This Is Amazing

I just got the following email from David Wygant, the original real-life “Hitch”:



you are going to love this free bonus.

did it the other night……i am a master at this shit:)

had 3 going at the same time and kept the best one!!

let me know what you think.

i also added in a play by play breakdown for the guys to really show the why and how.

this is going to kick ass!!!



David is usually not one to exaggerate, but frankly his email was so over the top I wondered if he was starting to loose it a bit… Still, when I opened the attachment, I have to say I WAS impressed.  He had included a FULL SMS transcript of a conversation he had with a hottie he found at 10:30 pm on of all places.

Not only was the ENTIRE transcript there, but there was also detailed notes on the key points in the interaction that allowed her to feel comfortable to meet him in front of a closed-up Starbucks in the middle of the night and follow him home for a night of fun.

It’s nothing short of a serious step-by-step guide to getting a girl from SMS (or, as I prefer, phone texting) to your house in about 20 minutes, even if you barely know her.

(by the way, the handles and phone numbers have been changed here, but David did call me to give the girls REAL profile and let me tell you this girl was smokin’)

You see, I had told David I wanted a special bonus for my VIP members but I have to say David seriously over-delivered this time, even if he was a little bit late. I can’t let you see David’s detailed explanations of what he did since David and I agreed that it would be a bonus only for those who took action and got his full interview.


I decided David wouldn’t mind if I gave you a little taste of this amazing interaction.

Here’s a taste or two:

10:32 – lanysoul says:
are you ready for my confession?
10:33 – PICKYONELA says:
o.k. tell me…
10:33 – lanysoul says:
your playfullness is really turning me on right now
10:34 – lanysoul says:
but being a rational person
10:34 – lanysoul says:
i am thinking we should just meet for coffee first don’t you think
10:35 – PICKYONELA says:
is starbucks open this late?

10:58 – PICKYONELA says:
mmmm…you know my coffee has gotten hotter and creamier since I
hit my 30′s. I really enjoy having a few cups…not just one
10:59 – lanysoul says:
its early we could have a few cups and still have plenty of time to
snuggle in between our coffee sessions;)
11:00 – PICKYONELA says:
i like a man who likes to snuggle after coffee

To see how David GOT to this point in the interaction, and to hear about the final conclusion, go to and scroll down to the bottom of the green box.


P.S. – In honor of David’s excellent work, I’m extending the deadline to get David’s VIP interview by one more day. Get our full interview rushed to your door just for the price of shipping when you agree to give my Surefire Attraction Secrets a test run.

The order page says this offer expires on Sunday still, but I’ll leave the links up until midnight tonight – Trust me when you see more of the transcript you are going to want to get the FULL interaction along with Davids detailed explanation.See more on

And that, my friends, is only for the Mason Men who take action and jump on this chance to learn more from David, and to try out my Surefire Attraction Secrets, for just the cost of shipping:

Either way be sure to check out the SMS script – it really is some pretty cool stuff…

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  1. Tim Nelson says:

    that is amazing