Men who know it all are not invited to read this page

"How does a former Silicon Valley computer geek,
Who doesn't have a car, and lives with 6 other guys, consistently Humiliate 'Naturals' and 'Pickup Artists'
by pulling the Hottest girls in the room?

Everything You Know About Women is Wrong!

Hey man,

Understanding what makes women tick isn't easy. Not by a long shot.

And sometimes it can seem like approaching a woman you find attractive is like the opening scene in Raider's of the Lost Ark. Every step of the way you feel like the wrong move will set off some booby trap. You won't physically get damaged, but . . .

Your ego can easily get smashed pancake flat

Now we both know that a woman won't kill you, but for some guys getting rejected feels almost as bad. Why is that? What is it about a woman that a simple answer like "I'm not interested" can be such an ego stomping experience? Keep reading, and I'll tell you.

It's no news that men find women confusing. But what if I told you not only are women SIMPLE to understand, it's actually easy to get them attracted to you when you know their hard wired 'attraction triggers', and how to
fire them off. The problem is up until now...


You've been programmed to be a wimp!

It's no secret that even in modern society, human sexuality is a taboo subject. Even the relatively tame Playboy magazine is still kept behind the 'Adults Only - No Browsing' sign in the local book stores.

But what you probably don't realize is that that religion, culture, and even our laws have been structured to prevent you from learning how to be attractive to women. In fact they don't even want you to know that you CAN learn how to attract women.

And yet, women have attracting men down to a science. For them it's a simple formula lose weight, wear tight jeans or mini skirt, learn to be good at sex. What man doesn't want an attractive sexy women who is good in bed?

The result, there are a lot of hot women out there and only a handful of men who are able to attract them! These men are called a lot of things, mostly unflattering, but why should they care... they have all the women. They are the so called 'Natural Ladies Men'.


Society does NOT want you learning to attract women

Think about your high school for a moment. I'll bet there were no more than a handful of guys who really were good with women. In my high school there were five, maybe ten tops who could attract women with little or no effort.

That's 10 guys out of hundreds who have access to all the women.

Make no mistake, these so called 'naturals' do NOT want you to figure out what it is they do, since it would mean less women for them. There is no way they are going to give you a key to the treasure any time soon.

Honestly, if you befriended one of them and asked him what he does, he couldn't explain it anyway. These guys learn at an early age and they'll say "I don't know man, I just do it."

The key point here that most guys miss is that even the so called 'naturals weren't born that way. They figured it out early and now it's an unconscious behavior. For them meeting women is like walking or riding a bike is to you.

What's does this mean for you? Something VERY important actually. It means that

Attracting women is a skill,
not something you're born with

I'll never forget the moment this realization came to me, it was like I had been sailing in a dense fog and suddenly it cleared and before me was a tropical paradise. I still had a ways to go, but I now knew I was going to get there if I kept moving forward.

The next turning point for me was when I actually had my first success in attracting a woman and getting a date with her, because that opened me to the idea that I COULD get more women into my life.

I used that momentum to build success upon success, and though I still made mistakes and still got blown out, I didn't care anymore. I now knew that it has NOTHING to do with the individual, and EVERYTHING to do with the knowledge, skills, and experience in that situation.

The fact was, up till then I had in fact been holding myself back. Talking myself out of meeting women I wanted to know better, and even worse being ANGRY at them when they didn't even know I existed.

Having that realization was like have a ton of bricks lifted off my shoulders.

After that I was on fire, I was determined to figure out everything about how attraction worked, what got women turned on, and discovering by process of elimination the skills to get a woman to go from complete stranger to between the sheets in record time.

In a minute, I'll tell you how you can learn these skills, but first a big lesson, if you learn nothing else today take this with you...

It's NOT your fault!

The world is full of bad information about women. When I say bad, I mean PURE CRAP! You are better off with cow dung, because at least it can be used as fertilizer.

There is an amazing amount of stupid, wrong headed, and totally useless junk that is blasted at us like water out of a fire hose on a daily basis. And it's been going on since you first learned how to talk.

Your whole life your well meaning parents, friends, and society have been telling you exactly the wrong things to say and do around women.

Then when you took Mom's advice and approached a girl you wanted to meet, you failed miserably and felt that stinging pain of rejection. Ouch! Sucks doesn't it? What is happening here is that...

Bad information leads to a cycle of failure.

If you are like most guys, it didn't take too many times getting 'shot down' by girls to make you gun shy.

In fact it's a vicious cycle that feeds on itself, with each rejection reinforcing the ideas like "I'm not good with women" or worse "I'm not attractive".

It's no wonder so many guys get approach anxiety.

And to add insult to injury.., many so called 'Dating Gurus' tell you to just keep approaching over & over as the 'cure' for that feeling of near panic a woman can cause. Thing is...doing this JUST MAKES IT WORSE!

Advice like that causes a lot of men to give up, and that just pisses me off because it doesn't have to end that way.

Even If You Are Experienced With Women, You'll Be Amazed At What I'm About To Unveil For The First Time Ever...

The more experienced you are, the more you need to suck my brains dry of this knowledge. Honestly, I've had men come to me who have read every e-book, bought ever course, spent hours reading and posting online, and done literally thousands of approaches... And they still CAN'T GET LAID!

All it takes is a few hours with me, and you can almost see a giant light bulb go off above their head. And once they get where they have been making the critical errors, things suddenly 'fall into place' and the dry spell is over!

And it's not about technique. Nope, the problem is the way they are THINKING about things.

Listen, the honest truth is meeting women really isn't that hard. The biggest problem men have is just getting out of your own way, and that means cleaning the crap out of your mind that stops you from meeting the women you want to be with.

And it gets me hopping mad that it all stems from the junk in your head. Like they say in the computer business 'garbage in garbage out'.

The good news is, I'm here to clue you in on the truth of how it all works.

Sean Newman


I've got a shameful confession to make... before I found PickUp 101, I was NOT a dateless loser.

I was a jock, a dude, a party-hardy frat boy kind of guy who hung out with the cool kids and dated the hot girls. Sorority girls, models, actresses, and even an exotic dancer or two. Or three. Or four. Whatever. You get the point.

I was the guy who got the girl, the guy who got lucky. I was so good I even made it onto the TV on a prime-time dating show (boy, did that impress the girls!) No matter where I went, people would see me and think, "now that guy is a NATURAL."

But there's something that no one could have guessed about The Natural... I had NO CLUE how to get the girl I really wanted. I was a total fraud. And I was lonely as hell.

Yeah, everyone who saw me thought "well he's got a girlfriend. He must know what he's doing. He'd never understand how it is for me... he's so lucky." They were right about one thing... it was LUCK. All luck.

But I never got the girl I wanted. Some girl I wasn't really interested in would come talk to me, and meanwhile the girl I REALLY wanted would go off with someone else.

You know the feeling, right? You're standing alone in the bar, and then you see her across the room. She's too beautiful, you think. You think, "I wish...

"I wish I knew what to do."

"I wish she'd come talk to me."

"I wish I was the kind of guy she wanted."

I know the feeling. I know how it feels to stand there, just thinking and drinking, while some other guy walks up, talks to her, and takes her away.

I know the feeling of going home alone... going home ALONE, hating that other guy, wishing I had whatever magic he had.

Sound familiar? It's a terrible feeling when you realize that you know what you want, but you have no idea how to get it. I mean, this is a BIG DEAL.

This might be the most important thing in your life. All your work, your success, your achievements... they all build to one thing: someday, you may just meet the GIRL OF YOUR DREAMS.

But then what? What happens when you realize you don't know have the skills to attract her and keep her happy? Are you willing to let your chance at happiness slip away?

Well I wasn't. I was lucky enough to spend a day with Lance Mason, and what he taught me CHANGED MY LIFE.

When I arrived that day for the "Everything You Know About Women Is Wrong" (EYK) seminar, I was daring someone to convince me.

I wanted to believe that someone out there really knew how to make women happy, but I had been disappointed so many times before that I was a little afraid to get my hopes up.

Then Lance started talking. And six hours later, I felt a relief like the weight of the world off my shoulders. Finally I found someone who knew what he was doing and could explain it to me. It felt like every story he told was the story from my own life.

Every mistake he listed I remembered from my own relationships. And every time he told us what to do instead, I felt like smacking myself in the forehead for not figuring it out sooner.

Honestly, I was pissed that it took this frickin' long to find this stuff out! How come no one else ever told me! I could have saved so much pain and depression and worry.

But by the end of the talk, I knew my goals. I KNEW I had to come back for the workshops and learn how this all really worked. I KNEW I had to get this part of my life under control. And I was so inspired, I even started thinking to myself, "what if I could get out there and help teach this to others so they don't make the same mistakes I do?"

It's now a year later, and I'm a full-time coach with PickUp101, and I get to see the results from coaching guys how to really have fun with beautiful women.

I see the smiles on their faces, and I remember the big, goofy smile on my face after EYK when I realized that finally I had found what I was always looking for. It was like finding you have a cool big brother who can tell you how the world REALLY works, and who you know is always looking out for you. And that felt great.

I've never told anyone this story before, because that day had passed, and with it, the opportunity for others to learn what I did.

But everything I learned at that eye-opening event is now available for the FIRST time. Keep reading and find out how YOU can learn the skills even the Natural didn't know.

Remember, the world is full of guys. Don't be a guy. Be a MAN.


Why am I revealing these secrets to you?

So maybe you have a question like this rolling around in your mind... If I'm one of those guys who has learned the secrets of how to attract women, why am I doing this? Why am I going to reveal all of this to other men, when I could just keep it all to myself?

Hey, it's a fair question. The answer is because I was once just like you. I struggled with women. I was one of those guys in high school that was clumsy and got rejected all the time.

I didn't even figure this out in college, and instead I was in a couple of long term relationships with women I really wasn't attracted to.

Yes it's true! I was never a natural, and even now when people use that term to describe me it pisses me off, because

I worked my ass off to get these skills!
(but you won't have to)

Lance talking with a girl with SF Magazine
photographer in tow

Saying I'm a natural is like saying Tiger Woods is a natural at golf. Phooey!

Listen, I'm sure I didn't work as hard and as many years as Tiger did (after all I didn't start at 5 years old), but I've damn sure spent a lot of years of trial & error, and talked to enough women to fill a Brittany Spears Concert.

There are nights I specifically set out to fail. To test new ideas even if it meant a non-stop evening of 'blow outs'. I kept detailed notes and would repeat a technique until I knew it was a either winner or it was as useless as air conditioning in Antarctica.

That's how I was able to 'crack the code', and now you can too.

Here's just a small sample of the dirty little secrets you'll discover that society and 'natural ladies men' don't want you to know:

  • Why attraction is much more similar for men and women that most so called experts would have you believe (and how focusing on the differences leads you down the wrong path)
  • How even the world's most famous PickUp Artists and Dating Guru's have been focused on a DEFECTIVE model of how attraction works for women (You'll learn the process in a way that allows you to anticipate her next reaction before it happens)
  • The devastating 'Cycle of Failure' you learn as a child which causes the heart-stoping fear and pure panic as an adult when you get around attractive women. (It's like an invisible force field that PREVENTS you from approaching a woman)
  • Why you should NEVER have your friends introduce you to women they know (This age old method of meeting women puts you at a HUGE disadvantage, I'll tell you why)
  • The reasons why 'Naturals' are so much BETTER than the guys who over-analyze and treat meeting women like some kind of complex chess game
  • The most important criteria for WHERE you should go to meet women (hint: it's not where the most women are)
  • There is a time when "hi my name is ____ " is the only thing you should say (do you know when that is?)
  • The one scenario where a woman will almost always give you her number, yet I can almost guarantee you she's not attracted to you. (And I'll teach you how to test for this, so you can refuse her number and make her beg you to take it)
  • Why asking "where should I go to meet women" is the WRONG question. (I'll tell you the 5 questions you should answer instead)
  • The lame 'Proximity' opening method, and why it's the most common way guys creep girls out and destroy their chances with a woman (before they even open their mouth.)
  • The 2 DISTINCT phases of attraction every woman goes through (one everyone knows, and the secret one nobody ever mentions)
  • Why the 'one-size-fits-all' opening line actually PREVENTS you from meeting women (And the simple secret borrowed from the mail order business so you can be sure to capture her interest)
  • Do you know what makes a perfect 'opener'? (Discover the 4-step sequence you must go through for a Never Fail conversation starter)
  • Why the PickUp Artist's '3-Second Rule' is BAD ADVICE for most situations (If you've been approaching like a machine with no success, this could be where your problem is)
  • How to develop your 'Intuition' about women so that it acts like an information gathering vortex even from across a crowded room, so you will know exactly what approach will be the one to get her hot for you.
  • The 3 ways both Men and Women experience attraction that you MUST understand (and how to use this to give a woman the "He swept me off me feet" experience)

Here's your chance to finally 'get it'. To finally clear all of the bullshit out of your brain. Crap that has been spoon fed to you since you were old enough to realize that girls were different.

Now, you get to discover, the kind of personal success with hot women you've always wanted. This can be yours, with a few simple adjustments. But... the question is....

Are you ready for it?

This is like that moment in the Matrix, where Morpheus holds his hands out with the two pills. You take the blue pill (you choose to stay the way you are), when you wake up tomorrow your life will be exactly the same. You take the red pill (you choose to be successful) and take the first step on a journey that leads to an abundance of hot sexy women in your life.

Thing is, only YOU can make the decision. There ain't no fairy godmother gonna tap you on the head with her wand and make you Hugh Hefner living in a mansion with 3 blonde bi-sexual 25 year old women.

But with just a little bit of effort on your part, you can create a lifestyle that's better than fantasy. You can easily be dating (and sleeping with) multiple women, or just find that women of your dreams, IF you put into action what I tell you.

You can have CHOICE with women! That's what I offer you.

And all of this can happen very quickly. In just a few months or even less, you'll be the man that every guy wishes he could be. It starts here now with you taking the first step towards that goal. I'm offering you a proven path to your dreams, I guarantee it every step of the way.

There are 3 simple options for you...

The first and best option is only for men who don't want to waste any time, and are ready to jump in with both feet now! It's called the "Option #1: Accelerated Attraction Power Pack", and it's the choice you want if you're truly serious about learning the proven secrets of Magnetic Attraction that all 'Natural Ladies Men' use.

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You get immediate access to over 5 hours of me walking you step-by-step through this material, including detailed explanations of the fine points, and even a few of the exercises I normally only teach in workshops. Pop these mp3s into your favorite player or iPod and get started immediately!

PLUS you'll get BOTH AUDIO & DVD versions of Everything You Know About Women Is Wrong since I know that some people learn best by watching...but you can also listen when you drive around in the car so even if you have drive to work, you'll be able to keep sucking up these amazing secrets.

So here's just a sample of the kick ass content in this program:

  • The Evolutionary Attraction Trigger that is HARD WIRED into every woman on the planet (This is the single most powerful attraction mechanism, it's foolproof, and you'll learn how to make it work for you)
  • The Simple 2-step 'Tweak' to your approach that guarantees you'll always get a woman's attention (you'll never be ignored again)
  • The 'Break-The-Bubble' technique you can use in ANY social setting to interrupt a conversation with no-risk of anyone getting angry (This makes it easy to be the coolest guy in the room)
  • The 7 essential steps you need to follow with a woman you met in a social setting to avoid the 'friends' zone and get into the 'end zone'
  • The plain as the nose-on-your-face indicator of sexual tension that let's you know you're dead on target with your flirting (If you don't see this, you're wasting your time)
  • 4 easy variations that work with any approach that let you be in 'synch' with a woman's attraction triggers (This alone can triple the phone numbers you get that don't flake)
  • The common way most guys approach women in a club literally makes them 'invisible'... even when trying to talk to them. (I'll show you a foolproof method to prevent this from EVER happening to you)
  • How you can make ANY opener work, (and why this is the SINGLE most important pickup skill you'll ever develop)
  • 2 simple ways you can use your body to communicate that you're not needy (This is an INSTANT attraction trigger)
  • The 5 elements of an approach you must nail to make a powerful first impression (hint: not one of them has anything to do with what you say)
  • Brain-Dead Simple methods to easily add Sexual Tension in your conversations with women. (If you don't do this, you're doomed to be the 'nice guy' forever!)
  • The Advanced tactic of Leveraging a woman's emotions to inflame her attraction for you (I almost didn't release this one. It's like pouring gasoline on a raging fire)
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    Someone once said, "comedians get laid more than rock stars", how is this possible? The secret is in the stories they tell.

    It's a masterful way to demonstrate your personality, and to highlight your most attractive qualities, all while you are making people laugh and have a great time. Even a short story, when done right, can't help but get women attracted to you.

    You'll learn how to use PickUp 101's Story Generator Method to create stories that are so compelling, so funny, that women will forget about everything else and focus on you.

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  • Surefire Attraction Secret #3: "Banter - The Key to Building Instant Attraction"

    The amazingly SIMPLE way to become a playful flirt with women even if you can't tell a joke to save your life.

    Next you'll learn one of two MOST POTENT Attraction Techniques I know, the nitro-powered attraction accelerator I call 'Banter'.

    Banter is defined as "Good-humored, playful conversation" and "To speak to in a playful or teasing way." Most guys are terrified to talk to women like this, and that's a damn shame, since WOMEN LOVE IT!

    You'll discover why banter actually works better for building instant attraction than almost anything else we teach and how it's not only easy... it's FUN.

    When done correctly women will become attracted to you so fast... you probably won't believe it when you see it. In fact, the single most common problem my clients have when I first teach them how to banter is, women are attracted and the guy doesn't notice. It's a much better problem than not knowing what to say (and an easy one to fix).

    Believe me... you add banter to what you've already learned about successful opening, and your killer story, and you'll be unstoppable. Your friends will wonder how you do it. They'll stand around while you have all the women wanting to hang out with you because you're FUN to be with.

  • Surefire Attraction Secret #4: "Direct & Indirect Game - What You Need to Know to Make These Techniques Work"

    How to know beyond the shadow of a doubt, every time, no matter what the situation, which way to approach a woman to create the most INTENSE Attraction.

    You'll find out about the two most effective methods of approaching women, how (more importantly when) to use them, and which one is best for your personality.

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    After all, if you really want to master the skills for attracting women, it just makes sense to test out all the different options and THEN decide which one works best for YOU personally.

    Moreover, PickUp 101 teaches both Direct & Indirect Natural Approach methods in our workshop programs, so we are uniquely qualified to present a balanced offering of not only Direct and Indirect, but also the full spectrum of ways to approach in between.

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Here's a quick review of everything that's included!

Here's What You're Getting ! Value If Ordering Separately


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Listen, I realize that until you see it, you won't realize how thrilled you'll be. After all, there is a lot of pure crap being sold out there, and I've been burned before myself.

And I don't want you to worry that I'm just going to take your money and you'll never hear from me again.

In fact, my feeling is if you don't think this program doesn't absolutely blow your mind with the amount of myth busting, straight shooting real world facts about how the whole attraction-dating-seduction game really works... I don't want your money.

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You have six weeks to put what I teach you to the test. Study it. Learn it. Apply it. If at the end of six weeks you don't think this was like having the curtain drawn back to the secret lair of 'Natural Ladies Men', then contact my support team for a full refund.

I mean it. I have yet to meet a man that didn't have massive life changing success with women by putting into action what I teach. Not one


"The ONLY pickup business with integrity"
~ Neil Strauss 'Style' - Author of The Game (

"You guys really seem to understand customer service. I don't get that feeling from some of your competitors."
~ Jesse, Long Beach CA

In a nutshell, if this doesn't work for you. I don't want one penny of your money. I would rather have you feel like you are dealing with an ethical company and happy about your choice to do business with us.

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Also, if I have any questions, I'm just a phone call away from a real human who can help me out, since I can call the PickUp 101 support team on the toll free hotline at 877-742-5879 or 415-375-9544 (International) any time during business hours Monday - Friday.


Still not convinced?

Look I realize it's easy to be skeptical. After all, there are a lot of low life con men out there who will sell you a bottle of spray on hormones guaranteed to make women jump into bed with you. I hate to burst your bubble but it's more likely that you'll see pigs fly.

I'll never tell you what I offer is magic. Nope, what I offer is the truth and a promise. The promise is if you don't like it I'll give you your money back. The truth is this material works, and yes you'll have to put some energy into learning it and practicing it. That's why I offer support systems like the VIP program and the PickUp 101 Private Lounge.

Listen, I'm not afraid to let you have a look at what you're about to invest in, because I'm proud of this material, and I want you to be my next success story. I want you to send me big photos of you with cute women and a giant shit-eating grin on your face with Thanks Lance written in magic marker.

Check it out, I had one of my interns transcribe some of the material for you so you can have a taste of what your getting.

From Disc 2, Minute 7:

How to Keep Your Woman:

Scientists were able to show that your success as a male correlates very tightly with the infidelity of your partner - which is what I always felt. There are a lot of guys that I look at and just think "oh, I could take away his girlfriend if I wanted to." Because you can just tell, he's not generating attraction.

I really believe if you're able to generate real attraction in your woman... she won't feel attraction for other men. Remember, this is biological. We're talking about the biological attraction. So, for me this is an important detail.

Basically, it says that if you want to keep your woman faithful... duh! Be attractive! Become an attractive guy. Become the man that you're woman would leave you for.

How many of you guys think that if you were unhappy in a relationship. If you were married to a woman and you weren't that attracted to her. The sex wasn't that great. There wasn't a lot of passion; there wasn't a lot of fun. You were kind of working in the relationship for years, decades. How many of you guys think you'd have trouble being faithful to your woman? If some hot girl comes up? Right?

Now imagine this, you're married to the greatest woman you can imagine. Passion. She still looks hot. Your sex life is great. You're always attracted to her. Not that you don't look at other women, but you are still... there's so much anchoring that goes on with all this positive emotion to your woman. If you really had the ideal woman... How many of you guys think you'd be tested?

Q: "after how long?"

After how long... see when people ask that "after how long?", they're assuming the attraction's going to go down. It doesn't have to be that way. Because the how long factor isn't really that significant. What's significant is how much attraction you have for a person in the moment. I believe. And here we're showing real evidence that men of higher status are less likely to have their partners impregnated by other men.

So, I don't really like to quote scientific studies a whole lot. But, this is something that I've believed for a long time. And people pull out these books and say "no, you can't keep your woman faithful." So, I went back to the same books and said "No. Actually, you can."

If you learn to become an attractive guy, you can have the ideal relationship. You know, "family values" hasn't worked. But, I really believe becoming a more attractive man can work

The opportunity is there for any man to learn to be attractive. Especially for the woman you're with. And that's really powerful stuff in terms of controlling the relationship...

Sample from Disc #1, Minute 44: What Society Teaches

Sample from Disc #4, Minute 16: Practicing The Exercises

Look, by now you either see the benefit of this offer or you don't. Frankly if you don't feel as excited as a kid at Christmas to find out more at this point, then I'm probably not the guy you need to be learning from.

Listen, I'm a 'tough-love' guy. If you want to learn how to meet women, I'll go through hell & high water to make sure it happens. But if you want to whine about putting in some effort or spending a little money, then I can't help you. In fact no one can.

The cold hard truth is, I'm still going to have hot women in my life whether you do or not. I'm here to help you if you are ready for it, but I'm not going to beg you. There are men who drop everything and fly from all over the globe just to learn what I have to offer. Now you have the chance to do it from the comfort of your own home.

And frankly, a couple hundred dollars is just a drop in the bucket compared to all the money guys spend on buying girls dinner, drinks, and diamonds. I've had men tell me they spent over $3200.00 on a woman and didn't even get a kiss. I'm sorry but that's just pathetic.

Bluntly, I'm offering to reveal the very best ways of finding, meeting, and attracting exactly the kind of women you desire! But I can't make you do it.

The next move is up to you. I've shown you that this program is as risk-free as an offer can come. You and I know that if you've read this far, you're seriously interested in improving your life when it comes to dating, sex, and relationships. All that's left is to take action.




“There's so much information...”


I bought "Everything You Know About Women is Wrong!" about a year ago and finally had a chance to review it twice. There's so much information so I took my time over it. Lance was the primary instructor in the program, and he started with his view on our society is and how other people view dating, relationships, maybe some ideas you had when you grew up that you've been brought up with. And then he flipped it around.

He says, "Well, this is the general concept. This is what you've been told to do. This is what you probably grew up with. This is what you believe in. But has it really worked for you? Has it really made sense? Has it made you happy?" For me, not really. That's why I was curious, so I went through it a second time. And he says, "Well, no, that's not really how it goes, this is how it goes," and brought up some really interesting ideas about relationships and dating that he has developed through experience. Basically saying, "Look, I've tried this out, this is what works, this is what didn't work and that's why everything you know about women is wrong." [laughs] Because this is really more close to reality. It basically summarized for me that a lot of times we are too associated with images of what people say or things you've read, and you haven't really tested it for yourself. You're just following the crowd. That's another concept I got from Lance - just listening to some of his ideas - we're following the crowd too much. We're not really finding out what's real for you or what works. That would be probably the biggest thing I picked up out of that program.

When you buy the product, it comes with a workbook with good notes that you can make your own notes with so you can follow the presentations with the notes, which are basically the slides from the program. It also comes with an audio set and a DVD set. And what helped me was with the audio set, we're all busy we have things to do, you can pop that in your car or in some player somewhere or in your room and just listen to it. If you have access to a computer or TV or something, you've got the DVD program too. So it's good because you could use both, depending on your situation and what you were doing that week or that month or that day.

Out of all the products I've picked up, Everything You Know About Women is definitely a good starting point, and I say that because that is the program I started with and the other ones have built up on that. And the seminar is built up on that too. And Lance actually touches on a few topics that are brought up in Everything You Know About Women Is Wrong! but here at the seminar he went really deep, and I could pick up on it. I said, "Hey, I've heard of that before. How come I've heard that before? Yeah, yeah, it's in the program. Let me listen to this, because he's now going much deeper." It was my first program, I started with it, and I'd say it's definitely a good base.

Vishal - Tampa, FL

There really is a way guys like this can improve their game... and Pick up 101 is the WAY!

I would 100% recommend the classes to any guy who needs confidence, wants to learn what really works with women, wants to learn how cool guys act/dress, what stories to tell, how to tell what us crazy bitches are thinking...

I have a Master's degree in psych, so I was skeptical at first... but this course is based on serious tried and true practices... not bullshit.

So many of these guys have improved so much, it's really amazing to see!

Come learn to flirt!!

~ Nicole H. - San Francisco CA (from review at

Let me first say that I own many of PickUp 101's other materials including Surefire Attraction Secrets and Fearless First Impressions and was concerned that the Everything You Know About Women Is Wrong program might be a repackaged "best of" version of already released material.

After listening to Everything You Know About Women Is Wrong (EYK) twice in the past week, I can unequivocally say that it is a gold mine of insightful and innovative information starting from opening/attraction, leading up to rapport, building to seduction, while even including the often under-appreciated relationship management.

Lance has a way of smoothly weaving in fundamental core pickup concepts while integrating rarely discussed subtle nuances that are instrumental to generating attraction in the field.

Everything You Know About Women Is Wrong also thoroughly dispels societal myths of attraction and then re-educates by use of easily understandable, detailed examples.

Specifically, Lance's explanation of evolutionary and biological female attraction is mind-blowing and provides a framework to distinguishing the components of an alpha male from a beta male-not just historically, but in our current real world society. With this information, I truly believe that I can adopt the characteristics of a so-called natural, while being genuine and not having to employ tricks or gimmicks.

What truly differentiates this program from PU 101's other programs and most other pickup programs that I have read/listened to, is that it takes you inside the not just the male, but more importantly, the female mind and thoroughly explains how women actually perceive and experience all phases of attraction/pickup/seduction.

As a result, I feel that I can read/translate a woman's mind and know what to expect and anticipate during these phases and proceed accordingly. I'm already benefiting from the new material in EYK, as I just number closed a hot off-duty bartender working out at my gym by directly applying my newly tested deep and wide rapport skills to powerfully relate to her.

Bottom line - Everything You Know About Women Is Wrong should be a mandatory primer for anyone seeking to exponentially progress in the field and gain a comprehensive, practical understanding of emotional attraction from both the male and female perspective.

~ Zack - Montclair NJ

I bought Everything You Know About Women Is Wrong after I had been through the 'Physical Confidence' and the 'Art of Attraction' workshops, and other Pickup 101 products.

I was NOT expecting a whole lot of new material, but man was I wrong!

Lance goes through all the myths and misconceptions in all phases of courtship - from opening and attracting to rapport and seduction. And then tells you about the correct 'Naturals' way. Definitely a worthy investment!

The simplest thing that gave me an 'aha' moment was how to maintain a great relationship - remind her that you are Andre (alpha), and remind her that she conquered Andre. Great Stuff.

~ Shaun - Dallas TX

Many of us have been brainwashed by our parents and society to kiss ass and beg for women's attention. This is the way many guys see the world and it is difficult for those of us brought up in such ways to perceive such a dramatic change of view even if such a view offers a better model of the world.

However, when listening to Lance explain how he sees the world, I found it difficult to even contemplate going back to my old ways of thinking. My old ways of thinking just dont make sense anymore.

Growing up I didnt think I could ever possibly understand women. Now not only can I understand most social and sexual situations, but it is glaringly obvious what is going on.

~ Jason - Research Scientist, Chapel Hill NC

Everything You Know About Women Is Wrong is a must have for anyone looking to gain that complete confidence in being able to control their lifestyles with women instead of "getting lucky." Each step of the way is broken down for you with integrity and sincerity by Lance Mason.

What makes this product so different from the rest is not only do you get a step-by-step breakdown of the essentials from meeting a woman (daytime or nighttime) to closing the deal but you also get coverage in the next stage which is determining the types of relationships you wish to enjoy with women.

This program contains VERY powerful material which anyone can use immediately to improve their lives and get the results they are looking for.

Everything You Know About Women Is Wrong gives you confidence in knowing you can approach day or night in any situation and have various tools to generate attraction and get results your looking for. Beautiful women are all over and will appear in your everyday life, will you be ready???

~ Mark - Entreprenuer, New Rochelle NY

One of many epiphanies from the Everything You Know About Women Is Wrong seminar...

During the seminar, around 3 pm, the women I was dating in North Beach calls to tell me I "forgot my cake." Normally I would have been annoyed, blown her off and headed home, but because of the EYK seminar, I realized that she wanted to 'see me'.

So after the seminar, I went to her apartment, climbing the wooden stairs very slowly, clomping my heavy boots so she could hear me coming. When she answered the door, she was in lingerie!

I took another cue from Lance: spun her around, pressed her against the wall, and whispered 'nice' things into her ear.

The rest is nobody else's business...

~ David - Consultant, Oakland CA

Initially, my first reaction to the idea that there was this group of pick-up artists teaching skills to men who needed help attracting women was extreme skepticism. I have to say... they are truly helping men... the fact that they are turning around to help clueless men, and believe me there are plenty, is truly a good thing.

When I spent time in one of their courses I decided to go ahead and write an article about what they are doing.

In the beginning of the three-day workshop I attended, the students were nervous, meek in disposition and I couldn't imagine them having any sort of successful interactions with beautiful women. But I watched as they quickly transformed into comfortable, confident and likable guys.

By the end of the workshop I was *shocked* to see such progress.

If their students walk away from their workshops with a boost in confidence, then they have definitely been successful.

Because having tools and a foundational understanding of how to be an attractive man can be learned from these guys, but it's also having the confidence to follow through in order to be successful with women.

And from my experience with PickUp 101 students, that seems to be the case.

~ Kristin Curtin
Xpress Magazine San Francisco

If you're taking the time to read this review, chances are there's something about the interaction between men and women that somehow seems elusive, and that few people seem to be able to explain - especially the many so-called experts in relationships. Both men and women spend considerable effort, money, and time chasing each other--but without much success. And when success does happen, both sides chalk it up to luck, magic, or fate.

A rare group of men have attempted to systematically discover the mystery of relationships - especially how to create the relationship from the very beginning - and I've been listening to these "experienced guys" and trying different things for a while now. One important point stands out: with many of these guys, I get the feeling there's something missing to their view of the big picture of "how women work." Thankfully, there's a guy living in San Francisco--pretty near to me in Southern California -- who I believe "gets it" more than any other guy teaching right now: Lance.

How does the puzzle of interactions between men and women come together into powerful attraction and a strong, lasting relationship? Your answer to that question could make for either a lifetime of loneliness, or a lifetime of happiness--or even a frustrating vascillation between the two extremes: one year suddenly in love, the next year the same relationship dashed on the rocks, resulting in an emotionally destructive breakup or incredibly costly divorce.

The answer to how to create and maintain relationships is worth finding--and it's worth spending serious effort learning how to increase the odds of success. How does a man who has strong, successful relationships behave? What drives his relationships? Is it something he is, or something he does? Is it something he can express to others, or is it really just "magic"? Is it something he can create with new women frequently, or is this out of our control? If these successful men do exist, and if it is possible to become just as successful with women as they are, why doesn't everyone do these things? How is that men who are not successful in relationships miss these concepts--or may be purposely molded by others to be unsuccessful?

And most importantly, what is it that women really want? Wouldn't it be great to be the man who gives this to them--considering it's also what we, as men, really want too?

These are BIG QUESTIONS! Thankfully, I walked away with answers to many of these questions after attending the Everything You Know About Women Is Wrong seminar, plus some tools for creating my own success--tools which actually helped me just five minutes ago when I called to make a date for Sunday morning with a new girl I met in the mall last weekend.

Lance doesn't invent trendy acronyms or use confusing language. I also feel that he's a great instructor who comes from very positive, stable, and "mature" inner beliefs. His presentation uses simple, concrete concepts, and his final message is clear: listening to this seminar, any man should realize that he can grow to become exactly what women truly want; not what women /say/ they want, but what women really want, deep down. Lance will explain that this takes work -- but it can be done. Best of all, he describes exactly those bullet points that any guy can follow in order to get there -- bullet points that even summarize Lance's own rise-to-success story.

I know his bullet points work. But that's... another video...

~ Robert - Engineer, Santa Barbara CA


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