How To Gain A Woman’s Interest


How can I gain a womens interest and speak to her on a deep sensual level?

Antony, London UK

This is really two VERY different questions. To gain a woman’s ‘interest’, that’s what attraction is all about.

I’ve covered attraction many times, but let me sum it up quickly.  Attraction is about the FIRST IMPRESSION.

In the same way that a woman in a tight jeans or a mini skirt, instantly gets you attracted, your first impression can and DOES have the same effect on a woman.

The first impression is about communicating confidence and that you a man who is comfortable around women.

I did a full day workshop called Fearless First Impressions which went into great detail on this topic.  It took a full day because the first impression is so IMPORTANT.

Thing is, it’s actually easy to make a powerful first impression.  I see men do it all the time during the field work on the first day of workshops.

If all you did was change your body language, you’ll be amazed at the difference in response you’ll get from women.

Now for the second part of your question…

To “speak to her on a deep sensual level” is a combination of deep rapport and seduction.

But she MUST first feel attraction for you, or you’ll come off as creepy, and blow it with her big time.

I’ve discussed deep rapport in past articles, so I won’t go into here.

Sometime soon, I’ll be digging up the best of the dating success tips, and put them all on the blog so everyone can go back and read them.

For now, here’s the takeaway for you.  Focus on building attraction with women.  It should happen in 3 minutes or less.  Be sure you TEST so you’re not guessing.

Then isolate her and go into rapport.

When you can do that consistently, it’ll be easy for you to be as sensual as you want with her.  In fact, she’ll be disappointed if you don’t.

Hint: Women Like SEX as much as we do.


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One Response to How To Gain A Woman’s Interest

  1. mohamed salah says:

    hey lance!
    There is somethin that i want to point out, i think ur a great man for wut ur doin. I think every man would love to be in ur shoes for a week or somethin. Just to let u know, i am an egyptian citizen, i live in ( cairo). So its kinda different here since girls has different beliefs!!! and there not as much into one night stand or flings as in san fransico or in the states in general. So how can i initiat rapport if women here are a bit closed minded!!!!!! or lets say they are not well educated sexually as in the states; so she wouldnt know if im experianced or not because they lack knowledge in that area. So how can i approach a girl if she doesnt know anything other she’s attracted to me or she thinks i’ m cute . I just wanted to give u the picture here cause i dont think u visited cairo or not , at the same time i want to hear wut u’ll respond will be for that matter. Thanks