanent access to over 15 hours of his time for only 5 tiny investments of $64! Plus many of PickUp 101's top instructors also contribute their experience so it's like getting them as a free bonus.

    Or if you prefer to pay it all up front, you'll get a further discount of $25 off the price (because you're saving me some bookkeeping hassles!) -- making your total investment in this program only $297. With this option, that means it'll only cost you $0.81 per day over the next year for this life changing information!

    You not only get permanent access to every information soaked minute of Physical Confidence, you get to learn in the comfort of your own home at the times most convenient to your schedule. Plus you can come back to the parts you need to hear again, any time you want.

    But if you're the kind of guy who thinks price is more important than quality and results... you probably need to find some other way to learn confidence and how to be naturally attractive to women.

    It's your choice -- get laid like a rockstar or play video games and eat cheese puffs! Because there ain't nobody else who can make this happen but you. Order your copy now... you can thank me later.


    Eric and Lance at the Physical Confidence Workshop

    Eric R.


    Students Can't Stop Talking
    About Physical Confidence!


    I've noticed that with correct body language and correct kino and so forth I can not so much worry about routines it it's so much more natural when I approach women and when I interact with women. I also notice that I can read their body language a lot easier because I'm paying attention to my energy. I'm paying attention to how I feel their energy, which is the core of learning how to approach and talk to women.

    I think that this part of the process and learning how to deal with women is totally underrated. People don't realize how important it is to know how you hold yourself and how connected how you hold your body is to your actual internal feeling of confidence.

    - Zach, Seattle, WA

    “Physical Confidence is... The First Step towards Inner Game.”


    There is a continuum between feeling good and having it show up in your face.

    The way you project out in the world is directly related to how you carry yourself; it speaks to your posture, it speaks to balance, and it speaks to groundedness.

    Physical Confidence is sort of the first step towards inner game.

    If you're not comfortable in yourself, then you're not going to bring anyone into your space.

    PickUp 101 Student

    “It's almost like dancing...”


    In this area, I have the highest regard of any teacher because he's so thorough and it's so practical.

    They lay it so open for you on just about every way a human body can move, including your face, also your tonality (which is inside your body).

    But everything else, the way you sit, the way you walk, the way you approach, the way you change space... It's almost like dancing.

    Bill Burke, Pilot

    “I Pretty much Attract Women 10 Times More than I would've Before”


    Another product I really like is Physical Confidence, because it helped me with my Body Language and how to sit, and how to stand, and eye contact, and checking in with your body...

    It really helped my game grow tremendously.

    And the results: I pretty much attract women 10 times more than I would've before. I get numbers easily, I meet women; we have fun...

    Even when I'm not meeting women, I have fun so much more, I'm engaging, fun & playful!

    Tony Simmons - Parsippany, NJ

    "This is my first program with PickUp 101. When I first came in I was intimidated and I didn't know if the material would be too much for me, but all my questions were answered in a clear manner.

    I thought I had pretty decent body language coming in, but I wanted to make sure, and finding out that I was moving 10 times too fast was a big AHA for me. I didn't realize that slowing things down so much could come off as natural.

    Body language is so much of the overall communication of an interaction that of course it works. And you might not even realize how you are coming across with out someone guiding you. It is a skill that can be taught and Lance does it very well.

    I got more than I expected!

    Michael - Senior Research Technician, Santa Clara CA


    "At first I was really skeptical. I have a degree in psychology, so I wasn't sure if this was how to manipulate people. After doing it, I'm really impressed. It's about how to read people and figure them out before trying to approach them.

    "I feel great about it about it. I think it's definitely something that's needed today after going to my share of bars and meeting disastrous disastrous guys. I think anybody can benefit from it, even guys that are good talking to women"

    "Lance is great, he's easy to listen to and he does a lot of demonstration and examples"

    "This is definitely better than reading a book, because it's actual real world knowledge. There are examples, there are demos, it's seeing it in action."

    Nicole - Advertising Rep, San Francisco CA
    Pickup 101 Wing Woman


    "If you are thinking this program is too hard, you're wrong. You'll learn confidence, understand women, and understand yourself much more thoroughly

    Lance is a regular guy that makes women comfortable with him, and he is able to pass that on through this program.

    This is something every woman would want their man to know about."

    Kevin - Tucson AZ

    "Really enjoy your emails and glad to see that someone is trying to teach the methods I have been using for over forty years. I am sixty four and have more women then I have time for.

    I am thinking of writing a book about my successes and may well do that after I turn ninety and have some free time.

    I still am amazed that most men haven't figured out the secrets that will get them all the women they can handle.

    I have heard the following statement from women so often that I expect to hear it after I am with a woman, 'Its been years since I have had sex like that.' 

    Well, more for me!


    - Chas

    The Physical Confidence program is the first time I've seen body language and kino, and seeing it is sooo much different than reading about it.

    Just watching you do your walk and watching your energy level as you approach has really helped me out.

    I'm getting way better reactions now when I approach. I often used to sense that girls were uncomfortable or wanted me to leave when I was talking to them, but now it seems like they are always having a good time.

    One of roomies friends (an attractive Female) came over yesterday... she looked at me and said, "when did you get so f***ing hot?"

    I'm sure I'll learn a ton more in Art of Attraction and Art of Rapport ( but I'm really glad I got this set as I'm already enjoying the benefits of a higher baseline confidence."

    - R., Georgia

    In spring 2005, PickUp 101 called my studio and hired me to do some audio recording for the taping of their Physical Confidence seminar.

    I didn't really think much of what I was seeing at the time, but in reality I was pretty terrible with women I didn't know.  Something as simple as helping Lance's girlfriend with a clip-on microphone made me uncomfortable.

    I would approach a woman I was attracted to maybe twice a year (and that was a good year!) and only after being seriously pushed into it, so that by the time I was talking to them, the anxiety inside of me was clearly visible. They would have no choice but to politely excuse themselves, and I would walk away, tail between my legs.

    A year later, I discovered the community. I dove headlong into the newbie missions and exercises, absorbing all the e-books, newsletters, and free audio programs I could.

    Quickly I discovered that PickUp 101 was at the forefront of this movement. Here I was beginning this journey, and I had already rubbed elbows with the best in the business!

    Today I have more confidence with women, and in social situations, than I ever would have dreamed possible -- and there is still so much to learn. I've gotten more phone numbers, dates, and positive interactions in the past six months, than in the rest of my life put together.

    These guys don't just give you some lines and tricks to get women to sleep with you -- they help you reprogram your whole belief system to get results.

    You'll discover that girls really want to be approached by guys, and you learn that even if they reject you, you are still making their day!

    You are giving this woman a GIFT by approaching her, no matter what happens, so what you waiting for?

    Before long, you'll become more socially intelligent, and will improve at reading her body language, so you'll be rejected less and less. It's a win-win situation, one beautiful woman at a time.

    A word of warning to guys getting into this: if you're serious, just go ahead and do the  live workshop, right away.

    You can learn a lot from the free stuff. You can dress and behave a certain way, and it can get results, but does that really fit with who you are?

    You can't keep this up forever.

    It has to really be you, but being your best self, or eventually you're going to get caught. Your friends will wonder why you are acting "weird" sometimes. This happened to me at the beginning, and the change can be viewed as negative.

    At the workshop, they will help you apply the ideas in a way that fits your personality.  This can only be positive.

    I'm sure of it, and you'll see me at an Art of Attraction workshop in spring 2007!

    See you in the field,

    - TB




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