Is it REALLY possible for a 325 lb guy to date models, beauty queens & ballerinas?

“Every Proven Method
For Approaching Women
Since Humans
Started Walking Upright”

At Last... A Fail-Safe Way to Easily Approach & Flirt with Beautiful Women... Without Experiencing All the Trauma, Drama And Rejection
That Comes From Not Knowing What to Do...

Hi there,

Let's face it... as a man, being afraid to walk up to an attractive woman and start a conversation is devastating and even humiliating. I should know, I've been one of those hide-in-the-corner guys all my life. My name is Andy, and until recently my story wasn't a happy one when it came to women.

If I just think about it, I can remember way too many times in my past where I wanted to talk to a woman, but I just didn't do it.

I used to break out in a cold sweat just thinking about it.

Pretty pathetic huh?

Before I go on, see if this seems the least bit familiar to you.

You see an attractive woman, a woman you know you'd LOVE to meet, BUT you get this feeling in the pit of your stomach that strongly persuades you to do 'something' else first.

It becomes a voice in your head that says things like "go and get a drink first" or "wait until she's alone, then say hi", and so you do either do NOTHING, or you do ANYTHING ELSE, except talk to her.

That feeling my friend, is called FEAR.

I don't mean mild anxiety either, I'm talking gut wrenching fear with beads of sweat running down your forehead at the mere thought of talking to a woman. Sheer fricken panic attacks that take your breath away and leave you shaking like a junky in need of a fix.

Look, I'm not going to go into all the psycho-babble behind why this happens. We both know it's real, it sucks, and I could have been the poster boy for approach anxiety anonymous.

Fact is, if a woman would look at me and smile, and I'd panic and look away like I was twelve and just got caught looking at the native women in National Geographic at the dentist's office.

But that's only half the story, because then the ultimate insult to my self esteem would happen. While I sat there, stuck to my seat like it had glue on it, shaking like California during an earthquake, some other average Joe confidently walks over, starts talking with her, and she ENJOYS it.

After I would slink home with my tail between my legs, I would beat myself up for days afterwards for being such a lame-ass that I wouldn't even say "Hi" to her.

Let me share a secret with you... not only was I that way most of my life and ALL my friends knew it too.

They Laughed When I Approached
The Cutest Girl In The Room

So recently when I said I was going to talk to the cutest woman in the club we were in, my friends could barely hold back their amusement.

Thing is, I knew something they didn't know. In fact I now know a lot of things about meeting women that they don't know. I now know exactly how to walk up to ANY woman and open a conversation with her under any circumstances.

So I no longer have any reason to be afraid.

I turned and smirked. Man was I going to enjoy this. The fact that she was a hottie only made me more determined.

In fact, I would have chopped my way through dense jungle growth to make this happen. I didn't know which was going to be more fun, getting her number and a date, or silencing my friends FOREVER.

You see, I'm not the kind of guy that pops into a person's mind when they think of a 'ladies man'. I'm not an underwear model, and I never will be. In fact my body more resembles Shrek than anything else.

As I approached her, I still could hear them laughing behind me.

But Then They Got Silent...
Pin Drop Silent

I won't tell you just what I said, but I had her giggling and touching me like an old friend in less than a minute. And though it was hard to resist the temptation to turn back to my friends and say "I don't hear you laughing", I had more important things to do, I wasn't stopping until I got her number and a date.

17 minutes later, I got a big hug and a kiss and walked back to my friends. The look on their face was priceless when I said, "I'm seeing her again tomorrow".

I only wish I had a camera to catch it when their jaws hit the floor.

Eventually they snapped out of it and wanted to know my 'secret'. How did I go from being Mr. Afraid-to-talk-to-women, to Mr. Smooth so quickly?

Maybe you're curious too. Because if you're at the point like I was, where you are tired of laying awake at night, eyes open staring at the ceiling because you're frustrated and ashamed of not being able to talk to women. Or, even if you are getting laid once in awhile, but you're totally unhappy with the quality of women in your life, then pay attention, this may just be the answer you've been looking for.

I Found An Expert To Teach Me!

While web surfing one day, I read an article about this geek who overcame his fear with women in a matter of months by learning from a guy who was an expert pickup artist. I figured if he could do it, I certainly could do it, and in that moment I made a decision to find someone to teach me.

She's beautiful and walking right past you--
Learn EXACTLY what to do to stop her
and get her INSTANTLY attracted...

So, I did some web searches and found a guy called Lance Mason and his company PickUp 101. And in a stroke of luck, they were based in my city.

He taught workshops to guys like me, but they weren't cheap. I really wanted to meet him and learn from him but I didn't yet want to commit to the $2400.00 3-day workshop.

As luck would have it, they announced a special one time 'intensive seminar' that was specifically focused on how to 'OPEN' a conversation with a woman in any situation, and immediately get her ATTRACTED to you, no matter what you look like or how old you are.

I'll never forget my excitement when I got that announcement, I must have read it at least three times. It was like my prayers had been answered. I couldn't believe my luck, this was PERFECT. Just what the doctor ordered.

I think I was the first guy to sign up! Good thing because it sold out in no time flat.

This Program Changed My Life

You know, there are a few moments in your life that you'll always remember as having a huge impact on you. For me, this day was it. It was as if the curtain had finally been drawn back and I was getting the real insider scoop on how to meet women.

It was an amazing day for me and the others that were there. First of all, we were in the famous Project San Francisco, a house with 7 bona fide PickUp Artists living together.

Second, this was only supposed to be a 5 hour event, but Lance had SO MUCH material that at the four hour point he wasn't even half way through it all.

Now he could have stopped there and held back. I mean, he surely had enough material leftover for a second full day seminar, but one thing I learned about the PickUp 101 guys... they really over deliver.

It's just not possible to start this report any other way than this: the seminar was supposed to last 5 hours, but in fact it lasted *9* hours!

The instructors had never presented this lecture before, and they obviously under-
estimated how long it would take. What's remarkable about that, though, is two things:

1) Lance and the other instructors didn't blow it off
half finished -- they kept right on presenting until they
had presented everything they set out to present.


2) Most of the students stuck it out, at least *four hours*
past where they had planned to, because nobody wanted
to miss out on any of it. If guys had made other plans --
they blew *those* off.

There was *so* much material in this presentation, it's hard to convey. When the seminar was announced, they said that it would cover opening in greater depth than is done in Art of Attraction. I took that with a grain of salt, thinking that if all they do is review the AoA material, I'd still have gotten my money's worth.

But I'm telling you, half of this was new material to me. If Art of Attraction workshop is three days on "the first 3 minutes", this program was 8 hours on the first ten seconds.

Michael - Computer Engineer, Cupertino CA

I don't think anyone in the history of dating has taught so much about how to approach women. The truth is, I would be amazed if there were 5 people on the planet that know this much about meeting women.

Lance deserves the title of 'genius', but unlike the pinheads in academia his knowledge comes from 10 years of the dog-eat-dog school of real life. He paid his dues to figure this stuff out, which was fine by me. I don't want to re-invent the wheel, I just want to know how to drive the damn car.

Listen, EVERY situation you could ever encounter is covered. Every style of approach from serious to playful is covered. Any location you can think of from getting coffee to dance clubs, any time of day or night, and every scenario from her being alone to being in large mixed groups was covered.

Every Proven Method For Approaching Women
Since Humans Started Walking Upright

Even crazy stuff was covered, like how to pickup a woman in an elevator, what to do when a girl is wearing headphones, and even how to pickup a woman while driving on the highway (I am not making this up, I met the guy that did it).

Watch Lance as he Drops the Nuclear Bomb:
'Movie Moment' Opener!.

In fact, I would be surprised if there is anything anyone could add to what I learned that day about how to open a conversation with a woman.

Even the super advanced approaches for guys with brass balls were covered, including PickUp 101's famous 'Movie Moment' approach.

Guys in the room couldn't take notes fast enough to keep up with everything being given to us.

We didn't get out of there until almost midnight, (the event ran SIX HOURS past the original end time) yet ALMOST NO ONE LEFT till it was finished, even though it was Sunday night and the Silicon Valley guys had to be at work at 7AM the next day!

Three cheers to Lance and the rest of the crew for putting amazing effort into the seminar - did you notice Lance persisted even though he was getting hoarse? - and for the amazing results they got out. It was packed with information and very well presented, and I enjoyed
and benefited from every minute.

Eric - Computer Engineer, Mountain View CA


I was exhausted and ecstatic at the same time. I couldn't wait to try out what I had learned. After all I had seen demonstration after demonstration with real women that had been brought in just for the workshop, and those reactions couldn't be faked.

Does This Stuff Work?

Listen, on the day I came to that seminar, I was with a group of guys and they decided that we should talk to some girls before we went to the seminar.

There's 3 of them... Do you know
how to approach this group?
Watch this Silicon Valley Engineer
Do the Impossible!

Now I only approached one woman, it was a huge struggle for me and I got so FREAKED OUT out that I had to keep my hands in my pockets so people wouldn't see my hands shaking like I had Parkinson's disease.

Man I was a train wreck after just one approach, I felt like I just cheated death instead of like I just said hi to a woman. And truth be told, she wasn't even cute!

But fast forward a few months... and now I use that type of approach as my WARM UP, and I can rattle off ten approaches like that in a block before I get to the nightclub. That's a HUGE difference, and I'm getting better every day.

I never used to have fun in bars, but now I go out three times a week and it's great! I approach women like crazy and my old friends are just blown away. They truly can't believe their eyes. Frankly sometimes I can't believe it myself.

And I'm talking about stunning beautiful women, that mere months ago I NEVER would look at twice, not because they weren't attractive, but because I thought they were out-of-my-league.

Now, I see a beautiful woman, and I take about a second to pick my approach and boom I'm talking to her.

And just in case you're wondering if have I enjoyed the INTIMATE PLEASURES of a woman's company... I won't give you the nitty-gritty details, but yes, I've had an 'overnight' guest.

Honestly, I don't know if the shit eating grin on my face the next day was because I did the wild thing all night long (I did), or because I was actually able to approach a woman, get her attracted, and back to my place. Something that had once seemed like some kind of James Bond fantasy was now my reality. How cool is that!

I Quit My Job

Honestly, having a toolkit on how to approach, that has made all the difference. In fact learning these skills has literally... rocked my world

I could go on and on about that magical day that rocked my world and changed my life. Can you tell I get a little excited about it?

In fact I was so excited I quit my $75,000 a year job as a corporate web developer and literally begged Lance to let me come work at PickUp 101 for peanuts. Trust me it wasn't about the money, I want to spread the gospel to other guys who are suffering like I once did. I'm even planning to become an instructor myself.

Fast Forward to 2009:

So it's been 3 years since our initial release of Fearless First Impressions, I hope you've gotten some inspiration out of my story.

Nowadays I'm still working full-time for Lance in the office and also help teach workshops, coaching guys though the same anxieties and 'sticking points' that I had those years ago.

I'm now friends with a lot of those guys that are in Neil Strauss' book that got me into this whole rabbit hole, and it's been a hell of a ride.

I have all the women in my life that I want, I've fulfilled every fantasy that I could come up with, and am living the type of life that rockstars dream of.

So maybe you're thinking, "good for you buddy, how's that going to help me?"

Fair enough.

It was though Fearless First Impressions that I got my start. If you can't approach at all, or you can't do it as good as you want, then there are parts of FFI that will teach you how to do it:

For example:

How To Overcome Approach Anxiety

You'll find this covered in depth, because it is one of the top sticking points men have that keep them from meeting the women they want to talk to.

Better yet, you'll learn what the source of that fear is and the reality that most guys get it. You'll also learn specific exercises you can use to learn to deal with the fear.

I won't lie to you and say that it will just disappear, but you'll learn like I did how to manage it so that in a short time it becomes more like the excitement you feel when you do something new that you are really looking forward to, like traveling to a new foreign country where you don't speak the language.

Lance and we instructors have taught hundreds of guys how to overcome their fear, you'll even find out when having just a little fear is a good thing and how to use it to your advantage

Proven Approach Methods
Demonstrated Step-By-Step

One of the most common questions guys have when it comes to approaching a woman they don't know is "What do I do?"

And man, you'll definitely know how to approach. Whether she's sitting, standing, with girlfriends, with guy friends, with a date, with a mixed group, moving, shopping, working out in a gym, eating at a cafe, etc.

I defy anyone to think of a situation that wasn't covered, and DEMONSTRATED with a complete and through explanation. It's no wonder this event went over 4 hours past the scheduled end time.

Exactly What To Say

I know the thing that used to make my hands shake so much was not having a clue of what to say to a woman. It's like my mind would go blank as I search for that one thing that would meet her approval (which was silly since I didn't know a damn thing about her).

I don't have that problem anymore. If anything, I have the quality problem of having too much to say, but I'll gladly trade that for the blank mind syndrome.

The best material is created from your own life. That's a fact. But even if all you did was use one of the opening lines you'll learn, you'd be miles ahead of most guys, and you'll find it easy to start conversations with women. This is massively real world tested material you'll be learning.

One more thing, and it's important... it's not just the opening line, it's how you deliver it. The good news is, that's covered in depth for you too, so you'll know exactly how to make ANY opening line work.

Meet Women Without Being A Jerk

When I read Neil's book, one thing completely turned me off. The way I saw it, a number of guys seemed to not like women and saw them as a power conquest. It was obvious that they were using women as a way to validate their own lack of self worth.

(And believe me, I've seen those types of guys come & go over the years...)

The main reason I am still part of PickUp 101 after all these years is that we all LOVE women. Our whole attitude is that women are tired of meeting boring guys and that every time they talk to a woman it's a chance to make her smile and feel really good.

And I'll let you in on a little known secret: A bunch of my co-workers and my friends who are 'Seduction Gurus', in spite of being known around the world as top pickup artists, are now in long term relationships, or have wives, and some have even started families. That really resonated with me, as some day (but not too soon) I would like that too.

So why study pickup? Simple, so you can be ready when you meet that one girl you know is the one you want to be with. So you can have choice with what woman you spend time with. Most guys leave it to chance. That's why they call it 'getting lucky'.

Who wants to rely on luck for a decision like that?

So this is my advice: Try out Fearless First Impressions.

This really is the best time to get it; especially when we're thowing in all the added 're-release' bonuses like the Banter Deck, the All Questions Answered call, the Routine Review Certificate, AND the Free Evaluation Call with one of our instructors. Whether it's me or someone else, we'll get you pointed in the right direction.

Watch the videos, and put what you'll learn to practice, like I did.

Who knows, maybe you'll be the next Pickup101 Instructor!

-Andy, 7/20/2009


I couldn't put a price on it. There’s no price you could put on it. You spend years trying to meet women, and the frustrations of trying to figure out what to do, how to do it. If it’s really important to you, to want to have the confidence, gain the knowledge to meet women, there is no price. It’s like the Master Card commercial. It’s absolutely priceless.

Rick - Real Estate Investor, Reno NV

There were a lot of amazing things about this program, but for me I think the best is how we really got into the specifics of understanding why something works, how it works, and really having the framework, as well as giving very specific examples. Examples that I could witness, and also that I can apply. It’s really essential for me to watch it in action...

It can totally transform you from someone who’s a shy guy who sits around the edges of a social scene, to somebody who actually goes out there, and is really talking to women, having success, and other guys are looking on and being like “Damn, I wish I was him.”

Bryan - Real Estate Coach, San Francisco, CA

This was an awesome workshop. These guys go into specific details where others teach in generalities. This will increase my success at least 200% or more!

Brian - Acting Coach, Los Angeles CA

How to Become an Approach Machine:

Whether you're in the club or walking down the street, Fearless First Impressions with give you the tools you need to start Fun, Sexy conversations with Beautiful Women in ANY situation.

Here's just a taste of what you'll learn:

  • How to easily join any conversation and have people HAPPY you did. (They'll NEVER get mad you interrupted once you know how)

  • Connect-the-dots guidelines for creating the actual words for an opener that's perfect for you. (Never use recycled material from the Internet again)

  • New ways to start a conversation not currently taught ANYWHERE else' (if you can truthfully say you know all of these, we'll give you your money back on the spot!).

  • Every technique fully demonstrated for you, so you'll know HOW to do it and WHEN to use them.

  • When the best way to open a conversation is to say NOTHING. (you'll be surprised how well this can work)

  • The essential minor change to any 'nightclub opener' that will make it work perfectly in ANY day game scenario. (It's so simple, yet it NEVER FAILS)

  • When a 'situational opener' will help you get better results than you thought possible. (And when you should AVOID using them)

  • How to use your opening skills to build attraction with women you're already in conversation with (and do this without any negative tools like jealousy)

  • A sure fire way to approach a girl right in front of her date! (Wait till you friends see you do this one!)

  • Guaranteed field tested techniques to OBLITERATE approach anxiety and shyness forever. (This one takes discipline... but ANYONE can do it)

  • How to know if the so called '3-second rule' is right for you. (Following this rule to the letter can actually HURT your results)

  • How to work together with a 'WINGMAN' to consistently get KICK-ASS results for both of you. (So you're leveraging each other's strengths and literally doubling or tripling your 'close' rate)

  • The correct way to do both DIRECT & INDIRECT approaches (and when it's best to use each)

  • Foolproof methods to easily open any group with their BACKS to you, no matter how tightly they are packed, without yelling or saying anything to shock them. (You'll be able to join a group that even experienced 'Naturals' will avoid.)

  • How to build your value before joining a group conversation. (So even if they are smokin' hot 10's, they'll think you're the kind of guy they SHOULD be dating)

  • How to get past the absolute hardest 'girl tests' on the planet. (Once you learn this no woman will ever blow you out again!)

  • How to accurately 'read' a group immediately after opening, and use that to determine your next best move.

  • How to use 'gimmicky' type opening methods like handwriting analysis, magic tricks, or even NLP patterns as openers without looking like a dork or a complete tool. (There are times when you'll want to use these, now you'll know the RIGHT way to do it)

  • The most powerful way to build instant attraction into your opener (this one is amazing in quiet environments)

  • How to warm up an entire room so that the hottest girls are impatiently waiting for you to FINALLY come talk to them. (It's a no-brainer to approach a woman who is already waiting to talk to you. Heck she might approach you!)

  • How to use girls (ones you know, and ones you don't) to skyrocket your first impression. (You can penetrate the toughest groups with this technique)

  • Special exercises to BLAST away any last residue of approach anxiety. (Make your first impression twice as powerful simply by reducing your fears)

  • How to find the perfect 'opener' for YOUR personality, no matter what your current skill level. (and how to instantly know how to adjust it as the environment changes)

  • The guaranteed method to recruit cute women to help you 'pickup chicks'. (Not only useful, it's fun and they LOVE it)

  • The never fail method that will stop ANY woman on the street, no matter where she's headed, or who she's with. (she won't take another step until she hears what you have to say.)

  • The simple way to know when NOT to open a woman. (Knowing this will help you avoid problem situations)

  • How to open women in these 'everyday life' locations (malls, bookstores, gyms, supermarkets) and why it's so powerful when you do. (Bonus: This is where you meet the kind of women you'll want to date long term)

  • You'll discover how to be attractive without six pack abs or a six figure bank account, simply by controlling the first impression you make. (And it's so easy to make a solid first impression when you know how)

  • The 2 best places to practice to warp speed your skills (Hint: it's not at bars and clubs)

  • How to use your opening 'line' to solve your biggest problem. (Most guys never think like this and just blabber out something they think will impress women)

  • The 6 topics women LOVE to talk about (You'll never fail to get them hooked into a conversation when you use one of these)

  • Why it's crucial to know how to INTERUPT any conversation. (Plus how to do it and not be considered a 'rude jerk')

  • The key rule-of-thumb for groups of women that keeps you in the drivers seat of the conversation. (Screw this one up and you'll be 'squeezed' out of the conversation and left wondering what the hell just happened)

  • The 3 things guys do that stink up a conversation like fish rotting in the Florida sun, and send girls running for the dance floor. (You'll learn exactly how to make sure you NEVER do them)

  • The 4 ways you can 'blow it' before your lips stop flapping your opening line.

  • 6 things you can do if you have problems STALLING OUT in conversations, so you NEVER run out of things to say again. (with 5 specific examples you can use immediately)

  • 8 things you can use if people think you're BORING (with 3 examples you can apply instantly)

  • The single most common mistake men make that is AMAZINGLY EASY to correct. (Most guys think they were blown out, when in fact it was this mistake that caused the problem)

  • The one environment you don't need ANY reason to talk to a woman. (most guys screw this up by thinking they NEED one)

  • The rule of "Inverse Attraction"

“Fearless First Impressions is a must...”


You learn so many little nuances about kino, and approaching, and body language; posture.

Every day ... [you] put in the DVD player and go, "Oh yeah, that was how you touch" or "That was how you open the set".

It's 12 hours of the first 3 seconds of an interaction.

Jamie Coon - Lake Tahoe, CA

  • The QUESTION in a woman's mind that you MUST answer when you first approach (This is vital to the success of your first impression)

  • The FATAL MISTAKE most guys make when talking to a hot woman who is with her friends that guarantees she WON'T respect you. (Simply knowing this will double your success in this situation)

  • Why you should never 'tool' guys who are with women you want to be with (This goes against commonly held advice. You'll learn how to get the guy on YOUR side)

  • The secret 'treat her like you know her' methods of successful 'ladies men'

  • Why the so called EXPERTS are WRONG about eye contact ( You'll learn how AVOIDING eye contact during your approach makes women want to meet you even more)

  • Discover The SECRET SIGNALS women send each other when you approach, verified by each of the woman on the DVD, that they use to SHUT YOU OUT or WELCOME you in to their group. (This is why a powerful first impression is so vital to your success)

  • The 3 Step method for effectively opening a conversation in any SOCIAL environment. (The 3 things you absolutely must do BEFORE you say anything to the group)

  • How to use the PSYCHOLOGICAL BUBBLE to suck any group into your reality no matter how loud or how drunk they are. (or say space invader)

  • Why it's IMPORTANT to have a PLAN and your own STYLE. (If nothing else, just look at all the guys who don't talk to women and do EXACTLY what they don't do)

  • The 8 steps to planning a PERFECT APPROACH (the only way it could be easier would be if we did it for you)

  • The single most missed IOI (Indicator of Interest) women give to men that 99% of guys NEVER notice. (You'll kick yourself when you learn this and realize how many opportunities you've blown)

PLUS, You'll see demonstrations by 5 different expert pickup artists who are also professional dating consultants. Each man has a totally distinct style, so you can discover how the core principles are adapted to a unique personality. This is a key point so you'll want to pay close attention, your success will come from conveying your personality in a way that is a best fit for you.

With over 5 hours of material, you'll not only get the full explanations how each method works, but also why it works, and a demonstration of technique with women so you can see for yourself the right way to do it.

All of this comes on a 5 DVD set so you can watch each approach over and over again to study the techniques demonstrated and be sure you get every detail that makes the difference in starting a conversation with any woman. By using digital video, you can freeze frames, use slow motion, or even play it in reverse to be sure you get it right before you practice.

“This is your life we're talking about. Money comes and goes, but imagine how much better your life can be if you did master this."

Joe - Financial Advisor, Palo Alto CA

But that's not all. Lance always provides some extra bonus material, and this time was no different. Here's what he's giving to you...

The Fearless First Impressions Re-Release!

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First of all, a lot of guys are skeptical and want to know why we are giving away a free evaluation call, especially with experienced instructors who spend most of their time leading large workshops.

There are a few reasons:

First of all this is a limited-time offer, so not everyone who visits this page has access to this. Quite honestly, this offer is only possible because we know we can take the offer off of our website at any time when we get too busy.

Second of all, it's our experience that some guys can get overwhelmed by all the information on dating and "pickup" that's available, and have trouble sorting through what might get results for them.

Thirdly, we're all here to learn and grow, and we enjoy helping guys' progress in the fastest, easist way possible.

In the evaluation calls we can get to the heart of some of your challenges with women, and help you evaluate an appropriate course of action moving forward. And if we're not the best people to help out with your particular situation, we'll tell you that too.

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There Ain't No Tooth Fairy

There is no magical creature who is going to creep into your home at night, where you went to sleep alone and you wake up with a bed full of playboy bunnies. Life just doesn't work that way and neither does this program.

But Lance has put together the only system that walks you step-by-step from struggling with talking to women, to creating a powerful first impression and having fun talking to women you just met. It's the closest thing to having an expert who has been-there done-that guiding you to success every step of the way.

But, it isn't magic! You will have to do some work. If you are the kind of person who says they want to achieve success, but isn't willing to put in a little effort to make it happen, then this offer is not for you.

On the other hand, if you are ready to snowball your success faster than you've ever dreamed possible, then this is the solution you've been looking for.

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Follow and COMMIT to the Six Week Action Plan to Your New Life.

If before the six weeks is up, for some reason you don't think my secrets have changed your dating life forever contact my customer support team and get a full, no hassle refund. No questions, no conditions, no problem.

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P.S. I hope you've been inspired by my story. It's totally true, and as I update this letter almost a year OVER 3 YEARS later, I feel more stongly than ever that meeting Lance is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Now I can do it. I never had a structure before. Now I have something to do.

Nick - College Student, San Jose CA

What I found most impressive about it was that every time I thought I saw the most impressive thing, something more impressive came along… To see the dynamics, to see the body language, to see how different situations were handled, it in some senses confirmed what I had in my mind but had only imagined and in some senses completely changed my picture about how it was done. It was like --- "Oh! That's how it works."

Sitting and reading or just watching lectures could never have given me what the actual demonstrations gave me in terms of knowledge and learning.

Lance obviously has lots of experience, and he's worked through a lot of this stuff on his own. He's tried a lot of different things and has found a lot of different things that have worked, and the fact that he's willing to share that with all of us is just awesome. It's great!

Michael - Metal Fabricator and Artist, Berkeley CA

The demonstrations were great. Seeing Lance, Garrison, those guys. That was really great to see, really inspirational.
Jesse - Engineer, San Francisco, CA

I was really impressed with the information. I consider myself to have a pretty decent background in pickup, game, all that stuff. There's a couple points where I got stuck, like the high-value sets, getting blown out, then coming back in on that, which, when they showed it to me in the workshop, just blew me away. I was like "That's how to do it!"

No matter where you're at, from ground zero to ninety-nine percentile of being the man, you're still going to learn something out of this program. If you just want to get better at your game, here's the start. Good stuff!

Jose - UI Designer, Milpitas CA

It was jam packed with new ideas. There were a very large number of ideas given to us in a relatively short time. It could take me years to actually finish applying all of that.

The examples were extremely useful, the demonstrations gave me a very good idea of how these new techniques would actually work in practice.

Without the demonstrations I might have had some difficulty converting these ideas to practice. With the demonstrations it became very easy for me to visualize how I might apply these practices myself. I am actually amazed by how many different types of techniques he was able to communicate very quickly.

Rahul - Consultant, San Jose CA

I think one of the best things was actually seeing the demonstrations of the instructors and Lance on stage, and the way Lance breaks down the way the environment really affects the efficiency of a certain approach. I wouldn't be able to get that from a book.

There have been a lot of high-quality demonstrations that really expose all the key ingredients that make a certain approach work. I'm most impressed with it.

Hung - Software Engineer, Oakland CA

I felt a real connection with these guys right from the get go. They were (and are) so excited and eager to impart their knowledge that your subconscious has no choice but to absorb it.

Benjamin - Architect, San Francisco, CA

I was extremely skeptical before I purchased the DVD. Questions went through my mind such as is this another sales gimmick like a lot of the stuff you find on the internet.

I had purchased another company's stuff months back. Don't get my wrong their stuff is gold however it didn't really explain how to approach and use the tools they teach.

After watching the DVD several times the way each instructor opened sets and how they delivered their openers I began rehearsing Lances and other instructors body language and openers he used in mirror.

Then I went out and practiced in evenings..

The guy I was winging with from another lair told me "!#@* you building solid attraction with the many of the sets we had opened, he was impressed. I am taking the path of PickUp101... I am thoroughly convinced that this is the way forward for me after seeing the DVD.

- C., London

For anyone who hasn't got this...

Buy it!!

I've done Art Attraction - but this stuff is solid - as someone who only does night game at the moment and in a tough environment- it has all the situations you encounter.

I've bought other products - but this is 100x better.

- JK, Bermuda

This is the best DVD set that I have seen on the subject.

- D., Dallas TX

PickUp 101 has CONSISTENTLY put out THE BEST material for aspiring and experienced ladies men alike. Hands down.

- CD, Minneapolis, MN

The DVD is soooo worth it. The body language of the instructors ALONE is priceless, you really get a feel for the different adaptations of technique to fit each body type and personality.

- J. LA

PickUp 101 Success Stories Galore!

“One of the Great Benefits that I got from the VIP Membership is Access to the Lounge...”


I’m Regis. I grew up in Switzerland. I’ve been living in the U.S. for the last thirteen years and enjoying it. I’ve been a VIP Member for more than a year.

One of the great benefits that I got from the VIP membership is access to the Lounge; where I can post questions or post my Field Reports and ask for feedback. And that’s been great.

One example I can think of where I found the forum useful is I posted a Field Report. I gave all the details of what happened with my interaction with that girl. I wasn’t really sure how to read her reaction when I tried to kiss her. And I got some great feedback about what that experience might have meant for her and why she was one way verses another. It’s been very valuable.

Being a VIP Member I feel like we can have a great… we’re notified of the greatest and latest Pickup 101 events. We’ve got a lot of deals going on to, or calls, and it’s very valuable.

This has some great context that I couldn’t get through the workshops or the newsletter. Lance interviewing and different experts on different subjects make it really good. It’s a constant reminder to be active and try to new things as well.

If somebody were to say “I don’t need to get something in the mail every month.” I would say they are missing out because with the VIP membership and the DVD you get a lot of new content. It keeps you active in thinking and applying new principles as well. Otherwise, people take a workshop and they have a workshop high but that dies off. You are not trying to learn new things. You’re not exposed to new material. The material you have to learn over and over again to reabsorb. And the VIP membership really does that for me. It reinforces my knowledge of the material. It reinforces integrating material in my life.

Regis - VIP Member

“...A Great Way of ...Hearing Another Perspective that makes you Rethink ...the Stuff that you’ve Learned.”


My name is Richard Hanbury. I’m from London, UK, and I’m self-employed at the moment. I’ve been a VIP Member for about six months, and that included a lot of the early VIP discs.

For me, one of the most interesting things was seeing the progression of how people grew as they were doing stuff. How people grew in their maturity very quickly once they started giving this area handled. Even Lance, listening to the earlier CD’s compared to how he is in this seminar here, it feels to me like he’s matured twenty years in the time of the last four years. I want to be on that speed of growth path as well. It’s really nice to see someone who’s done it in a very short amount of time. That’s why I really enjoy getting that each month and listening to him and all the other instructors that are going through that process just a little bit behind him.

It’s really the idea that it’s just repetition of the same stuff. There is obviously new stuff every month, but it’s the idea of continuing to work on the stuff that you should be doing every month. It’s very easy to learn a skill, think you got it handled, and then forget about it.

I write a diary every day and every single day I’m writing what I learned, and basically my happiness score for the day so I can keep track of how well I’m doing. For me, it’s like keeping track of all the things that you’ve learned, and then repeating them again and again and again until you really don’t ever have to think about them any more. I find that we all make the same mistakes and we learn the same lessons. It takes a few times until we learn it. I just want to do it quicker. So getting that same stuff every month is just a great way of actually hearing another perspective that makes you rethink again the stuff that you’ve learned.

Richard Hanbury - London, UK

“The VIP Membership I think is Awesome!”


I’m Russel Thiels, and I’m from Houston, Texas.

The VIP Membership I think is awesome!

I’ve had a few other programs, I don’t know if I can say that, from other people and they all have Audio CD’s, but the Video DVD’s that we get are a nice thing to have. Seeing is such a big part of it, and whenever you get to see people talking and you get to see how they interact, it just anchors it so much better.

It’s great because he’s always got good people that come in that he does interviews with. They are usually quality people and I like that they all have commonalities but they all have little things that they do different as well.

Russel Thiels, Houston, TX

“I'm 53 years old... This is what should've been happening to me all my life.”


I first learned of PickUp 101... it was on an online forum. I saw it mentioned, so I wanted to get to know more about it because I was getting good feedback from the forum. So I went to the website & got more information and thought "This would be a good introduction." It's fairly inexpensive and has a got a lot of good information.

I liked it because it gave a good structure of how this all works.

Attraction... What are Attraction Triggers... and the process; I liked that. It was inexpensive, valuable information that was made available to get going - to push me in the right direction.

I'm 53 years old, and it's like a 'v8' moment every day of: 'Oh, what did I do! What a knucklehead I've been" most of that life.

I've done things I never would've dreamed I could've done.

Real World Rapport Attendee

“Wow, there's a lot of value here!”


Surefire Attraction Secrets: That is your strong, basic, opening program. Strong on building attraction, strong on vibing & bantering and a lot of core principles that I got out of it. Specifically eliminating Approach Anxiety; it was like a 30-day program, and it just seemed so easy to do. Step-by-step, one day at a time. For that, right there, it's just such a simple solution that anyone could do if they really want to put their mind to it. It's not complicated routines, it's really simple principles, but solid foundations. It's a foundation course and is really about bringing your best to the table, while still being attractive to women; basically being sincere with your attraction, while at the same time having those attractive traits that you may not have realized women are really responding to. It's about finding those responses, and understanding how the male/female dynamics works.

SAS was the first product I'd received, and I confess, I got it on a special, it was really cheap. I ended up getting it and [was] like, "Wow, there's a lot of value here." So I definitely can see that one of those products that you go to time & time again. If you're kind of shaky on of the principles with it you can just pop it in it's like "ok, yeah, of course, this is easy." The one thing that's great about PickUp 101 is that they are really sincere, and it's real world principles that makes it really easy

Brandon - Pleasanton, CA

“It's changed my life...”


The very idea of going out & just walkng up to a girl and talking to her (or let alone a group of girls... or group of guys and girls) was just... I could barely imagine it.

Now, I can go out & I have such a fun time going out. I go out & meet new people, meeting girls left & right, getting more social interaction, more fun than I've ever had before.

Chris - San Francisco, CA

“This stuff is Magic - [it] Works Great!”


Lance is brilliant. I thought he was brilliant when I heard him speak in the David DeAngelo interview, that's what got me into Pickup 101. I thought, "This guy has real insight."

He knows how to set up the framework so that people can understand it. It was brilliant - here you have attraction, and here you have rapport; there's not 8 million steps in between. I thought that that was a great way of breaking it up.

Eric - New York, NY

“I don't have enough time to go to the gym anymore”


My new issue is I'm having trouble scheduling my life. My dating life is getting in the way, and as retarded as that sounds, it's amost becoming annoying becasue I like going to the gym and stuff, but now I have to go on these dates; they're obviously more important, but I'd like to get to the gym every so often!

Joe - Castro Valley, CA

“Before... I was Pretty Much a Closet: Didn't go out, Stayed at Home.”


Before I took any of these seminars, I was pretty much a closet: didn't go out, stayed at home.

My dress has completely changed, I'm a happy person now, more outgoing, and keep working on it daily.

The last 2 months, things have been going pretty good... I'm meeting more women than I've ever met in my life. Like I said, I was real shy, and the women I met & dated back then were people from friends of friends that introduced me.

There were about 5-6 guys who took AoA with me 2 months ago you can tell they've changed... Everyone has really made huge improvements in their social skills.

Kurt - Dustin, FL

“I think that there is a Fine Line between Cocky & Funny, and Insulting & Arrogant.”


All (the teachers) had their own individual area of expertise: They're all good at everything, but there are things that they like to do better.

The guys who did things that were more in line with what you wanted to do, you could talk to them about it and get specific tips & stuff.

It was a very cool experience.

I think that there is a fine line between cocky & funny, and insulting & arrogant.

The guys at PickUp 101 have a different approach; what they are talking about is banter. I don't feel that there is anything you can't accomplish with banter that you can accomplish with anything else. So for me, it's much more natural, lets me be the 8 year old kid which I actually am, lets that kid come out and play, relate to the women, it's just a lot more fun, it's easier for me, and for me it makes a lot more sense.

Syd - Palm Springs, CA

“It Seemed Much More REAL...”


[PickUp 101 was] Much more real and much more down to earth than a lot of the stuff that was out there.

It was more about building your own self-confidence & learning about yourself and how to relate to others using your own abilities.

That was really cool!

David M. - Saratoga, CA


There I was, cruising along in life, fat.....dumb.....and happy. Then WHAM! My wife of 22 years decides she wants her freedom because "we got married so young" and other bullshit excuses lines. What a punch in the gut! I was 50 years old, alone and I no longer had my balls.

A few months later, I discovered Pickup101 on the internet. Actually, they somehow found me crying in my beer. So I read the email flashes and I joined the VIP service.....and I studied and I applied my knowledge. Soon, I could feel my balls growing again. "I can do this" I said.

So I went for it and tried all the techniques and learnings. Boy-o-boy did they work well! Day Game approaches were so much fun and so easy. New Years Eve and Halloween party techniques were killer. Valentines day is now my favorite holiday! The "hand technique" is the best barometer. The use of "eye contact" is so powerful. The escalating "touching" techniques put the girls under our spell. I even invented a deadly technique I call "*The Toast of Passion*" that enabled me to start kissing girls just 5 minutes into our first date. Once a girl starts kissing, she is ours for the night.

All in all, over the course of 3 years I dated over 90 women and bedded about 1/3 of them. That means getting laid with a new girl about once per week. I should've scored even more! Most of the time I had 4 or 5 girls going at the same time. The more you juggle, the more effective you become. You just don't have time to screw around when it's time to screw! You also don't have time to date ordinary women. The Art of Attraction system gave me the balls to go after the big game.....the smokin' hot women who used to be out of my league. My married buddies all live vicariously through me now and love to get the "lady reports" that guys like to share.

I developed my top ten girl list, whittled it down to 4 and finally have settled on one that I'm keeping. She's a stunning, former supermodel and she had a couple of guest starring roles on the TV series *Baywatch *(she's that hot). I'm now 54, she's 47, and we are getting married at the end of the month.

So once again, thank you to the great Lance Mason and the gang at Art of Attraction. You gave me my balls back and I landed a supermodel from Heaven.


“Pickup 101 has some of the most Innovative and powerful ways I’ve ever seen to build attraction with a a woman FAST... and connect with her on a DEEP EMOTIONAL LEVEL.”

David DeAngelo
Double Your Dating

Lance and Pickup 101 Team,

I have to Tell you that Pickup 101 is ultimately the best damn pick up course out there!

I ordered the Attraction series set. I learned about Banter and Kino really fast. I have not even listened to more than 30% of the CD’s yet but let me tell you something - My game just improved 1000%. It is really unbelievable. I am opening sets all day long with Banter and it OPENS LIKE A CHARM!

I start doing Kino early on.

Just to give some idea of results. I already closed 1 girl. Saturday night I got 3 #’s and a kiss close and I was on fire

The best thing is that I have not even tapped into this yet. I really have not even learned much about the conversation skills, story telling and rapport. I think in about 6 months from now my game is going to be so on fire that I will have more girls in my life than I could imagine.

Thank you Pickup 101!

Los Angeles, CA

“A lot of people think that you can get all the ladies if you’re good looking. The truth is what a woman finds attractive rarely has anything to do with what you physically look like. It’s all about how you move, how you can read a woman, and how you react and interact with her.

A lot of the good looking guys SUCK at being with women, because they think ”Ah I’m good looking, I don’t need to do anything. I don’t need to get in tune with her, I don’t need to know what’s going on” and that’s complete crap!”

Student at San Francisco State University,
and Pickup 101 Supergirl

"They are great teachers with massive in-field experience. Their exciting new ideas have contributed to the advancement of our art."

Venusian Arts

Thanks Lance,

Man! This stuff really works.

I've been bantering and doing Kino like crazy with women at the night clubs. You should have seen me friday night. I couldn't believe how fast it all happened.
Just like your video.

And the women that I was bantering and kino with, was a group of five. Not only that, there were two guys by me watching me the whole time, and they couldn't believe how I was doing all this.

I also got my first phone number and that was easy as pie. I just told her to write down her
phone number, and she did!

Just like you said. Man! Lance I can't wait to come to your work shop, this stuff is unreal.


Your friend,

If you want to learn about improving your abilities with women, Lance is definitely on the top of the list of guys to learn from.


Being in the community for several months and going out religiously, I was at a point in my game where I was taking bootcamp after bootcamp, and not improving at all. I even had one celebrity mentioned in "The Game" tell me that "I only had minor posture problems but other than that everything I was doing was fine". Those words rung in my head, because I still wasn't getting any results!!!!!! Phone numbers? Sure, but nothing more than a few kisses.

I heard a few things about Pickup 101 and decided to give Lance a try. I remember when I first saw him, I'm like no, this can't be Lance". That quickly changed as I was very impressed because he was able to give me concrete feedback and skills to get me to the next level. After working with Lance the VERY SAME NIGHT I spent the evening with a very lovely lady,
and am in this GREAT relationship!

Thank you Lance and thanks Pickup 101!

San Francisco

“Lance Mason turned my friend's life around with his system. If you're in the "game" for meeting the love of your life, he can help you, too.”

Matt Furey

I am unbiased, and have no agenda ... for me its all about cost and results. Based on the results I am getting now, I would recommend PU101 to others like me. I'm 31, I was very new to the whole seduction process, I'm a professional guy who was moderately good with women coming into the program, and PU101 definitely opened my eyes and helped me get to the next level.”

New York

This group has accumulated a bunch of different styles under one roof and you can pick and choose what works for you... This is going to be a life skill you can you use anywhere. You can use it at work, you can use it with friends, you can use it with strangers. It applies everywhere and that's great!”

Joel C.

I would highly, highly recommend this to anybody who really wants to better themselves with women. You certainly still have to do the work, but I think the background and the fundamentals and the foundation that they provide is absolutely the best investment I've ever made. I never thought I'd be giving a testimonial. Like I said, I'm a very hard sale, but I would wholeheartedly endorse this.”

Financial Analyst

It promised an approach to game that allowed you to meet women at any time, by incorporating the techniques of creating attraction and forming connections into your existing lifestyle. That's the kind of versatility I wanted to enhance in my game... the idea that you can be a normal guy, but be such a great normal guy, and know how to put it on display and communicate it, that women can't help but be attracted. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants better results in all social areas of their life, and wants the quickest, most lasting results with women. They teach you really how to connect and start a sexual relationship with a woman.”

Building Contractor

Huge credit to Lance for teaching about banter. Recently a girl was teasing me, and when I smiled, tapped her on the shoulder, and said, “That's so cute how you do that!” she melted and said how awesome it was that she finally met someone who got her sense of humor.

When I excused myself with kino handshake (again credit Lance), she didn't let go and grabbed my sleeve with the other hand.

I never realized it could be that easy!

Real Estate Broker
Mountain View, CA

"Lance, Surefire Attraction Secrets was great!... The difference between this and a lot of other stuff out there is the exercises. You read something and it's in your head and intellectual. With Pickup101 you change the way you act. You don't just learn pickup lines, you learn body movements, how to act with people, how to talk to girls. It's 100% different than just learning lines. I feel now like I can talk to anyone!"

Business Analyst

"It was so much more than I was truly expecting! It will tighten up an intermediate level's game and it will teach a beginner what needs to be done. I'm just glad to finally be starting down the path I have been looking at my entire life."

Computer Programmer

“Every guy should take this course before talking to a woman in a bar.”


"The guys who run and teach Pickup 101 had exactly the kind of game I always have convinced my friends I have (but don't really). They combine different styles and different approaches and blend them into the same basic philosophy, and it all seems to work in a holistic way, like blending every available martial arts into one fighting style that allows you to do whatever you need to fit the situation. Surefire Attraction Secrets covers it all!"

Building Contractor

"A friend had told me: any opportunity that I have to learn with masters, I should take advantage of that opportunity. And so this time I said, 'I know I like these guys, I know that I'm going to learn a lot and I have to do this. I have to do this for myself.' And I'm glad I did!"

Business Owner

It's almost overload, there's so much information I'm able to pull from this.

I think my biggest breakthrough is realizing that I can go and discuss certain topics which maybe I was uncomfortable with discussing with women in the past. And realize that it's really not a big deal if you have the right approach. And that you can get away with saying almost anything if you can combine it in a way that's interesting, with humor.

Now I have a completely different perspective on it and a better understanding of what works and what doesn't. It'll help anyone, regardless of their skill level interacting with people. And I think it'll help you in ways that extend far beyond simply interacting with women.... You can't help but be changed by it, and probably in ways that you can't even comprehend.”

Software Engineer

One word: Awesome! The end result was incredibly helpful to my game. I would recommend this... to anyone!

It forced me to start developing openers and to think about my goals and my game, including strengths and sticking points. I now have something that I can use, most of it specifically tailored to my personality and style. I have a very specific way to take a target from opening the set, through the various steps of opening and attracting. I am ready to go into any venue and open sets including mixed sets and moving sets, and get somewhere most of the time With practice in the field, it will get even better. My social circle game will go through the roof. I can't wait to get back into the field and play around.

Thanks and props to PickUp 101.”

Field Technician

For years, I've watched guys who I thought weren't as good-looking, smart or successful as I am make it with really hot women, while I've been struggling to get dates with the “leftovers”. The world didn't seem fair. I figured some guys just “had it”, and I wasn't one of them. But... being successful in attracting beautiful women is a learned skill, a skill that with some practice and persistence, just about any guy can master. I would not have believed this had I not experienced it firsthand.

Fundamentally, it's about getting clear about what makes you special, and communicating that to others in a powerful way. Once you can do this, you'll notice dramatic improvements in many areas of your life, not just meeting women.

[Surefire Attraction Secret Audio Download 1] is all about “Opening”, or how to initiate contact with women you want to meet in a bar or club setting. It doesn't matter if you consider yourself to be a shy quiet type (as I did), there are always things you can and should DO to convey the right attitude ...These include approaching groups of women by yourself, telling funny stories, and engaging in playful teasing and cocky/funny banter. These types of behaviors don't come naturally for many of us, but can be mastered with intention and practice.

A key to acting confident is knowing ahead of time what you're going to say and how you're going to behave. I was amazed to discover that with a little preparation and practice, I was able to do things I would not have thought possible. During about three hours at two different clubs, I approached and opened some twenty or more sets or groups of women. And this from a guy who stopped going to bars years ago because he was afraid to approach anyone!... I found myself engaging in extended banter with multiple groups of women, and coming from the confidence of knowing that I always had something clever to say next. It all seemed counterintuitive, but results don't lie.

Telecom Consultant

The year is 2005 AD and before now I had never heard of this stuff. How long have men and women been on the planet together? How long have people been studying human psychology and sexuality?

This is the Golden Fleece we’ve been searching for. What have we been doing all this time?

Honestly, I can not fathom how this information has escaped so many of us for so long..... I’ve learned skills that are easily as valuable as anything I learned in four years of college… and I’m still as green as they get.

I can only imagine what my life will be like in a year. Why isn’t this standard education for every high boy graduating from junior high? I can’t imagine teaching my son anything more important.

Stop reading now. Go and do it.”


I needed the FUNDAMENTALS... I am now a changed man! Chicks love it and it works! The way these guys deliver it is completely different from what I've seen before! These guys do it in such a captivating way! I know if I master what they taught... I will be a seriously skilled pickup artist and have some money game. There are just a handful of basic concepts. however it doesn't seem most guys out there have a grasp of these key concepts. I imagine most guys out there don't know how to deliver an opener in a powerful, exciting, congruent way that really gets a woman engaged. I'd also be willing to bet that most guys don't know how to write out a story and structure it in a way that hooks the girl's attention and leads the pickup to the next level. I'd also be willing to bet that most guys aren't comfortable running basic attraction banter, or even know what it sounds like to flirt with a girl like that. So there are just a handful of concepts to work on, in my opinion... I'll admit, this sounds deceptively simple. But, if one can master these fundamental concepts, then all these other 'advanced' problems that people seem to be whining about and worrying about when they haven't even got good solid basic game will be eliminated. If you aren't capable of getting numbers that don't flake all the time or aren't getting laid regularly, PickUp 101 is definitely where you want to be.”

Financial Advisor

I finally understood the heart of attraction. Light bulbs went off over my head: so *this* is attraction! Banter is playful, it's smart, it asserts superiority, and it's funny! The PU101 instructors are not just excellent pick-up artists, but also very cool, very real guys. These guys know what they are talking about.”

Software Engineer

I finally understood the heart of attraction. Light bulbs went off over my head: so *this* is attraction! Banter is playful, it's smart, it asserts superiority, and it's funny! The PU101 instructors are not just excellent pick-up artists, but also very cool, very real guys. These guys know what they are talking about.”

Software Engineer


From: Metajon <>
Date: Wed, Oct 8, 2008 at 9:44 PM
Subject: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
To: AskLance[at]pickup101[dot]com

Dear Lance and instructors,

WOW!!! The "too cute" line. Best tip EVER given in the myriad newsletters on dating techniques over the last year! Thank you x100000. THis worked 100% amazingly.

I was standing in a long grocery store line yesterday when an solid 10 pushed her cart up behind me. Quick ring check..none. She was wearing small jean shorts and a "wife beater" style yellow tank top. Immaculate manicures, tasteful jewelry that said "i've got my shit together". Her amazing natural curly blond hair was up like she'd been out doing errands all day. She didn't see me notice her at first so as she moved her cart up I "accidentally" moved into her cart. She put her hand over her mouth and said "Oh, I'm so sorry" I said "I think the emergency room will survive without me today" smiled and looked her directly in the eyes projecting fun. She laughed..and I'm not kidding it was the cutest laugh. So I dropped the line "I know this is kind of random, but I have to tell you that you are just too cute..especially for someone who goes around looking for hapless guys to hit with shopping carts." She laughed again and put half put her hand out like she was going to touch me and said "I'm so sorry..I'm Sarah" and all her body language went completely "attraction" she bit her lower lip, tilted her head and moved around her cart closer to me. There was a lot going on around us with the line moving forward and a lot of distractions so I turned towards my cart and started putting my stuff on the conveyor belt so that Sarah was just to my left and behind my shoulder, I looked back and said "nice to meet you I'm Jonathan" and reached around without turning to shake her hand trying to convey sincerity but that I had other things to do and went back to unloading. Once I got my stuff loaded up I pulled out a divider thingy and turned fully towards her asked her if I could help her put her stuff behind mine and said "just in case your squash gets the wild idea of crashing into my pork loin" smiling again. She giggled this time and touched my arm while she laughed. So I asked her "So, what race shopping cart team are you cooking for?" More giggles..."Maybe you need help getting there safely or maybe you should give me your phone number so I could call to be sure you arrived without hitting anyone else". I touched her elbow smiling the whole time, emoting fun sarcasm. The answer was "sure that's a great idea" with more giggles and a little shy look that reminded me of what you said about that little girl inside.

Inside I was just going...NO WAY!!! I just scored a flawless Playboy bunny looking woman's number from the time I got in line to the time I got my change from the cashier!! 5 minutes tops!!! This stuff is powerful!

I called her "Hi there! The doctors say I'm going to need rest and good care. You up to the challenge?" More laughing....this went on for about 10 minutes then she had to go so we exchanged IM's and around 1am sure enough she I'm'd me!!

Guys we IM'd for 7 hours till the sun came up! I would normally have run out of things to say over such a long period but I used the texting techniques suggested in these awesome emails sporadically the whole night. We definitely got into deeper territory and she spontaneously began to share her dreams and aspirations with me but I never let it get too heavy always tossing a good joke in to keep her laughing. At one point she said if i didn't stop making her laugh she was gonna pee her I asked what color they were and if she wanted me to bring her a pair of Depends saying "you never know you might start a new fashion trend for going out with good guys" :) by the time we signed off she was blowing me virtual kisses and asking if I wanted her to come over.

Right now..she's laying naked on my bed right now sleeping like a happy baby; exhausted from the "fun" we had all day. one of the most amazing 24 hours of my life and I had to get up and write you guys to thank you for all your attention to detail and hard work! I may have to put you on the guest list for the wedding!

Peace n Luv,

Gainesville, FL


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