STOP! If you’re thinking about what you’re doing, you’re probably doing it wrong.

Hey guys, I’ve got a blog post on Body Language from Ladies Man extraordinaire and long-time head coach Asher.  Take it away, Asher!


Hey guys,

Asher here, I’m one of the head coaches here and have been running workshops for over 5 years, and also been talking to clients on the phone *every day* for most of that time. (Well, not the weekends.  Those are for workshops, or if I’m not working, ME.)

One thing I’ve noticed is that guys are all hung up about their body language.  The thing is, they’re right.  You *should* care about your body language.  It makes a HUGE difference in how you’re perceived.  (Not just by girls, by *everybody*).  If you don’t already know this, you’re either new here or haven’t been paying attention. :P


(and this is a big BUT)

They’re totally blowing it most of the time.  Every time a guy tells me about his body language, it’s within the context of some interaction with some cute girl that he’s totally interested in.   What’s wrong with this, you ask?  Here’s the thing: If you’re thinking about your body language while interacting with a girl, you’re not paying any attention to HER!

If I need to explain to you why this is bad, we probably need to talk.  (Email me about an evaluation call…)

Hopefully you get it.  This is retardedly bad.  Imagine some guy in a boxing ring thinking, “Ok, keep my guard up.  Throw a jab. Keep my wrist straight. Keep my other hand up.”  He’d be toast.  That stuff needs to be *automatic* for him to have ANY chance at success.

This is the point.  If you want your body language to make a good impression on a cutegirl, it has to happen automatically.  Seriously, auto-pilot needs to be driving your body.  You need to keep your attention free so you can pay attention to HER!

So how do you do this?  Simple. You do it just like the boxer; you train.  Think about it, a boxer is going to learn how to box BEFORE he gets in the ring, so by the time he’s there, he doesn’t have to think about it.

Body language is an easy one to train because of one simple fact: You can do it by yourself.  This isn’t true for flirting or having a conversation.  If you’re doing that by yourself, you’ve got problems. ;)

Here’s the trick.  When you’re at home, alone,  pay attention to your body language.  This is the time that asking yourself questions like, “Am I taking up lots of space? Is my spine straight? Am I relaxed?”  When you get up to grab something from the fridge, walk cool.

This is exactly how the workshops work.  When you’re in the classroom with your coaches, you’re training.  We can give you feedback and make sure you’re doing it right.  THEN we go outside, and not a moment before.  Anything less would be irresponsible.  That’s like sending somebody into the ring with Mike Tyson without making sure they can box first.


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What women look for in a guy…

K. is 19. And HOT. I mean, walk-down-the-street and cars veer off the road hot. And she enjoys it. She’s the kind of young girl that makes men happy just to look at.

She was the perfect girl to get this secret from. What are the caliente chicas really after?

“Yeah, not what you are supposed to look for. I mean, really, what gets you a little hot and bothered?”

She looked down at the floor, then back up at me, and smiled.

“You know what I really look for? A normal guy. A normal guy… with nice shoes.”

“That’s it?”

“You have any idea how hard that is to find?” she asked. “If I could just find that, I would be the envy of every girl in the world. Yep. That’s the top of the heap right there.”

Normal guy with nice shoes. Huh. You’d really think it would be more detailed than that, or maybe like the guy would have to have a chiseled six-pack, or drink a certain light beer, or drive the Batmobile.

But normal guy? Nice shoes? That’s it? Anyone can do that, right?

Well, yes and no.

See, when it comes to getting babes, lots of guys think it’s really hard.

The truth is, as men know, that getting girls is either easy, or next-to-impossible.

If you know the things that women look for, it’s easy. But if you don’t, you can work and work and work, but you’ll never get the choice with women you want.

See, girls live in a different world than we do. It’s nice there… it looks pretty, and smells like flowers and bath salts.

Among these finer things that make up the world of a hotie, fashion is at the top of the list.

Women use fashion to establish and maintain the social order. And the more status a woman has, the more critical the correct fashion is.

A hotie needs a guy who looks right. When she looks at you, she immediately knows how she will feel going places with you and showing you off to her friends.

If you don’t look like you can dress the way she wants, the way that fits her life, she can’t take a chance on you.

She needs to know that you are the kind of guy who dates girls like her. That’s how she knows you will be appropriate to her. She wants someone who matches. Why?

Because then you will understand her.

Girls do not want to waste time explaining to men what’s important. No one wants a fixer-upper. They want a house that’s already really nice and comfy and clean, and they can move right in and start showing it off to their friends.

Make sense right?

There’s one other little secret about shoes that NO ONE else knows, but I’ll tell you, because, you know, I like you and want you to do well.

She looks to see how clean your shoes are to figure out how clean you are.

Shoes are basically the clothing analog to good grooming. Just like your body, shoes need to be MAINTAINED to look good.

It takes a bit of care and patience to keep good shoes looking great, and that says a lot about how you take care of yourself…

AND… you guessed it.

How well you take care of others in your life as well.

She’s thinking about what it would be like to sleep with you pretty much from the start. But she’s also thinking “will it be fun and crazy and sexy, or will it be gross and slovenly and uncomfortable?”

Guess which one she’s gonna pick if you’re wearing beat-up, smelly old sneakers?

So what to do?

If you don’t know fashion, start asking. You don’t have to be Project Runway-level expert, but you can’t make mistakes.

Every guy makes them. I used to. And that’s why I put out my Dress To Impress Program and actually taped the process of giving 5 guys a fashion make-over.

The Dress For Success Program

I took all my years of experience and put it into this DVD set, so any man could watch and finally understand what his style has been telling women all these years.

If you don’t know what your style says now, you need to figure it out.

After all, K. is still out there looking for that normal guy with sweet zapatos.

And you know the first thing she’s looking at, and it’s not your bank account.

Get your style on and go meet some women!

Your friend,
Lance Mason

P.S. – You, mi amigo, are losing women every single day because of your clothes, your hair, and your look. Your clothes can get you laid, or get in the way. Right now, you are losing girls to guys like me who learned how to dress. Get fixed up NOW with my Dressed
for Success program and never lose out again:

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Both of these products come with a special bonus interview with Brad P. supplies limited.

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The Secret To Halloween Hookups!

The Secret to Halloween Hookups

Time is ticking down to one of the BEST Holidays for meeting women…  Find out the 11 Top Tricks & Treats to make your Halloween a Night to Remember!

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