You look up past your shopping cart and there she is…

Her angelic face… her breath-taking body… and then it starts…

Your heart jumps up in your chest like you just reached the peak of a monstrous roller coaster. You can feel your pulse beating in the back of your ears. Your stomach begins to churn with nervousness. The “rational” thoughts start…

“I don’t know what to say”“She probably has a boyfriend”“All these other people will see me if I screw up”“What if she gets mad?”

But only seconds before you keep shopping and let her get away. Moments before you do nothing and have to feel the regret... shame... and intense pain that will last for days because you didn't at least try...

It’s as if your body is moving itself. Your feet start walking. Your mind is racing. Your body relaxes and a confident smile parts your lips. As you reach her, your hand moves by itself and ever-so-lightly touches her elbow. She looks up—you’ve got her attention. Without you even thinking about it, 4 simple sentences automatically come out of your mouth…

Her eyes fill with joy, a luscious smile parts her lips and she turns her body to you. You talk for what seems like hours but it’s only 3 minutes. You both feel like you’ve known each other your whole lives. You set up a date for next week… exchange numbers… and it just feels right for both of you to give each other a quick hug before you part ways.

For a moment you can’t believe what just happened—you feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven. But then you remember it’s most definitely real

— And you infused these amazing attraction and rapport skills into your body in just 2 and a half short days!

Dear Friend,

You don’t need complicated routines, tricks, or scripts…

You don’t need to go to bars 4 nights a week dressed like a rock star …

You just need to know how to approach her -- wherever she is… and… form a rock-solid emotional connection with her.

With these secrets you’ll NEVER go through another dry spell again… instead, your life can now be filled with exactly the type of sexy, healthy, fulfilling relationships YOU want.

And I’m so convinced it’ll work for you I’ll Pay You $3,332.00 out of my own pocket if it DOESN’T work and you feel I’ve wasted your time!"


Tuesday, July 4th, 2007

Hi there...

Everyone is talking about Lance Mason and Pick Up 101!

Lance Mason founded Pickup101 and has been teaching men the secrets of meeting and attracting women for over 6 years now. Industry experts and satisifed clients can't stop talking about Lance Mason...

In The Media...

Other "Pickup" companies...

"Pickup 101 has some of the most innovative and powerful ways I've ever seen to build attraction with a woman FAST... and connect with her on a DEEP EMOTIONAL LEVEL."
-- David DeAngelo (


"They are great teachers with massive in-field experience. Their exciting new ideas have contributed to the advancement of our art."
-- Mystery (

My name is Lance Mason.

Today I want to share with you the same secret “system” I used to date as many as 5 to 6 women at a time (NEVER less than 2)… for over 8 years straight!

Not only that, but I met my current girlfriend now, using this exact same method… in the gym... and it only took 3 minutes to set up our first date.

It’s so powerful we’ve been dating for almost two years and we’ve not once had a single fight. Seriously.

And I did it all without…

• Going to night clubs, bars and parties…

• Using long, drawn out, scripted routines that someone else made up…

• And without being a great “pickup artist”… good looking… or trying to impress women with money!

In fact, this system will work for you, to create a world where you have an abundance of women and it doesn’t matter one bit if right now you’re...

• Totally clueless about what women really want, think or want in a man…

• Getting some results from the “pickup” information you’ve already studied…

• Just divorced or separated and want to get back into the game…

This system has been proven to work for nearly every “type” of man out there.

Here’s the HARD way to learn this stuff…

In fact, here’s my story: I wasn’t always this good with women. Not by a long shot!

All through high school, I was the classic “nerd”. I sat around and watched all the “jerks” and jocks get all the women I desperately wanted.

Oh I had plenty of women in my life alright… plenty of friends. Women who would cry to me about how they hated their “jerk” boyfriends—but couldn’t bare the thought of leaving them because the sex was just, “Sooooo gooood”.

I was always the nice guy who gave these girls, who I desperately wanted a shot at, a shoulder to cry on, then they’d go off and have sex with their “jerk” boyfriends again. If you’ve ever been in that situation you know how much it sucks. It’s revolting.

Then around the time I got into college I decided I wasn’t going to take it anymore. I was going to figure out how to meet women… get them attracted to me… and have fulfilling relationships with me even if it killed me!

So I started using the “trial and error” method…

I approached… and flirted… and tried every idea I could think of to meet women, get them attracted and date them. I was in college so this was all during the day time on campus… but… luckily I was a nerd and kept track of my progress—what was working and what was making me crash and burn.

It was HARD work. I didn’t even know there was a “how to pick up women community”. And I had no friends to back me up. I only had myself and the laws of cause and effect to back me up.

Trust me, you do NOT want to learn this stuff this way. Put plainly: it SUCKS.

Imagine trying to learn Kickboxing without taking any classes… without reading any books… but by just jumping in a ring with a prize fighting champ. That’s about how easy it is to learn by the “trial and error” method.

You get beat up. A LOT.

BUT… eventually… I got better. In fact, in 1994 I kept track of every woman I approached and found that 50% of the women I talked to would later meet me for a coffee or a first date.

That’s pretty darned good. That means out of every 2 girls I talked to, I knew, with mathematical (yes nerdy) certainty I would be going on a date later with at least one of them.

Of course, the fact that I was in a college campus environment helped a lot... but those are still pretty impressive odds-- and it just got better.

Around this time I made a rule for myself: I wasn’t allowed to date one woman at a time. This kept me approaching and meeting new women daily… and learning from each (sometimes painful!) experience.

It didn’t stop after college…

What almost everyone in the seduction community
is DEAD WRONG about…

After college, I was exposed to the “seduction community” in 2002 and thought it was pretty cool.

She's gorgeous, the type of woman that makes your heart skip beats... But she's eating by herself, thinking about her problems -- NOT about flirting... could you approach her with confidence, get her attracted and interested in you in minutes?

But, there was one huge glaring problem. Most of the stuff everyone was using was just a bunch of stuff to impress women in bars, clubs and parties… at night time… on drunk “party” girls.

Lots of psychology, some hypnosis, game-playing, some magic… a bunch of tricks really. Plus, almost everyone was using the same long, scripted routines. It was a very “one size fits all approach” which gave guys some success… but only on a small portion of women.

Plus, if I was hanging out with these guys in the “real” world and they saw a girl in front of them in line at the coffee shop… there was a real problem:

• They weren’t drinking… she wasn’t drunk… and it was the daytime in a place where it’s not usually socially acceptable to approach a woman—so they didn’t try to talk to her and missed out on tons of beautiful, high-quality women… or…

• They did try to talk to her, using the same scripted routines, magic tricks and games that worked so well at night at high-energy bars… only to totally weird the girl out and sometimes scare her off!

And that’s the problem!

Everyone was ignoring meeting girls in the day… day game. Which is a big mistake…

The 4 Most Convincing Reasons Why It's Easier, Faster, and LESS WORK to meet women during the day!

Convincing Reason #1: If not meeting girls in the day you’re not meeting the BEST women!

Could you approach this hottie at the supermarket and know exactly what to say and do to make her desire you... or will you have to let her get away and live with the regret again?

Contrary to popular belief, there is NO shortage of gorgeous women to meet…the kind of women you WANT to connect with… the kind of women you WANT to spend a romantic night with… the kind of women you WANT to have crazy, wild sex with… the kind of women you might even want to share your life with…

The problem is—you’ve been looking in the wrong place!

Although most adults go to bars every once in a while to blow off some steam—the high quality women… the kind of women you want to spend your time with… don’t waste every night drinking or dancing at bars and clubs.

And Comon’… admit it: You’re not just in this to get laid…

You Want A Hot Girlfriend, Who’s Fun to Be With!

Well, that may be the most amazing part of all this: The sexier, more ambitious, smarter women are really roaming around during the day—at coffee shops… bookstores… malls… etc.

My personal favorite is the gym and the grocery store: Sexy women HAVE to exercise and eat right…

And when you learn how to build real, genuine rapport—naturally and effortlessly—rather than a series of canned “routines” and other memorized material—you pave the way for a deeper connection that you can take in any direction you want!

Whether it’s a passionate series of nights together… a super-fun relationship, on YOUR terms… or even if you find the woman of your dreams and want to get engaged, this process will be absolutely priceless to you!

Convincing Reason #2: It’s convenient and it takes LESS time!

Unless you’re a full-blown alcoholic and nightly trips to the bar are a part of your daily schedule—going out to bars four nights a week is totally insane.

In far contrast, for a LONG time I met women at only two locations: the gym and the grocery store…

• I would go workout at the gym, get healthier every day and talk to all the beautiful ladies in tight workout outfits that NO one else had the balls to talk to… then…

• I’d stop by Safeway (a grocery store) on my way home to pick up something to cook for dinner. And with my baggy sweats, sweaty t-shirt, and messed up hair I’d meet women and get all the dates I could handle

Less than 30 minutes to get a new girlfriend!

In total I spent about 28 mins per day actually talking to women... a little under 3 hours per week… and I’d have a new girlfriend! Let me break it down for you…

She's beautiful and running past you--she'll be out of your life in seconds... unless you know exactly what to do to stop her... make her remove her headphones... and get her attracted...Could You?

I would probably talk to about 6 women a day in either the gym or the grocery store. With my experience I could tell which women I would NOT be dating later in about 2 minutes (either she wasn’t my type, or our personalities just clashed)… and that was usually 4 of those girls. So I didn’t waste my time and ended the conversation politely in about 2 minutes or less. So that’s 8 minutes gone.

Then usually 2 of the 6 women I talked to that day were really interesting… our personalities clicked… and I was interested in seeing her again. Then I’d keep chatting with her a little while longer and set up our first date quickly (remember, she’s at the gym or grocery store because she has something to do!) in about 10 minutes.

So I’d have 2 dates set up each day… which is about 12 each week.

Out of those 12 first dates, about half would go well and I’d want to see her again.

And out of those 6 second dates… about half would go well and we’d see each other a third time.

And of those 3 girls… I’d be able to pick and choose which one I liked best to continue seeing as one of my new girlfriends.

Now, that’s much more convenient don’t you think!

Convincing Reason #3: It’s Easier to meet even the HOTTEST woman in the day time!

Here’s just a sample of why it’s easier to meet hot women in the day time:

• Women are virtually “defenseless”: They’re not expecting to get hit on, so there are no defenses up – no “bitch shields”…

• There’s virtually NO competition. Statistics say the average man has had 6 cold approaches his entire life and that’s including drunken attempts at bars. There’s basically NO men approaching women in the daytime—so you have no competition.

• You get much more “credit” and she’s attracted quicker and easier by walking up and talking to a woman in the day time because she knows how hard it is… and that most men don’t have the balls (this sets you apart immediately as an alpha male!)

• You become her dream man right away: The hottest women get stared at… maybe whistled at… or have things like “shake it” or “hey mah!” yelled at them as they walk by men in the day… but NO one has the balls to approach them and genuinely talk and flirt with them. They dream about a man with the balls to do this—and suddenly you’re that guy and your whole world just got a lot sexier!

• It takes 1/10 the time to get a woman attracted during the day. At a bar, competing with loud music, her circle of friends, drunk guys and girls, and other pickup artists... it could take 20 minutes to attract a woman at night and start building a connection. But during the day you can easily do it in just 2 minutes!

• You waste absolutely no time going out to meet women, or "sarge"! With these skills you can meet women on YOUR terms... the whole world becomes "in-field"...

• And that’s just some of the reasons why meeting even the hottest, most quality woman in the daytime is so much easier than at night clubs!

But that’s not all, there’s also…

Convincing Reason 4: No tricks, No routines, No Games -- You get to bring out your “inner natural” much more easily!

One of the great things about day game is you don’t need a whole “routine stack” of scripted things to say, stories to tell, games to play or anything. You don’t have to feel like a fake or “sleazy” for using a bunch of material you read on the internet…

Do you know how to approach this girl at the bookstore... without her being uncomfortable... get her attracted and build a real emotional connection? We'll teach you!

In fact, when we teach you how to pick up girls in the day time the maximum amount of scripted material is 3 lines. That’s it! After that, it’s all about you and the girl… talking to her… finding out about her… sharing yourself… building an emotional bond… and taking things to the next level.

What we teach you to do is bring out what we like to call, your “inner natural”. That best part of you which is naturally attractive to women – we teach you how to bring it out and share it with women.

We teach you how to let the best version of yourself come out. You, just the way you are, with no embellishments or tricks – because no matter what success you’re having with women now, there’s an even sexier man deep inside you. And we’ll teach you how to let him out.

When you know how to do this, you become the man women have been dreaming of since they were little girls… the badboy hero of romance novels who can still make himself vulnerable in a manly, strong way to the woman he desires… and women absolutely crave this. They eat it up in fact, suddenly you’re the “catch”… and it all happens FAST, too—once you know the secrets.

Lance Mason & the PickUp 101 Instructors INVADE David DeAngelo's Man-Transformation Event!

What happens when CRASH David DeAngelo's most anticipated event, pull 3 guys out of the audience, (two of which have never done a cold approach in their life), and give them a THREE HOUR crash course version of our Art of Rapport workshop?

Then, What if you TURNED THESE GUYS LOOSE out into the streets of Santa Monica with some of the hottest, most hit upon women in the world?

Luckily, you DON'T have to guess.

We filmed the WHOLE THING:

Check this video to see this amazing story:

Here’s Why Building Rapport Is So Important…

Why is it easier, less stressful, and not as nerve-racking to meet a girl who is introduced to you by a mutual friend?

Have you ever gotten a woman’s phone number and then called her later (maybe more than once) only to never get a call back?

Why is it easier to share how you REALLY feel, your dreams, hopes and aspirations with your childhood friend you’ve known for years… and not the coworker you’ve only known for a short time?

The answer is RAPPORT.

It’s building comfort… building a connection… with women – an emotional connection.

For example: If you talk to a happy woman in a relationship and ask her what she loves about her partner, 9 times out of 10 she’ll say something along the lines of, “I don’t know… we just have that connection…”

And it’s this emotional connection that women crave. They want, they DREAM about a strong, confident, attractive man who can open himself up emotionally… reveal his vulnerabilities with strength… and connect to them on an emotional level.

She's the woman of your dreams--but she's with her friend at a quiet coffee shop-- what's the best move? We'll teach you!

The reason why we put day game and rapport together as one workshop is because during the day time (as you’ve seen) it’s generally easier to get a women attracted to you. In fact, it can happen in as little as the 5 seconds it takes to walk up to her… look her in the eye… and give her a sincere compliment (complimenting her works this powerfully ONLY if you do it right like we’ll teach you!)

After she’s attracted, you NEED to build rapport. She’s ready. She wants to know who this attractive, confident man is… she wants to figure out who you are REALLY… not just your name, rank and serial number.

If you can make her feel like she’s known you a lifetime… and you can open yourself up and make yourself vulnerable to her emotionally… she’ll feel—she’ll know—she can open herself up to you and be vulnerable to you with her body in other… sexy… ways.

Rapport is so important, if you can’t build it—no matter how good you are at generating attraction you’ll NEVER be able to get sexual… or even intimate with her.

And if you’re looking to build a long-term relationship, it’s all about building a strong, deep level of rapport… an emotional connection. And we’ll teach you exactly how it’s done…

Why You Can NOT “Get” This System From
a Book, Audio, or DVD Course…

Unlocking your inner natural… discovering how to attract women, build rapport with them and get intimate is something you do 99% with your body. It’s a physical skill. Which means you have to learn it physically…

“Pickup” is a physical skill—like martial arts. For example, if you pick up a book written by Chuck Norris and read it cover to cover and even practice the blocks, kicks and punches you see in the illustrations in the mirror… you’re still not going to be a black belt when you get done.

Most likely, if you stepped in the ring with a black belt trained by Chuck Norris personally—you’d get beat down—and FAST too!

Like martial arts you need to actually go out “in field”… talk to real girls… get their reactions… try your techniques… and learn from it all.

That’s also how you get real good, real FAST. I’ve personally seen guys who have been “in the game” for over 2 years… they’ve read all the ebooks, bought all the DVD courses… but when they come to one of our 2 ½ day workshops – they experience success equal to or greater than the previous two years combined!


Why You Need a Coach To Take You
To The Next Level…

Nothing can match the power of having a good trainer…

Once you learn some simple techniques… you see how easy they are to apply… you watch “normal” guys get almost instant success with them… your “mental blocks” (the only thing stopping you from making it happen) come crumbling down.

Plus, as you work your way through real-life approaches, our instructors will quickly help push you past any of your sticking points…

No judgment… you’ll never get dogged for trying or not trying… we’ll want you to succeed, PERIOD.

Fact is, we put you through the same exact process that every one of us had to go through in order to get wicked good with women.

But you’ll be on the fast track, an accelerated process, because you’ll avoid all the trial and error we had to go through

Bottom line: At some point, nearly all guys need some expert, in-field coaching.

Best of All…
You’ll Get These Skills
In Just 2 ½ Short Days!

Most guys think stopping a gorgeous woman walking... on her cellphone... in a hurry... and getting her interested in you is impossible. But in just 2 1/2 short days you'll have these super-skills infused into your body!

UNLIKE martial arts, which can require years of practice before you become proficient… you can “get” these skills fused into your body in the short time of only 2 ½ days!

UNLIKE martial arts, you won’t get knocked out if you make a mistake with a woman… in fact, it’s surprising just how little you have to do right in order to make women want you.

Part of the reason is due to our unique format. This isn’t just a seminar where you sit down and take notes while listening to us lecture. Heck No! The “listen while I lecture” part of this workshop lasts a total of about 1 and a half hours over the course of the entire weekend.

The rest of the time you’ll be running through drills and exercises and techniques with your fellow classmates. Making sure you get this stuff hardwired into your body…

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll discover over the weekend…

• How to go from complete stranger to intimate lover in the day (one of the secrets to day game is it’s so much easier to get a woman home with you that day!)

• How to take everything that’s working for you at clubs and bars (or the information you hear about) and smoothly transition it to work in day game…

• How to build a deep emotional connection (rapport) with a woman you just met – in minutes. (This powerful information can’t be missed no matter how serious a relationship you want with women)…

• How to go direct and indirect when approaching a woman in the day time… and… how to discover which one works best for you!

• Exactly how to “vibe” with a woman in a way that makes her feel totally comfortable, like she has known you for years…

• How to set up your first date within 10 minutes of meeting a woman…

• Our secret strategies for preventing women from flaking on the first date…

• How to use the incredible, “Atomic Bomb”, power of ‘The Movie Moment’ to approach the hottest women with so much power and intensity she’ll be left speechless…

• How to meet women in virtually every scenario: bookstores, libraries, walking down the street, gyms, sidewalk cafes, coffee shops, grocery stores, public transits, restaurants and even how to stop a woman in a rush, with sunglasses on, while talking on the phone or listening to her iPod!

• Plus much, much more!

Then we’ll take you out into the “real world”… and you get to do live approaches with real women—and get expert feedback and coaching on what you did RIGHT and what could have been improved!

No More Excuses, No More Chickening Out
-- Guaranteed!

You know as well as I do, when you go out with friends or by yourself, it’s all too easy to chicken out. To make excuses why you won’t go talk to that girl.

No more excuses! That gorgeous girl shopping won't stand a chance against the incredible "ladies man" skills you'll learn from us in just days!

We’ve all done it.

And we end it for you, once and for all. There’s a positive to every women you approach, no matter what happens. But this is a hard fact to live by, and excuses usually take over.

We’ll break you of that habit once and for all, and when you get back to your real life—you’ll finally have the right mindset hardwired into your brain…

You’ll just keep on approaching, have fun no matter what happens… you’ll get better and better with each time… and best of all, your results will show it! Women will respond to you differently… they’ll vibe with you on a more sexual level… and your options will go through the roof.

What’s It Cost To Learn From Us Personally?

With this special workshop format, the Art of Rapport, it’s a lot less than you’d think…

You see, each of the Pick Up 101 instructors charges a minimum of $400 per hour for coaching… and… I charge $1,000 per hour.

Considering you’re getting 2 and a half days, about 25 hours of teaching time from us –you’re getting at the very least $10,000 worth of teaching time from my instructors!

Would you pay $10,000 to discover how to meet women anywhere during the daytime… and build a deep emotional connection with them in 10 minutes or less?

You should! Because these skills we will “speed-learn” into your body in just 2 and a half days will last you the rest of your life. $10,000 is pennies compared to what you’re discovering… How to create the emotional connection that allows you to enjoy hyper-romantic, sex-drenched fantasies with as many women as you desire!

The good news is you can lock down these skills for the rest of your lifetime and the price isn’t anywhere near $10,000.

You’ll pay only 6 easy payments of $447 (or if you want to save us the bookkeeping hassle and pay the entire amount upfront, we’ll give you a $100 discount – only $2,582)

Only $0.72 Cents Per Day?

Let’s break down why this will be one of the best investments of your lifetime…

I have no idea how long a “lifetime” is for you, but let’s use 10 years as milestone (with any luck you’ve got many more years left!)

At $2,582 that means these skills which would last you the rest of your life only cost you $258.20 per year… $21.52 per month… $0.72 per day!

That’s not even one tenth the cost of the smallest sized coffee at starbucks...

Heck, It's not even ONE-THIRD the cost of a gallon of gas!

But the price is irrelevant anyways, because you have a…

Iron-Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee
-- Plus $750 dollars if you feel
I've wasted your time!

“I’m Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is
To Guarantee You’re Satisfied!”

You don’t have to decide now. All I need is for you to say “maybe” and give this program a good ole “college try”…

Come to the Art of Rapport workshop, stay for the whole thing… learn all our secrets about building deep rapport and connections with women… discover our fool-proof techniques for meeting women in the daytime… for three whole days!

And if by the end of the last day you’re not completely satisfied with the skills and knowledge we teach you. Simply let us know and we will refund 100% of the money you paid, no hassles, no problems.

Plus, I will even pay you $200 out of my own pocket – Just for wasting your time… and… if you flew from out of town, I’ll cover the cost of your airfare and hotel room too (up to $550!)

That means I'll not only refund your entire tuition... but also pay YOU $750 out of my own pocket just for wasting your time!

I can't possibly make it any easier for you to know exactly how to approach nearly any woman in any situation during the daytime… attract her… and build a deep, emotional connection with her.

You risk NOTHING.

I’m putting ALL the risk squarely on MY shoulders by letting you come to the workshop and check it out for two full days… and prove to yourself it’s really as remarkable as I say it is—if it’s not I’ll pay you $750 for wasting your time!

Of course, you’re probably going to be so thrilled with what you learn that you won’t want to leave even if I offered to pay you, but it’s totally up to you.

What you get is the opportunity to review the whole a one-of-a-kind workshop totally on my dime. You won’t find these secrets being taught anywhere else.

Oh and one more thing…

If, during the six weeks following your workshop, you find that the techniques are NOT working for you, just contact us and we will help you work with them until you get it right. Our experience is that literally ANY guy who works with us to apply this material can make progress and eventually get the results he wants.

On the other hand, if you do work with us immediately after the workshop and you honestly feel that you used what we taught you and just could not get it to work, then I'll pay you double-your-money-back for up to six months after the workshop!

Note that this is NOT a license to take the workshop, do NOTHING for six months, and then come back asking for a refund because you are not dating supermodels. We believe our program is the absolute best of its kind, and will allow you to get success with women in the EASIST way possible. It is NOT a magic pill, however, and if you do not follow up with what you have learned then this workshop (or ANY workshop) will NOT give you the success with women you want.

Listen, I'll be honest here... I don't want to give you your money back. I want you to be getting dates, and getting laid. I don't want you to ever think about using the guarantee because your too damn busy trying to keep track of all the women in your life.

I'll even make this simpler for you, because...

I’m Committed to Making Sure You “Get”
These Skills…
So I’m Gonna Follow Up With You
To Make Sure It All Sticks!

What often happens to guys who attend transformational seminars like ours (or any self-help seminar) is they have a breakthrough weekend—and then when they get home to their real life… they stop doing the things they did to get results… stop acting… and stop progressing.

I’m committed to making sure you keep improving… every day… for the rest of your life. It’s what my company is all about… that’s why I’m going to give you two free continuing education “bonuses” because you’re signing up right now:

• Continuing Education Bonus #1: 3 Weeks of Follow-Up Group Phone Coaching! Every Monday you’ll get on the telephone with your Pick Up 101 instructor to discuss your progress… what you did to get better this week… and what you need to do to take your skills to the next level.

This is called accountability – and it will keep you on track because you won’t want to tell your instructor “I did nothing this week to get better with women”… so you’ll have more fun pushing yourself each week to make breakthroughs and impress your instructor (we love to hear your success stories!)

This is the equivelant of graduating Harvard Business School and having your former professor call you each week to see what you’re doing to build your business… and giving you insider advice to explode your results.

At the current rate instructors charge for phone coaching this is a $197 value per week… A $591 VALUE… but… it’s yours free because you’re reserving your spot at one of our workshops today!

• Continuing Education Bonus #2: 3 Weeks Access To Our Exclusive Advanced Pick Up 101 Lounge!

Our Pick Up 101 Lounge is a world famous internet forum where you’ll be able to post your progress… read your classmates successes and sticking points… ask our instructors for help… share ideas and just generally brainstorm and mastermind how to get better with women.

Students find the camaraderie they build with their classmates last long after the workshop and continue in the Pick Up 101 Lounge when they give help… get help… and keep each other motivated to keep progressing.

Access to our exclusive Pick Up 101 Lounge for 3 weeks is a $67 value… but it’s yours free because your signing up for a workshop today!

Here’s The Easiest Way In The World
To Reserve Your Spot At The Next
Art of Rapport Workshop

Dates Workshop/Event Location Reserve Your Spot
Choose Later Daygame and the Art of Rapport Choose Later Reserve Now

In our short time together today, you’ve seen the proven results and life experience behind the Art of Rapport workshop... you’ve met dozens of customers and heard their success stories.

Now, it’s time for you to decide.

The simple fact is, if any university in the world had a patented workshop and proven system with so many benefits, they’d charge an arm and a leg for it.

But for as little as just 72 cents per day, the Art of Rapport workshop just may be the best bargain you’ll see in your lifetime.

Please remember — you have absolutely nothing to lose by accepting this generous offer. You’re completely protected by our 100% money-back guarantee. In fact, if you think I wasted your time after the first two days of the workshop I’ll even pay you $750 out of my own pocket!

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You’ll be on your way to experiencing a life of total freedom, choice and abundance when it comes to women.


Lance Mason

P.S. FAST RESPONSE BONUS: I almost forgot… you don’t have to wait until your workshop date to start learning these skills, as soon as you sign up we’ll send you our pre-workshop materials for you to get started right away—(You could be approaching women with your new skills in as little as 3 hours from now!):

Raving Reviews From Our Students:

“Pickup 101 by far had the most positive message.”


I went to a Seminar... (and) Pickup 101 by far had the most positive message. I was extremely taken in by that. I saw the presentation of Sean in probably January, that would be a guess, but I didn’t take the workshop until May. I was debating the entire time. Should I really do this? It’s a lot of money... Then I was like… I want to kick the tires a bit.

It was in AOR. It was the end of the second day. We had come back from Georgetown, Washington D.C. over to Virginia across the bridge. Daniel looked out the window from our hotel. Said, “There’s a cute girl. Somebody go talk to her right now.” I looked around. I looked at myself and I went “Damn. Daniel means me.” So I get up and I run across a pedestrian bridge to the other side of the street. She’s on the opposite side of the street. So I’m going to have to run across this bridge and then run back across the street through heavy traffic to talk with her. However, God decided to be on my side that day. As I ran across the bridge I lost sight of her. I get down to the bottom of the bridge and I think “Ok, where is she?” She walked to the other side of the street. So I was going “OK. This is going to work.” I go up to her and I say “Hey, can you stop for a second? She did. “Can you tell me where the Starbucks is?” And she starts talking about the Starbucks. I’m like “Look. You know what? I don’t even like coffee, but I like you. I saw you through the window of the hotel and I thought you were really cute.” She just lit up like a candle. It was one of the most wonderful experiences that I have ever had. Her name was Anna, and she had some of the most gorgeous blue eyes I have ever seen.

To have the guts to do that… ten years ago, no way. Even two years ago when I first found out about this new way of thinking I still wouldn’t have done it. There’s no way I could have done that. That was the highlight of all of them by far. There was all sorts of other good stuff but that was the number one thing by far, was Anna.

They don’t just talk the talk. They walk the walk. They are extremely personal. They want you to succeed. They really listen. They pay attention; pay extremely close attention to you and point out all you strengths, all your flaws, and give you some specific stuff to focus on so that you can make as much progress, in a short period of time, as possible.

The single biggest thing that Pickup 101 has given me is that my life isn’t anymore about, “Oh, I messed this up or screw this up.” “Got to do this differently this time.” “Don’t do that again.” It’s “I can do this.” My life is about an endless series of opportunities and new experiences to tackle. Even when I am having a bad time, all I’ve got to do is remind myself of that. Remember it’s about opportunity and new challenges. That’s what Pickup 101 has done for me more than anything else.”

Niel - Washington, DC

“If you really want to get this part of your life handled, this is an awesome program”


I have not run across a group of guys that want to see you succeed more than these guys and who are more behind their students than anyone out there. Also, to have the women there; their feedback is awesome as well because it's from the source.

Chris - San Francisco, CA

“After looking at every program out there, I think that this Pickup 101 is the one. If I would have had the choice to go there first, I would have been to this program first.”


And before I would go out to all these parties and have fun and everything. And I would think, "Dude, what the F......Why the hell am I still alone?" A lot of people, they teach similar stuff, but the way he puts it you really feel it and you actually apply it.

If anyone is thinking about taking any other workshop, I would suggest take this one. I have spent a lot of money on workshops, but this workshop has it all.

Harsh - Bombay, India

“If you are.. Recently Divorced, trying to Reconnect with the Dating Scene, You Can't Beat This”


Before I took Art of Rapport I wasn’t opening girls in the daytime at all. Since I took the workshop I’m able to open just about any girl I see. Sometimes there’s still a little bit of hesitation, but I’m getting over that.

The reason I choose Pickup 101 is that it did seem to be a much more natural style, something that I could connect with. I’d been out of the dating scene for probably eight years or so. Going from being in your late twenties to late thirties was a pretty significant social change. Being the age I am, it was much more important for me to be in control of how these things happen. It was time for me to step up and take control.

I saw a tremendous change... The guys in the workshop were a broad range of guys and every single one of them had transformed really significantly by the end of the workshop. It was pretty amazing.

The number one benefit for me is I’m able to walk out in the daytime and open any pretty girl I see and feel confident about it; that it’s going to be successful. That makes a big difference for me.

I think if you are a guy that found himself recently divorced, trying to reconnect with the dating scene, you can't beat this; getting you reconnected, dating again, and enjoying yourself.

The workshop has allowed me to open women in the middle of the daytime, where I wouldn’t have done that before. It allows me to pick a variety of women and have a much richer choice in the women that I might want in my life and that’s a tremendous difference.

Adam - Seattle, WA

“I was incredibly skeptical when I came to the seminars, even just to sit in. Then...”


I have never seen anything like this before. It's extremely helpful. It's well worth the investment, both in time and money, to take the course. But you have to experience it on your own and through your own eyes to figure it out.

Bruce - Art of Rapport Attendee

“It just totally blew my mind, because it had never happened to me in my life”


...Pickup 101 has definitely improved my situation. I’ve met great coaches, there's a lot of material... It’s wonderful to be with a bunch of guys who are sharing extensive knowledge, extensive experience. They give you the best they have encountered in their collective experience.

I think it was the first day in Art of Rapport. We went out to a shopping mall, and we were simply meeting attractive women. I saw this beautiful woman and I just simply approached her using some of the skills that they taught and instantly it worked. It just totally blew my mind, because it had never happened to me in my life where I had approached a very attractive woman in the mall. You know, meeting someone not through a friend, or not the normal way but in a totally new way. It opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

There’s just so much that happens. You learn material. You go through drills. You exercise them. Then you go out and they coach you in these kinds of situations. Then you get feedback. It’s just a very intense interesting, but fun incredible experience where you learn a lot. You learn so much about the way and possibilities of meeting fun, interesting people. You learn tools that you can use in any situation.

Pickup 101 is special because I have gone through many many years of my life getting nowhere, and Pickup 101 has totally turned me around to new possibilities, and given me skills that have made an immediate difference in my life. So that’s why I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Is it financially worthwhile to go? Does it make sense to invest in this? I would say “Yes, definitely.” Because I’ve spent the last, I don’t know, I’m embarrassed to say how many years of my life I’ve let go by without handling success. What is more important than this area? Yes, it’s important. Absolutely! I make enough money. Anybody can make enough money to where you can handle something that’s this important.

Rich - Washington, DC

“If it bothers you that you can't talk to women, that's a pretty good reason to take this workshop.”


There are teachers there and apparently he went through a lot of things I have been going through. So I was able to relate to him and he would give advice on how he was able to progress through these issues.

Edward - Art of Rapport Attendee

“I just feel like I am more of an outgoing person and I can connect to that person on a deep level.”


The information was not esoteric. It was very digestible. Lance was just trying to bring out the qualities that you had as an individual so you can be a better person when you relate to people in general; girls in general. Sure, we are here to learn to get better with women, but I feel that this whole Art of Rapport is just going to make your life better. And I recommend it to all my friends.

Jeff - Art of Rapport Attendee

“There were some of the things that happened in this particular seminar that... had to do with learning. Things you do to help retain what you've been taught.”


If you come to this class, you are not going to be sitting in a classroom for four or five hours absorbing information and then you go out into the field, thrust out their, and you go, "I can't remember anything I did!" It's going to be like, "Here is what we are teaching right now. Now let's practice it. Then we will teach you a little more and practice that." Each time you retain a little bit more and you get a little bit more knowledgeable and it builds on itself.

Joel - Art of Rapport Attendee

“I was incredibly skeptical when I came to the seminars, even just to sit in. Then...”


I guess I always had this image of myself being a fairly shy guy, and not a very social guy. I’m still in the process of working with that. The Art of Attraction workshop gave me something to actually work towards; where as before I was just stumbling around in the dark. I had no idea what I should be doing. I was just extremely stuck without any guidance there. The Art of Attraction removed that. I still have a lot more work to do for sure, but I know what steps to take. I know what to do.

I did (an approach) in a bookshop. I had to be encouraged to make this approach. However that wasn’t too difficult to get over it, it was just more a point of saying “ok now I know what to do” What do I do? Walk up and basically… I’m trying to think it’s not 'be myself'. Fine, it is 'be myself'. Do what comes naturally. I did what came naturally. What came naturally was a very nice conversation, quite a long conversation. I knew more from the people watching me saying, “That was pretty good.”

The other one was that we had the 'hottest girl challenge'. We had to engage the hottest girl that we saw all day. Believe it or not, I actually did it. This was on the second day of the challenge. Standing in the line, standing in the queue waiting for a drink, I just turned to this girl and started talking. It was all very natural. It didn’t seem to take any effort or having to get past any sticking points, it just flowed.

I found the Pickup 101 instructors all very encouraging, but not pushy.

Pickup 101 workshops are the most specific I have come across in the important areas. They deal with the nuts & bolts, but more importantly, the right nuts & bolts. I’m thinking specifically with the way we communicate with our bodies.

If you want to really learn how to get this sorted out go to Pickup 101.

David - Western Australia

“I've been saving up money for about a year!”


Compared to reading stuff... You have to go out to the field to actually learn and apply the stuff you learned. Going out with the guys from the Lair helped me a lot, but it was not a period of three days of nothing but straight up pickups. So that actually has improved my game.

Jeff - Art of Rapport Attendee

“The structure is really designed so that you can learn.”


I am really excited to have taken this workshop. It's the kind of thing I wish I could have done several years ago. I have been interested in meeting women, picking up women, developing rapport with women for many years, and to be able to practice and learn this kind of material in a very structured environment with incredibly talented instructors who cannot only talk the talk but walk the walk, it was a great experience.

Max - Art of Rapport Attendee

“Pickup 101 is like getting the best advice from the coolest guys in high school.”


It's like having an older brother who is one of the coolest guys in high school lay down the rules of interaction for you.

I had perhaps the most successful interaction I've ever had with a woman in my life, in terms of someone I just met on the street; someone who I assumed would be way out of my league. And what is amazing is that she's thrilled to meet me!

"Michael" - Art of Rapport Attendee

“It really gets to the core of what I've been struggling with: relating to women and being able to be more comfortable around women in social group situations.”


The instructors are fantastic. I really like the way the guys coach people one on one on a personal level. It's so important to have somebody understand you and see where your stuff is and where your sticking points are and to go from there.

Wolf - San Francisco, CA

“In the last six weeks I've gotten about 10 girls' numbers. And that's probably about 10 more than I got in the last couple of years before that.”


When I used to go out in the past it would just be me going out and hanging out with the friends, you know, leaning on the wall, have my beer and just get drunk and that was about the end of our night. Now I'll go out and I'll open sets and I'll talk to women and I have everyone laughing and they are grabbing me and it's great.

Dan - East Bay, CA

“What I learned from this workshop was how to be comfortable with women”


Well, what makes programs look good are the instructors. Especially Lance. But also the people that they have gathered around. They are all high caliber instructors, but these guys have incredible insight and an incredible teaching style. And they have really imparted years and years of education on me in a real quick short period of time. It would take me 10 years to get to this level, if ever.

Jeff - East Bay, CA

“I Have Choice With My Life Now...”


Since I took Art of Rapport, I became more social with people. I have more friends, both male and female. I have a choice with my life now: what I’m going to do next. I was skeptical myself; so I would understand. It is counterintuitive ideas and therefore it is very difficult, if you don’t understand the concept, to believe. It took me several months to get into this position, so I totally understand the concern. The issue is that they really uncover important underlying causes of certain behavior that is totally lost in our society. It is vitally important to regain them. This knowledge unfortunately cannot be found. It has to be taught. It’s a special skill that has to be taught. The skill got lost. I think that Art of Rapport provides the opportunity to learn this skill.

The way the exercises were performed in the workshop in this group setting were very powerful.

It’s a learning process because it is very counterintuitive. It goes against the society, against the culture. The beauty of it is that I saw it works. I saw that other people do it. It gives me a frame of reference that I never had before. It is a unique company that gives us men our power back; which is great. I think men and women are tired of the current situation. I feel that it’s long overdue.

I would say that life is too short. It’s better not to waste another day or weeks. I would sign up right away. If somebody says that Art of Rapport is too expensive I could say that divorce is more expensive, and I’ve been through divorce.

Lenny - Washington, DC

“My social life is dramatically improving!”


If you are struggling or stuck in your dating then you probably need to do something different and you probably don't know what you need to do differently. Or, you bought a whole bunch of E-books and stuff, but it's a real different thing to practice it. This workshop really tied a bunch of things together for me. It actually connected to other stuff that I'd learned.

"Michael" - Art of Rapport Attendee

“I didn't think I would learn that much... but they blew me away!”


The way they really teach you how to connect with people, and connect at a level... I don't think there's anyone else who teaches that aspect - blew me away. The way they teach you how to connect with people... I can't think of any product that can do that for you.

Raj - Washington, DC

“I had a lot of trouble expressing my feelings... The Art of Rapport really gives a structure to how to do that”


One thing that I found really instructive in the Art of Rapport was being able to express to a woman that I like her. I had a lot of trouble with that because I'm a very (at least I like to think of myself as a) strong person, and don't want to make myself vulnerable, so I had a lot of trouble expressing my feelings and say, "Oh, I like you."

The Art of Rapport really gives a structure to how to do that; it gives a formula, and that formula is finding out deep things about a woman, and conveying to a woman what you like about here specifically from what she tells you. So you've given her a reason why you like her, so it's not nearly as awkward as just opening up from nowhere.

Art of Rapport Attendee

“It's more natural than anything else I've read”


The instructors were very supportive, and if you want something demonstrated... You tell them, "Hey I want to see how it works to approach a whole group of women at a table," then BOOM! They would just go & do it.

If you're fortunate enough to have a father who did all this stuff for you... God bless you, don't take a workshop. If you didn't, like 99 percent of us, take a workshop... You won't regret it.

Walter - Calabasas, CA

“I told everybody I had 'Triple A' Disease, which I call Acute Approach Anxiety.


Believe it or not, in the period of the last couple days I have approached 25, 30 women at least. I was able to actually walk up to a woman, talk to her, actually get engaged in a conversation. And I've never, prior to this, been able to accomplish anything like that in my life. And it's like, "Whoa. This actually does work. You actually can say it. And it actually does get results." It's amazing.

Rick - Reno, NV