What Women Secretly Wish
You Knew About Fashion...

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Dear Friend,

The ladies have been talking about you. And what they want you to know will change your life overnight.

Here's The Story: For two years now, PickUp 101 has been doing personal fashion consultation at our workshops, teaching men the secrets of using fashion, style, and image to get women instantly attracted, and burning with desire to meet you BEFORE you even talk to them.

Word got out, and I've been overwhelmed with requests from men for fashion consultations. The reality is, I can't do it for every guy one-on-one, so I've created this fashion consultation course just for men only, on how to build instant attraction with women just by changing what you wear and over-hauling your style.

This program is must-viewing for any man who seriously hungers to understand how to attract women by using their love for fashion and style.

In plain English you get a detailed breakdown of women's powerful attraction to a man who understands fashion... their most secret yearnings to be able to 'show off' their man to their friends... plus a virtual step-by-step road map of the critical style 'hot buttons' that trigger their physical and emotional attraction. Everything that will give you (for the first time in your life) an almost unfair advantage over other men in dealing with women.

As men all over the world are learning, this is exactly the kind of "Fashion, Style, and Image Program" women have been praying you would discover. The tips revealed here will cause immediate changes to your life on every level as you impress everyone with your new found sense of style.

With this potent new information...

You will quickly be able to 'attract' women from the moment they see you enter a room

Women will be astonished that you understand fashion and style, and they'll be positive that you must have learned it from another hot woman. (You can instantly become the 'dream guy' she's been longing for)

You will never again be blind sided by constantly changing fashion trends

Avoid wasting money on clothes that are completely wrong for you.

And... you'll finally know how to consistently have an amazing look that's totally and uniquely yours.

Fashion For Men
Who Want To Attract Hot Women

In this program, I get down to business quickly and start with telling you about women's secret language of fashion.

It's important you understand this so you'll know what the key sub-communications are that you'll be sending with your new look. Plus you'll get why the attraction will happen from across the room BEFORE you even walk up to her.

Check this out - here's just a sample of what you're about to discover:

  • Simple ways to use fashion to keep women off-guard and burning with desire to find out just "who is that guy?"
  • The elements of popular fashion that trigger attraction in women (and which ones will turn a woman off)
  • How to shop like a pro without emptying your bank account
  • The elements of grooming that women always notice about a man (and the ones that turn women on the most)
  • The #1 secret for combining fashion with your identity
  • How to communicate that you're a man who is comfortable with hot women simply by the clothing you wear
  • The all important time-tested rules of fashion you absolutely must follow (and the only ways you can break certain of those rules that will separate you from even the most stylish of men)
  • The major reason you're not getting noticed in the way you want!
  • How to make sure you're the guy that all the women notice
  • How to burst out of a fashion-failure rut immediately... tapping into a new enthusiasm for your style you'd never thought you'd find in yourself. Simple ways to instantly boost your new look.
  • The secret rules of fashion for pick-up (gain an unfair advantage over even other guys in 'the game')
  • The ways to use fashion to emphasize your good points to the Max!
  • Maximize your strengths in order to attract the best women!
  • How to project confidence through your look, (no more worrying about competition from other men)
  • Learn how to pick out the 'right' clothes every time. (You'll save thousands in useless crap you'd just end up giving to Goodwill)
  • Get the most attention (and approval) from hot women (even your friends and acquaintances will have a new found respect for you)
  • How to send her unconscious signals, while her friends will instantly approve of you.
  • and much more...

Listen, one of the most powerful ways to get women attracted to you, is to send the message to them that you're a man who has women in his life. That you're a man who's comfortable around women.

You can communicate that message easily if you follow the advice I give you in this program. It works this way because fashion is important to women, and most guys are basically clueless and have no sense of style beyond which sports jersey to wear to watch the game.

I've broken this down for you in two important ways, first how to build your look step-by-step, and second by category of clothing such as shoes, pants, shirts, accessories, and even grooming.

And what's more, you'll get to see me do 5 full fashion consultations with different men on the third DVD. You'll get to be a fly on the wall as I take each man from typical guy with no sense of style (boring) to cool guy with his own unique look, custom tailored to his physical qualities and his identity.

Remember, When you combine a unique look that also enhances your one-of-a-kind identity, the image you project will have women wanting you to come over and talk with them. They'll already be attracted to you, so opening them is so much easier.

Enhance your attractiveness by developing your own style. This is extremely powerful when done right, but it can work against you if you get it wrong.

Here's What You'll Get
With This Program

  • Three digitally recorded and edited videos of me PERSONALLY teaching you everything I've described above (plus a whole lot more)

  • 63 pages of detailed transcripts to accompany the videos

Learning how to use fashion for attraction is a very powerful tool you can use to make women feel attraction for you.

Because I want YOU to benefit from this program as much as I've benefited from the incredible secrets inside, your total investment is only going to be 3 easy monthly payments of $97, or one payment of $247.

Rock-solid No-Risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee...
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You have six weeks to put what I teach you to the test. Study it. Learn it. Apply it. If after six weeks you don't think this was like having the curtain drawn back to the secret lair of 'Natural Ladies Men', then contact my support team for a full refund.

I mean it. I have yet to meet a man that didn't have massive life changing success with women by putting into action what I teach. Not one.

If you have any questions about this program, just email SUPPORT [AT] PICKUP101 [DOT] COM and I'll make sure you get an answer quickly.

Go click that link, and order now.

And I'll talk to you again soon.

Your friend,

P.S. This program contains exactly what you need to do to transform your whole look and start appealing to women in a way that most men will NEVER figure out. If you’re ready for an INSTANT INCREASE in your success with women and dating, check out this program immediately. Women will respond to you when you use this powerful knowledge. I guarantee it.

Raving fans love Dress for Success!

“People come up and tell you, "Hey, you're looking good today”


In Dress for Success, which I went through maybe six months ago, Lance goes through what he thinks fashion is all about and his ideas about it. It's eye-opening because it's things I definitely didn't think about before.

I have been interested in fashion, I have been interested in trying to find things that you like and make yourself look presentable in any scenario: social setting, business setting, career setting. So I have been interested in that and that's why I picked the product up - I was curious.

Lance has a way of doing this. He'll really break it down for you and say, "No, no, this is what really works, and if you're in a social environment interacting with people, this is what you want to do." Even though you're not there in the program, once he gives you that base of "this is what I think fashion is" and "this is how we've all evolved as far as how we want to look," he'll then take examples. I think it was four people he talked to and discussed dress with and then they sort of went through a makeover in the program. That was helpful because I think what I found was that I could relate to one of those people in certain ways and see what they thought, what Lance thought, and what the makeover resulted in, with what they felt was clothing suitable for them.

In "Dress for Success", it was...first of all - take a look at what you have, what you're wearing, where you've usually shopped, what comments people have given you about the way you dress. Then, what do you look at, what really draws your attention: Man, that person looks pretty sharp, or those are some nice shoes, that's a nice shirt. But then, why haven't you been wearing it? It's more matching what you have now, what you think you like or what you do like, and does that really fit who you are? It really came down to what fits who you are because when it was broken down in the program, each person's final dress sense was different compared to who they were.

Basically, I matched it to who I was and what I liked, really reaching out to others. I think now I ask a lot of opinions of people - people close to me, even some people who've only met me a few minutes or a day ago. And the opinion is, hey - we talk about clothing. We talk about their clothing, we talk about mine, and that gives me a kind of insight. But I've only been doing that after the program. After going through the program I definitely feel very confident about my dress. You actually have people... I've had this happen a few times, initially it shocked me - now it's fun because we can talk about it and get into it - but people come up to you and really will tell you, "Hey, you're looking good today." And it's not only been mainly in social settings, but even at work and business settings it's come up, because it transcends the social "meeting people" arena.

Vishal - Tampa, FL