"Are you TIRED of LEARNING about meeting women?

Can You Really Learn More About Meeting and Attracting Women in Three Days of Professionally Supervised Exercises, Field Work, and Personal Feedback...
then in THREE YEARS of Reading
E-books, Watching DVDs, and Trying to Get Results on Your Own?

From the desk of
Lance Mason

Dear Friend,

Hear what our customers have to say about the Art of Attraction Program...

"My feeling about PickUp 101 is that they have prepared a lot of material that is well structured and well thought out, and they care about the success of their students."
-Russell, Software Engineer - Palo Alto CA


"Honestly, I can not fathom how this information has escaped so many of us for so long. In a matter of days I’ve learned skills that are easily as valuable as anything I learned in four years of college..."

-Ben, Architect - San Francisco, CA

If your reading this, then you are probably aware that there are a lot of companies and individuals offering in-field training for meeting women.

You're probably also aware that these programs are a BIG investment in terms of time and money, and that not necessarily everyone who signs up for these prgrams gets the personal attention and proffessional guidance they are looking for.

So what sets us apart?

In this letter I'm going to tell you a little about what happens in the workshop, and what WON'T happen. I'm also going to include some comments from guys who have taken the workshop, and I'll even provide you with a few links to workshop review websites for unbiased 3rd party opinions.

And if that isn't enough, I'll give you a toll-free number so you can call and ask questions or you can ask for a couple of phone numbers of guys who have taken the workshop, so you can have a one-on-one talk with them about their experiences and if it made a difference in their success with women.

You see, I want you to be informed BEFORE you decide.

I designed this program to shortcut your learning process. It took me 7 years to figure this stuff out... you can learn it in 3 intensive days. BUT ONLY if you are willing to commit and PRACTICE what I teach you.

Let me start by telling you what you don't need in order to attract and date hot women, and some things you might have heard about that you'll NEVER find in my teachings.

Here's what you do NOT NEED
to be successful with women

  • You do NOT have to memorize complex language patterns that are unlike anything you would ever say to a woman.

  • You do NOT need to learn to be like someone else who is good with women. Becoming confident with women means developing your own style, and we can help you do that.

  • You do NOT need to wear crazy outfits like some deranged rock star, buy $5000.00 Italian suits, or dress 'metrosexual' like one of the guys on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

    More importantly you do NOT need to dress 'younger', EVEN if you happen to be interested in younger women.

  • And most important... you ABSOLUTELY do NOT need to be DISHONEST or manipulate women in any way. We got into this buisness because we LOVE women and

More Stellar Reviews:

"I got a lot out of the workshop. Probably the most important thing is that each of us has areas of our personality that would be really attractive to women if we would recognize them and then choose to feature them. I'd been reading and learning so much, it was getting overwhelming. This workshop helped reign it all in."

-Jason, Software Engineer, Palo Alto, CA


"You can't help but be changed - probably in ways that you can't even comprehend."

-C.P., Investment Analyst- San Francisco, CA


"I'm 315 pounds and not very good looking. I'd almost given up on the chance of dating a woman of real quality. I was that guy you'd see in the corner of the bar watching other guys get all the girls.

That Saturday night of workshop I took a beautiful girl away from a 'frat boy' type... We had a great time.. I made her night, and knowing that I can do that... That made my life!"

-Andy, Web Developer, San Francisco


"The instructors are really good at giving feedback in a positive, supportive way. This is especially important in building a skill that relies so heavily on self-confidence, and the instructors seem to understand this. And the other participants were all decent guys. A supportive camaraderie quickly developed among everyone, instructors and participants, to the point where I soon felt I was with a group of buddies. The energy from everyone was consistently positive, supportive and helpful."

-Gene, Telecom Consultant, Oakland, CA


"To use the word transformation would be an understatement for what can happen in this class environment. I'd taken a lot of other workshops. The big difference is, these guys would work with you individually to find what really works for you. It was incredible, beyond what you could imagine. We're talking, from being able to not approach a little old lady in the street to hold a small conversation, to being able to point to literally the hottest woman in this club, and I would have no anxiety, no problems, just go right up and start talking to her. And as incredible as that sounds, it was that breakthrough that I needed. This is really now, after three years, this is actually the beginning for me."

-Will, 33, Graphic Artist, Los Angeles, CA


Thank you for all of your coaching and encouragement this past weekend at the AoA workshop in Miami.  I easily could write several pages about my experience, but I will just give you some of the highlights.  I went into Friday with a totally open mind about learning all that I could from the coaches and other students.  After the classroom work I was pumped up about going out in South Beach. 

Thanks to your support and guidance, I met a very cute gal from Ohio and we just hit it off right away. We flirted, danced and generally had an awesome time.

On Saturday, we spent the day reviewing Friday's experiences and learning a ton of new information.  You continued to challenge me and send me to new highs.  As a result, I had an absolute breakthrough that night.  My approaches quickly improved and I was stunned by the effectiveness of my newfound knowledge, not to mention the 3 separate cute girls I made out with on the dance floor that night!

I can't say enough about the coaches and my classmates.  I learned so much from everybody and I was proud to be a part of such an incredible group of men.  I made friendships last weekend that will last a lifetime.

Clearly, there is no substitute for personal coaching and in field experience.  Reading and watching DVDs gave me the basics, but what I learned last weekend from the coaches and my fellow students could never be accomplished in print or on the screen. 

-Andrew, Miami, FL


"I've taken other seminars and bootcamps before, and this is by far the most rewarding.."

-David, Consultant, San Francisco, CA


They have the same basic strategies for everyone to follow, but they let you play to your strengths. It's not a matter of creating a clone army that runs amok and babbles the same stories to every unsuspecting passerby... They really work at making you comfortable and confident in your sociability before sending you out. They are not only great instructors, but genuinely social and friendly guys who you can totally picture talking shit over a beer and a football game on a Sunday afternoon, as well as pulling the hottest club girls on a Friday.

That's the kind of versatility I wanted to enhance in my game... the idea that you can be a normal guy, but be such a great normal guy, and know how to put it on display and communicate it, that women can't help but be attracted.



I totally recommend this workshop for anyone. It will tighten up an intermediate level's game and it will teach a beginner what needs to be done.

I love the fact that this was a small group. there was a lot of individual feedback. the openers were customized to the person. I totally recommend this workshop for anyone.

-Nick, San Francisco CA


"I'm 53 and I think the most amazing thing about doing the Art of Attraction is that when we went out [in the field] I had more fun and more success than I've ever had in my life."



This isn't about mimicking "canned" opening lines or trying to become a carbon copy of the instructors. There was a strong emphasis on developing an approach and technique that fits each individual. Each person is coached on coming up with an identity and an image that they feel comfortable with and that is likely to work for them. Rather than trying to turn out pick-up artist clones, the instructors clearly believe their mission is to help you discover your unique inner value and convey it effectively to women. I found this approach to be very empowering.

-Gene, Telecom Consultant, Oakland, CA


I've grown immensely as a person who has confidence with women and who commands women in a respectful way.

I have so many stories that are wild in the last year that never would have happened had I not worked with them.

If you aren't capable of getting numbers that don't flake all the time or aren't getting dates regularly, PickUp 101 is definitely where you want to be.

-Rob, Financial Advisor - San Jose CA


A Woman's Perspective:

"So, the first time I heard about PickUp 101. My number one reaction was SKEPTICAL.

I personally thought that it's a joke. And then, I see how it works, how cool the instructors were and I think this workshop actually does help the very many CLUELESS guys out there.

It's not sleazy at all.

They really teach you how to be confident and how to be comfortable with yourself and how to work your game. I can think of a couple of guys who could benefit from this (people I know). If you have the money, you should try it. Who knows, it might change your life."

-Iche S., Berkeley, CA


I just wanted to tell you guys, that the way Raquel told her story - I got it - in a way better than I have after 17 years of marriage.

My wife has been trying to tell me the same thing forever, but I guess I never heard it this way from her. We've been separated now for about 2 years, which is why my feelers picked up PU101. You're not just teaching how to be a PUA, but rather an entire language! I see this as my beginning to finally learning Venetian - Martian Style! I'll be joining you soon as a new student with FFI & AOA, not just for my love life, but for my professional life also. Thanks so much for the tips and persistence...



The PickUp 101 instructors, are not just excellent pick-up artists, but also very cool, very real guys. Their insight that pick-up is a blend of stand-up comic's playfulness and vibing the room the way a DJ does made so much sense. These guys know what they are talking about, and at the bars you get to watch them get phone numbers from hotties with your own eyes.

-Jason, Computer Programmer - Sunnyvale CA


I would love to join you guys and help spread the good word about AoA. That weekend in May changed my life, and I owe you and Sean big time. Since AoA I have attracted 100's of girls, connected and dated about 20, and seduced 6 all the way to a sexual relationship. I love my life right now, and feel that every guy should exeperience this feeling.



Thanks again for a great weekend. Despite being exhaused and burnt out, I still couldn't help but make an effort to be friendly, open, and fun with everyone I've talked to since. The motivator is picking up girls, but the results are making *everyone* around me happier. I can see that. I'm glad. Its nice to be on the winning side of karma. You did a great job, by the way. Regardless of all the fun, I really felt it was organized in a responsible and professional way that made me feel like I got my money's worth. I know you're the man who made it happen. I'm a satisfied customer.

-Sean L., New York City


Yesterday, after about 5 minutes of total fear I approached a girl I assumed to be a french model - the hottest girl I've seen in months. Turns out she was Russian. Four hours later we were walking through Paris hand in hand, half the guys in Paris staring at her as we walked past. Webanterd (she was good at it) we connected. It was vintage AOA and AOR, only pretty spontaneous.

Unfortunately I'm off to Munich today so I can't see her again, but after the happiest day I've had for probably years, I thought of you guys who helped me get there. It was awesome!  I hope you're back in Oz sometime and we catch up again. I still wanna be an instructor! :)

-Erik, Australia


The workshop was great. It was a great experience. All of the instructors were very professional and the value was just awesome. An awesome experience.

The weekend was great. All of the instructors were knowledgable , and professional and helpful. And they were easily approachable. And when we were out at night, they were always there to help. We could always talk to them.

A friend had told me: any opportunity that I have to learn with masters, I should take advantage of that opportunity. And so this time I said, “I know I like these guys, I know that I'm going to learn a lot and I have to do this. I have to do this for myself.”

-Steve, SF, CA


Attraction in 3 minutes (or less)

When you take the Art of Attraction workshop, you'll spend almost 40 hours training what to do in the first 3 MINUTES of meeting a woman.

That might sound a bit like overkill, but the truth is if a woman doesn't find you attractive in 3 minutes (or less), it ain't likely to happen!

That's right, the 'hang-around-till-she-likes-you' model does NOT work. And when I say attraction, I mean she forgets that ALL other men even exist. That she'll do anything, make any excuse to be with you.

When you know what to do, this kind of attraction happens fast, and you CAN make it happen with the women you want to be with.

I call that having CHOICE with women

For me, having choice with women is the ruler by which I measure your success. And I fully expect you to have a lot of choice in just a few months if you practice what I teach you.

Notice I didn't say right away, I won't lie to you and tell you it's going to happen overnight, because it won't. But it can and does happen for men in just a few weeks to a few months. Worst case scenario, it'll take you about four months of regular practice to fill up your schedule with all the dates you want.

The good news is, we have an exclusive follow-up program to make sure you stay on track to meet your goals.

The revolutionary 'Active-Learning' method exclusive to PickUp 101

When I first started teaching men how to attract women, I quickly noticed something very important. I would lecture about how I did things, give some examples, and then take the guys out into the field. This was the method of teaching that I had seen used in other workshops, so I figured it was the best.

But I noticed that ONLY about 45% of the guys were having any real success once they left the workshop.

This really bothered me, so I set out to change the way I taught until I found a way that would work for every guy who was willing to follow my instructions and practice what he learned.

It took me about a year, but I developed a COMPLETELY NEW way to teach men how to meet, attract, get rapport, and seduce women...

You learn by DOING, not by listening

It seems so obvious when you think about it. I mean you don't learn how to dance, snowboard, or play music by listening to a lecture. The only way to learn physical activities is to actually DO them.

From the moment you walk through the door at workshop, you'll be repeating exercises that literally install the skills in your muscle memory. There is an old saying that "repetition is the mother of all learning", and that's what you'll be doing.

It's like learning to play guitar, you do your scales every day, and you improve FAST. You teach your muscles and your brain what to do, and then it becomes an unconscious activity. Just like when you learned to walk, you get to a point where you no longer have to think... you just do!

I've created a series of step-by-step exercises that teach you each critical element of attracting women. Each exercise builds on the last one, and before you know it, you've got skills that only maybe 5% of all guys have. With a few weeks of practice you can move into the top 1%.

I'm not kidding about this either... 99% of men won't approach a woman in a club or anywhere else. You'll be doing that repeatedly the FIRST NIGHT of the program!

Just a Drop-In-The-Bucket of What You'll Learn

Simple tools you can use EVERY DAY to strengthen your inner game and give you unstoppable confidence

The 100% foolproof 'ATTRACTION TEST' you can use to know exactly when a woman is totally into you.

How guys 'leak' their lack of confidence and chase women away (and how you can easily stop doing this once you realize what it is)

How to avoid the 2 'Classic Mistakes' guys make when trying to talk to a woman that shuts them down before the first words leave their mouth.

The A psychological trigger you can use in the first 30 seconds of meeting a woman that tells her you attract A LOT of women

An incredibly simple way to give yourself a STRONG SEXUAL PRESENCE that all women notice

How to take advantage of the competitive nature of a woman and make her want to get her hands on you NOW... before another woman has a chance

How to easily get her friends to think you're the best thing that's happened to them all night (If her friends don't like you, they'll drag her away to 'save' her from you)

Bullet proof methods for opening a conversation, whether she's alone or surrounded by guys that look more like Pro-Wrestlers than computer geeks.

7 easy Touch Triggers you can use to make any woman INSTANTLY feel comfortable with you.

How to turn the worst blowouts around and have even the Ice Queen laughing with you.

The 3 most powerful attraction methods that women simply can not resist

The one thing you can change about the way you move that will automatically DOUBLE your attraction with women

A simple 'safety net' you can fall back on in any interaction with a woman (never be without something to say you KNOW works)

How to 'flirt' with a group of women so that they all KNOW which one you are interested in (and even get the others to help you)

The 3 key elements of Electrifying Touch (miss any one of them and you'll come off as a 'creepy guy')

A simple way to change your facial expression that makes you look 'sexy' to a woman

How to make a KILLER first impression that will have women attracted to you BEFORE you ever say a word.

The simplest yet most powerful body language "tweak" you can make to signal CONFIDENCE and POWER to a woman you have just started a conversation with

and much much more....

You get non-stop personal attention

The FIRST thing that happens in every workshop is we get to know you, and this isn't just so the instructors can be sure to call you by the right name. No, this is because I want to find out what will work best for you!

This is NOT a 'cookie cutter' program where I try to make you fit into a mold and make you a Lance 'clone'.

Your experience over the three days will be uniquely tailored to your style. There are a basic set of tools, but they way you use them will be specific to your personality.

Just like in golf, everybody uses Irons and Drivers, but no two people have the exact same swing when they hit the ball. And frankly, if you tried to make them all swing the same, it would screw them up.

Start learning the moment you register

This is more than a workshop, it's a program designed to get you RESULTS. That's why it's fully guaranteed by not one but TWO Ironclad more-than-money-back guarantees.

So how will this happen for you? It starts the minute you reserve your space in the workshop. You'll receive 7 Special Reports written by the PickUp 101 senior instructors a homework assignment (yes homework), and a copy of the PickUp 101 Banter Cards.

You'll want to dive right into the special reports so you'll be ready for your Pre-workshop Coaching Call. Your call will be scheduled 5-10 days before the workshop. This is your time to review the homework assignment, ask any questions, and begin your final preparation for the Active Training portion of the program.

Soon the workshop will start with introductions, and finding out what your goals are for the workshop. Each man is an individual, we want to know all about you as an individual so my expert team of instructors can determine exactly what will work best for you both during the workshop, and what you'll want to focus on after it's over.

Learn the 'Essential Skills' of the Naturals

Then the Active Learning starts! You'll be doing a specially designed sequence of exercises that literally 'burn in' to your body what to do and what to say.

You start with one small piece, such as how to stand, and you'll practice it under the watchful gaze of your instructor until you get it right.

Then you add the next piece and the next piece, and before you know it... Voila! You now know exactly how to 'open' a conversation with a woman, without breaking a sweat or having your voice crack due to nervousness. It will no longer matter to you if she's alone or in a group, you'll know how to come in smoothly and start a conversation every time.

Over the three days you'll go from 'newbie' to finding your 'inner natural' that makes you attractive to women.

Here's just a few of the pieces you'll be practicing during the day:

How to use 'confident body language' to generate attraction even from across the room.

The proper way to use your hands to hold attention in a large group that doesn't freak women out or make you look like an orchestra conductor.

The subtle stance change that prevents you from coming across as 'needy', and makes women want to get closer.

How changing the pace you walk can double the number of women that turn and watch you enter a room, and think to themselves "Hmmm I'd like to meet him"

How to deliver an opener so that everyone hears you, even in a loud club, without shouting, being a rude bastard, or begging for their attention.

How to use touch to make anyone feel comfortable, even if you just met them.

The way to instantly determine the leader in a group of women and how you can make sure she doesn't drag your girl away.

A simple trick to isolate a woman in seconds without ever having her friends come to 'save' her.

How to deal with women that 'test' you, and even how to use a 'blowout' to your advantage

The secrets to having a fun playful conversation with a woman within seconds of meeting her.

Exactly how to build a 'routine stack', how to use it, and when to keep it as backup

How you can deliver a story that will hold any crowd spell bound, just before you tell them the belly busting punch line.

and much more...

Remember, you won't be just taking notes on these fine points, you'll be DOING them over and over till you've got it and we know you won't forget it when there's a real live woman in front of you.

And speaking of real live women... we take care of that too, as you'll get to

Practice with PickUp 101's wing women

No matter how much we teach you, and tell you what a woman finds attractive, there's nothing like getting it straight from a hot girl.

You'll take what you've learned and in simulated approaches, you'll get to practice what you've learned with real women during the daytime training. Each of them will give you their honest feedback on what you did well, what you could do better, and in some cases where you totally blew it.

We've had men tell us this was harder than approaching women in the nightclubs, but they felt it was a highlight of the weekend because the feedback really sinks in coming from a HOT woman who cares that you succeed.

Personal fashion consultation

Plus you get a personal style consultation, where you'll learn what look works best for you and what you'll want to avoid. This has become a crowd favorite during workshops, and you'll get to bring as many outfits as you can carry so you can get feedback on each one.

More than just a commentary on your tastes in fashion, because our instructors have spent time with you and learned about you as an individual, the feedback will center on the aspects of your personality combined with fashion that create an image and a style that makes you the most attractive to women.

The true test... the REAL world!

Then comes that time of the evening where it's time to take your newly found skills out into the nightclubs and get the kind of feedback that only women who don't know you can provide.

You'll be going out two nights during the workshop, and you and one other man will share an instructor who will have specific 'sticking points' he will be working with you on (remember the introductions, we know what you need most).

During the evenings 'field work' you'll be approaching anywhere from ten to twenty 'sets' (as in a set of people). You'll start off easy, so you can get 'warmed up'. Just like a musician does scales before going out to play on stage, we have a unique way to get your warmed up that makes approaching groups MUCH easier.

The instructor will guide you, demonstrate for you, give you corrections, and be there to give you a kick in the butt when you need it. There is nothing that makes our instructors more happy than to see you totally nail what you learned.

You will be pushed to stay right on the edge of your comfort zone because that's where the real learning takes place.

After the field work is up, you'll debrief with your instructor on all the lessons learned, and then head back for a well earned sleep.

Post Workshop Follow Up

Most workshops forget about you the day you leave. We have a variety of follow up programs for you to take advantage of, ranging from coaching calls, to one-on-one coaching.

You'll continue to have access to instructors and program graduates, where you can locate a wingman, get feedback on situations you ran into in the field, and learn about new techniques.

It is to advantages to make full use of these resources, and I can tell you that the men that do are the ones who make leaps and bounds in their skills.

Students Rave About Pickup 101!

“[It's] Me Being the Natural Person I've Wanted to Be for So Long”

  I did that for the first time, after having read so many other people's material, and I remember the day when I did it; the girl laughed, she smiled, and it was like an epiphany to me, like, "Oh, This is the stuff that works!"

I don't have to be mean or act cocky or anything, I can be really natural and playful and it works. The workshop really opened my eyes to what is possible.

Matt - Grover Beach, CA

“I went to this intro seminar and it SCARED me...”

  I went to this intro seminar and it scared me.

Afterwards, I was looking at the sheet & I'm like, "I don't know if I can do this..." and then I signed up.

I did it about a year ago, and I can say with complete honesty that it's been the best year of my life.
Maurice - Brooklyn, NY

So why should you take my program?

  • Because you are sick and tired of someone else always "getting the girl", and you're ready to do something about it NOW.

  • You would rather women be instantly attracted to you, instead of you 'chasing' them all the time.

  • because you want to enjoy being in social situations, rather than wanting to hide in the corner because you don't know what to say or do.

  • You are tired of being "dull and boring" and would love to know how to easily get women laughing with you.

  • You're done with 'settling' for relationships with women you don't really want to be with, just so you can get laid.

  • Because you realize life is short, and spending years trying to figure women out on your own isn't worth it.

  • You are ready to live out every man's fantasy of being able to walk up to any woman, and have her attracted to you in less time than it takes to boil water

  • And finally, because you're a man who is just sick and tired of being lonely, and are ready to CHOOSE what women you sleep with.

Look, I know there is a lot of information out there about how to meet women, especially with the Internet, every where you look some dude is selling an ebook that will have you getting laid like a rockstar tomorrow.

So I know it's hard to know who is for real and who you can trust with your hard earned money. And I realize before you decide to invest in a training that you want to know you won't get screwed.

So that's why I want to make this a no-risk proposition for you, and I offer:

PickUp 101's 2-part killer guarantee

This is more than a workshop, it's a program designed to get you results. And because my Active Learning system gets proven results, I put my money where my mouth is.

First Guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied for ANY REASON by the end of the second day of the workshop, you just tell us and we will cheerfully refund your money AND give you an extra $200 for your time. And if you flew from out of town, I'll pay for your airfare and your hotel bill too, up to $550!
Second Guarantee... If, during the six weeks following your workshop, you find that the techniques are NOT working for you, just contact us and we will help you work with them until you get it right. Our experience is that literally ANY guy who works with us to apply this material can make progress and eventually get the results he wants. On the other hand, if you do work with us immediately after the workshop and you honestly feel that you used what we taught you and just could not get it to work, then I'll pay you double-your-money-back for up to six months after the workshop!

Note that this is NOT a license to take the workshop, do NOTHING for six months, and then come back asking for a refund because you are not dating supermodels. We believe our program is the absolute best of its kind, and will allow you to get success with women in the EASIST way possible. It is NOT a magic pill, however, and if you do not follow up with what you have learned then this workshop (or ANY workshop) will NOT give you the success with women you want.

Listen, I'll be honest here... I don't want to give you your money back. I want you to be getting dates, and getting laid. I don't want you to ever think about using the guarantee because your too damn busy trying to keep track of all the women in your life.

So the next move is up to you.

Upcoming Art of Attraction Workshops

Dates Workshop/Event Location Reserve Your Spot
Choose Later PickUp 101 and the Art of Attraction Choose Later Reserve Now

Or call Asher at our toll-free number:

415-375-9544 (International)

See you at a workshop soon.

P.S. Here are some links I promised you to check on reviews of our workshops. The links are normally long so I used tinyurl.com to make them easy to type.

Not Convinced Yet? See More
Happy Students!

“Even though there were... billionaires at this party, I was the one everyone was talking about...”


A few months ago I went to this party; where I was basically totally out of my league. Everyone there was an absolute mogul.

By the end of the night I had met almost everyone in the room and those that I hadn’t met were clamoring for my attention; even though there were leaders in industry and billionaires at this party I was the one everyone was talking about and interested in.

Blake - San Francisco, CA

“Before the course I would be hesitant about getting an invitation to a party, but tonight...”


I would say they really need to take the course now and not wait.

I was thinking of waiting and now I'm glad I didn't, because now I am totally hooked up for whatever fun things that might be coming...

Barce - Computer Programmer

“I'd say this is one of the best seminars out there, without a doubt.”


Whatever you think you might be afraid of, whatever you are nervous about, whatever limitations you might have, this is a great opportunity for you to work through that, go through the course and get through it.

Chris - San Francisco, CA

“Each of the instructors pulls you aside to point out to you where you can improve yourself”


If you really want to improve yourself, if you really want to see people do things that you hope to do, and that you may not have even though possible... These guys can actually show you and they want to work with you.

Darryl - Art of Attraction Attendee

“Before, I would go and I could hold the group for maybe 30 or 40 seconds, but then it would just die off. Now...”


If you're not happy, if you want to go up and talk to someone and have a stimulating conversation with them and have them feel attracted, and you are not currently doing that or you don't know how, then that is the reason you need to come here.

Dustin - Santa Barbara, CA

“I didn't really understand how it all came together...”


With my few friends that are single, I'd tell them "yeah, I would totally recommend this". I'd tell them just go for it and I think that you will not be disappointed at all, and it's well worth the money spent to go through this program. Overall, I felt that the information that was communicated was digestible and it was coming from a genuine place.

Jeff - Art of Attraction Attendee

“This course is going to open up your eyes. And your success, not only with women, but with people, with work, with family, is just going to skyrocket.”


Before I came to Art of Attraction I actually had studied independently using just various materials from different schools of thought as far as pickup is concerned.

I think this program is A+ solid material.

John - Art of Attraction Attendee

“The course is not just theory.”


This was my first course. But like I said, I really liked the fact that the instructors pushed you.

They made you do things I otherwise would not have. These things I have done, I have never done before. I feel a difference. I feel that the girls were responsive.

Junaid - Art of Attraction Attendee

“Well the most amazing thing or breakthrough for me was that I could actually do this stuff...”


Well the most amazing thing or breakthrough for me was that I could actually do this stuff... That I could actually go out in the field and do what we were taught. It's not that I wasn't expecting that, but part of me didn't believe it. And I did it. I did it all!

Michael - Art of Attraction Attendee

“I was a bit confused and I found it really difficult to approach women. Then I took this course...”


I always wanted to approach them, and that I could actually talk to them and engage them. I never thought it was possible.

Now I know how to take things to the next level. I can talk to them. I can be physical with them, maybe a hand touch, or be physically playful with them. I can become really physical intimate with them. So I know how to work the next level.

Robbie - Computer Analyst

“There is a lot of stuff going on; many things in the market... It's hard to say which one is real, but I have really done this and it is effective”


I approached some really tough sets, like in clubs. Usually in clubs I will look out for girls who are sitting by themselves, or like a pair of girls and just go and hit on them. You have to talk to the guys, the girls; everyone who is in the club. So that I had never done before. I would always avoid the guys in the group. I won't do that when I get out of this workshop.

Sanjeev - IT Engineer

“It's easy. It's do-able. It's totally cool.”


The last weekend I have approached more groups than women than I have in like years.

At last count, this weekend it's been like 25 or so groups of women that I have talked to. And sometimes they were single, sometimes they were multiple women, sometimes they were mixed groups with guys in there, and it was all cool. It's easy.

Wolf - San Francisco, CA

“It felt like I had it in me, but it just wasn't working. And the guys put it all together.”


Before, I was ok with my luck with women... But my problem was that I didn't know what was good about what I was doing.

Now it makes sense. You learn to have fun on your own without drinking, without drugs, without anything.

"Captain Jack" - San Francisco, CA

“I used to think that guys who were "pickup artists" were a whole different breed, a whole different kind of person.”


I approached a dozen different women in eight different sets and it went far beyond what I thought it would be.

Then to go out the next night and be even more comfortable with it, it exceeded my expectations.

Jeff - East Bay, CA

“I really Feel that Pickup 101’s Material is Very Ethical”


One of the greatest experiences I had during the workshop weekend was that I met a really incredibly cute girl and we ended up dirty dancing for about an hour together the very first night that I met her. She’s incredible. I had the very best time with her.

I went up to her and I just started talking to her. I asked her some innocuous question like there was a drink special that night or something like that. From there, I just opened her up with a lot of banter and a lot of playfulness. Then moved into a little bit of Kino. We just started taking and we developed a rapport after that. The music was great and she was a dancer so we decided to dance and things just went from there.

My experience working with the coaches in the workshop that weekend was spectacular. They’re the friendliest guys. They’re nice. They’re down to earth. They’re incredibly positive and very encouraging. The thing that really attracted me about the Pickup 101 workshops as opposed to any of the others that I’ve seen out there was; they actually go out into the real world and do things. It’s not just books and tapes that you listen to. You get the real experience. That and the and the fact that the instructors seem so incredibly down to earth, so incredibly real.

I really feel that Pickup 101’s material is very ethical. It’s not sketchy or creepy in any way. I’m very sensitive to that. I didn’t want any part in anything like that. Some of the other things I’ve seen out there felt that way. Pickup 101 seemed to be very genuine, very real and motivated by looking for the right kind of things.

I had the most incredible experience after I did part of the workshop. It helped me so much. I was in an ice cream shop and there was this absolutely beautiful woman who was standing there with her daughter. There was a little boy in the ice cream shop as well and he was being incredibly entertaining. I asked the woman if that was her son and she goes “Oh. No. Absolutely not.” And I noticed that she didn’t have a wedding ring on. I was just stunned by this. As she walked out the door I realized that I couldn’t let this opportunity pass. I looked at the guy behind the counter and I go “Hold everything, wait I’ll be right back” and I went after her. And I asked her “Is it really possible that a woman as beautiful as you doesn’t have a wedding ring on?” It turned out that she was married but she was incredibly flattered and she thanked me profusely. I made her day. Her whole face lit up.

I would tell anyone that is thinking about his workshop that they should definitely take it. It is very much worthwhile. They are going to find out what they’re capable of. They’re going to find out things that they never knew that they were capable of and they’re going to do them. They’re going to experience it for themselves...

Dan - San Francisco, CA

“The Proof is in the Pudding... It works”


I read in a men’s magazine online an article about Lance. It shifted me over to Lance, and by reading that article it seemed like he was the first and only one that I had checked out that made sense. When he made sense about his techniques and his ideas I figured that I would explore him further.

When I took Art Of Attraction; the night they took us to a bar on Sunset Boulevard and walked around and I was with Brian my wing man, a great coach, and actually opened up one of the prettiest girls in the bar. He got to wing for me. He sat next to her beautiful friend. He actually got her phone number and they are still in contact.. It was incredible because I know that six other guys tried to open this woman up and talk to her. I actually got her phone number and none of them did. So I was very happy about that that night. It was pretty fun.

I think that Art of Attraction would work for any man. It was amazing to see. The guys at the beginning of the weekend would come in and just looking at them I would say “Oh. This guy is going to have so much trouble. It’s not going to work. I don’t know what they are going to do with this guy.” By the end of the weekend the transformation of everybody in the class was amazing. The one who I thought would have the most trouble actually turned out to be very, very good; witty, fun, and bright. With the super girls and all the help that they give you he made an incredible transformation.

Rock - Santa Monica, CA

“...I’ve already gone out on 10, 20, Dates in the last Six Months.”


Art of Attraction brought out my own unique strengths by just giving me the opportunity to be myself and to learn how to put yourself out there in front of other people and not be as guarded.

I chose Pickup 101 because when I was surfing the Internet I was doing some research trying to figure out what other people were out there and I ran into the Pickup 101 site. It sounded interesting. I liked the idea of the workshops and actually getting some hands-on experience going out and meeting girls and having instant feedback from some professionals about it.

Since I’ve took the AoA workshop, life has gotten better because I’ve actually gone out and started talking to girls. Prior to taking AoA, I'd never really opened up a set of girls that I didn’t really have any social interaction with.

Since then, I’ve gone out on, not a ton of dates, but on quite a few more than I had had in the last year. Last year I had only gone out on a couple. Now I’ve already gone out on ten, twenty, dates in the last six months. That’s just a major improvement right away. It’s a matter of making time for all of that effort.

I would suggest taking the Art of Attraction workshop because of that fact that it actually gives you the ability to come out of your shell, learn how to meet people better, and actually it gives you a whole bunch of the normal toolsets that guys think that they need in order to pick up women. It gives you the idea of: what to say, how to act, how to stand, how to move around and just interact with people.

Tim - Chicago, IL

“The Biggest Breakthrough was...”


I've gotten a lot of this material beforehand, but it was nice to get all the different actual exercises in and being able to work on the little nuts & bolts that I might have missed from the second hand information.

There's enough variety of instructors that I feel like everybody would actually have a role model.

Being able to move people around in a set... I didn't even know that existed.

The biggest breakthrough that I had was figuring out how to get dates. I could get interest, I could get numbers, I could make out, but I couldn't get people to want to hang out with me later.

Now I have some ideas on what I can do in the first couple minutes that will make it so I know when... to get real, to get serious.

Brian - Mountain View, CA

“I’m Not Afraid of Going Up to a Woman Anymore.”


I think the most helpful parts were watching them in set and getting instant feedback like you get the last night. That stuff is really helpful.

Everyone’s really friendly, really supportive. I was telling one of the other guys that before I got into this I was kind of afraid. We are all there for the same reason. There is a finite number of girls. I’m afraid it is going to be really competitive and people are going to be constantly trying to put you down or something.

Everyone has been really supportive and really friendly. It is a really good learning environment. You come here and bond with the guys. Then you go out there and just have a blast. And you learn stuff. It’s great.

I have very little approach fear now. I did not have a problem. I did have a little bit of an approach anxiety that is why I wouldn’t approach. I don’t think I have that much of a problem now.

D.L. - San Jose, CA

“Now, I Know How to Go Up to Women...”


That was awesome, the fact that they weren’t afraid to give us any feedback at any time and they were being very open about everything.

Dan M. - East San Francisco Bay, CA

“I wish I had done this when I was at puberty!”


I really have done other classes and courses including courses in relationships which never talked about how to get in to one and in the first three minutes or ten minutes what ever it takes to generate attraction. It is unique in my experience and wonderful. I wish I had done this when I was at puberty!

The other thing is when we were out in the bars. I would go open a set and come back and get coached on what I did right or wrong by somebody who was observing me; by a coach who knows what he is doing. Then my body, my wing man, Dave; he would go out and I would watch him and would get immediate feedback from the coach on what Dave was doing. Then he would come back and get filled in while I went out again. That was priceless. That was really priceless.

The instructors were great, generous in sharing their knowledge, and knowledgeable. I don’t think I ever felt made wrong in the entire time. I have nothing but the highest regard for all of the coaches.

I had more fun and more success in a bar than I have ever had in my life. I have never been particularly comfortable in a bar, never been successful in a bar.

Gary - Art of Attraction Attendee

“You know money comes and goes, but imagine how much better your life could be if you did master this stuff.”


I think the difference between this and a lot of other stuff is the exercises. You know you learn a lot of stuff and it’s all intellectual. It’s in your head. The difference is you change the way you act with this. You don’t just learn pickup lines. You learn the body movements, how to talk to people, how to talk to girls. It’s a hundred percent different than just knowing something.

If you want to play baseball, you don’t read a book. You go out to the batting cages and practice. They teach you everything: how to walk up, how to get everyone’s attention, how to get them all looking at you, how to run an opener that is going to grab people and get them excited.

I did the whole ASF thing. Reading online, ...but I think this has by far had the most impact because it was about changing my behavior... My thinking has been there for a long time, but you can learn all this stuff and still go out and be nervous. They make you practice this shit so that it is like, second nature to do this stuff.

I get the feeling that the instructors aren’t showboating or anything like that; which was a big difference for some of the other stuff that I have been doing. They really care if you are learning, and if you are not they are going to make that special effort to get you caught up.

This... it's your life we are talking about. This isn’t however much money it is. You know money comes and goes, but imagine how much better your life could be if you did master this stuff.

I would recommend this to anyone.

Joe - Castro Valley, CA

“Whatever Level You Come in at, They Want to Get You to the Next Level...”


I thought the instructors were great. They are not scam artists. They are not one liners. They really have trained at this stuff themselves. I mean they are all good and they really want to see you progress. So whatever level you come in at they want to get you to the next level. All of us in the course came in at different levels and they worked with all of us.

I would say “What do you have to lose?” I mean, this isn’t necessarily about picking up girls; although that’s the outcome. It’s about approaching your life in a much more focused and confident manner. So it could be anything from your job, to your friends, to meeting new people to meeting chicks. I mean that is ultimately why we are all here but it is about a whole change in the way you think.

I really had a lot of fun with the course. It was exhausting, I have to be honest. I’ve never been so tired after going out to a bar. Last night it was about 1:30 in the morning and I was dead tired but I am also excited about the things I’ve learned. They work you hard and they work hard.

I’d be happy to suggest and endorse this to anybody.

Mark - San Francisco, CA

“When I was Done... With the Workshop, I was able to Set Aside the Fear and just Concentrate on Being an Attractive Person”


Before the workshop there were a lot of fears based on approaching. When I was done, or finishing with the workshop I was able to set aside the fear and just concentrate on being an attractive person in general. Not just getting girls and getting laid, but just being an attractive sexual person; which was a key thing that I can take away from this.

There is nothing to lose. There is so much to gain from this. There is so much and the key little things that you learn from this. There is no way to be learning these things by yourself. There is always going to be and I feel that there has to be people helping you improve yourself. You can’t just do it by yourself. So by taking this course there is a lot of awareness that you gain about yourself. That is something. The money is really not an issue. It is such an invaluable thing.

Migyumi - San Francisco, CA

“I have done quite a few workshops and... This was the best workshop I have been to.”


The biggest break- through was banter. It was really getting a better appreciation for how to do it and when to do it. We have all heard cocky/funny and that’s really an element of banter as well, but this is a little easier, a little more intrinsic. They were very supportive amongst the students. That was awesome.

I have done quite a few workshops and... This was the best workshop I have been to.

I had read a lot of stuff and I internalized a lot of stuff but I hadn’t actually gone out and practiced it. You know little bits and pieces, but this is the step I needed to take. I think that is the step that most guys need to take.

Syd - Palm Springs, CA

“I've bought other products - this is by far the best”


I bought the Art of Attraction and it was very well done - very professionally done, very clear.

Lance is an excellent speaker, the information is presented in a very clear way. I've bought other products - this is by far the best I've ever bought. I went to the Art of Attraction because I got the DVD and was impressed, and felt like this was real-world, more practical, and less about techniques - really about how women experience you, and this is what would be the most helpful for me.

Michael Canoiure - Austin, TX

“I've seen some Profound Results. It's Amazing.”


I also took Art of Attraction two years ago in March of '06, and that led to some pretty awesome results immediately. I had the best year of my life a week after that workshop - it was unbelievable, some of the stuff that happened to me that week, or that I experienced that week.
It was just like, whoa! [laughs] I couldn't believe it. And then six months later, more or less, I did Art of Rapport and...every workshop I've done, I've seen some profound results. It's amazing.

I find it awesome, and that's why I'm back again. Lance puts on a good program, a lot of great people are involved, I have a good experience while I'm here, I learn a lot of great stuff that directly benefits my life. I'm all about living a better life and nobody else is responsible for that happening but me and learning how to do that - better tools to do that - is what I'm here for, and I get that.

Eric - Lake Geneva, WI

“I was shocked at how much I learned at Art of Attraction.”


I was shocked at how much I learned at Art of Attraction.

Its really about how to be a more flirtatious and attractive version of yourself; you really learn how to put your best self forward and be someone who's a lot more friendlier and fun to everyone you meet.

After the workshop, I definitely have had success with women, using the techniques we learned there. I think that when I'm having interactions with them, it's so much more fun and it's so much more flirtatious; I don't feel like I'm doing anything weird, it's just I'm being myself. I'm completely being myself, and they're really digging that aspect of me, and I'm flirting with them the old-fashioned way, instead of using some weird technique which I'm completely not comfortable with that I read off the Internet.

Raj - Washington, DC

“The instructors they have been really successful. And just meeting them, that they're actually normal guys, actually like myself...”


I hated going to the bar & always kind of kicking myself at the end of the night for... I wanted to go talk to somebody; I wanted to talk to these groups of people, because they look like they're having a lot of fun.

I always felt kind of excluded from that, and Art of Attraction really helped me break through that barrier where I felt maybe nervous talking to people or wasn't included.

The last couple of years I've gained a lot of weight; I've gained about 100 lbs. over what I used to be in college, and that's impacted my life... Feeling less self-confident, and even for the last 6 months not even going out.

It was amazing talking to a lot of the instructors; learning about how women perceive men and what are they attracted to, versus how do men really think and finding out that it's not all about the looks of a man, it's how the interaction is.

Even some of the instructors they have been really successful. And just meeting them, that they're actually normal guys, actually like myself, some of the guys have very much the same build. And being able to go out and have success right off the bat...

I have had success... It has changed my mind on everything!

James - Detroit, MI

“It's not that hard, all you need is a kick in the butt, and they'll help you, and it doesn't even hurt, and it's kinda fun.”


I have really been impressed with the caliber of instructor and the fact that it was a 2-3 to 1 instructor/student ratio - It was fabulous!

They're interested in YOUR best interests - and I've never seen teachers or instructors in my life, (and I've been to a lot of schools) and this type of instruction, life instruction, has been just fabulous for me.

The first night after AoA, I met some girls who were younger than I expected to go out with... That were hotter than I expected to go out with, that were attracted!

George - Memphis, TN

Workshop Reviews

Seduction Workshop Reviews

I took PickUp 101’s Art of Attraction workshop in New York this past weekend from 7/7/06-7/9/06. In terms of basic personal information, I first learned about the “community” upon reading The Game in November ’05. Prior to the workshop, I had done about 30-40 approaches with moderate results. Over the years, I have had intermittent success with women, but always felt like I was getting lucky, instead of getting skilled with women. In other words, I did okay with women, but didn’t always know how or why the attraction happened and would become frustrated when it didn’t. As a result, I decided to take a workshop as a means to take things up a few notches and truly get this area of my life handled. This is my first workshop experience, but I do have products from all other major U.S. pickup/seduction companies (MM, Juggler, RSD, SS, DYD, Thundercat, Swingcat, etc.). Based on my evaluation of the numerous products that I own as well as through reading workshop reviews from both PU 101 and their competitors, PU 101 seemed to be the most congruent with my style and personality-so I chose them. The core PU 101 instructors for this workshop were Lance, Sean and Daniel. In a nutshell, I had a fantastic experience with these guys, but since it’s a review, not a public relations piece, I will also offer some constructive criticism at the end to help people genuinely evaluate the merits of PU 101.

Workshop Structure
When you sign up for the workshop, you receive pre-workshop handouts and homework which include foundational material including pickup/attraction theory, breakdown and examples of: opening, main attraction tools, overgaming, blowouts, lockup, and other pertinent information, so that you are familiar with and prepared for the workshop in advance. This was a huge plus as it really cut down on lecture and redundancy during the actual workshop. The workshop itself is VERY interactive and experiential both during the day and in-field. The day portion of the workshop generally consisted of a couple of hours of lecture sprinkled throughout the day and 5-6 hours of group and individual exercises until field work at night. Essentially, the daytime portion provided tons of practical exercises with lots of fine tuning and feedback from the instructors, videotape, students and female assistants. The main areas of exercises were:

Approaching/Opening-You can use your own opener or have one provided for you by instructors based on what is comfortable for you/what you are trying to convey about yourself (i.e. a fun guy, sexy guy, suave guy, etc). Flirting-type openers seemed to be more encouraged and were more popular than neutral/opinion openers, but ultimately, they leave it up to you and will calibrate it for you. You do lots of mock approaches with both men and women and various scenarios are presented for you to practice. Body Language-You learn how to use your entire body to project strong physical confidence through use of facial expressions, standing, walking, sitting, and hand gestures. These are essential non-verbal communication skills and if you nail them, it really doesn’t matter what you say.

Banter- You learn how to playfully flirt (i.e. something smells great it here, oh, it’s me…) and when/how to use banter appropriately. We would pick a few banter lines and role play/improv them to death. The understanding and delivery of example banter lines thoroughly increased my comfort level to consistently flirt early in interactions and really amp up attraction.

Kino- You learn how to touch early on in an interaction, how to escalate, how to calibrate touch for a given situation, and most importantly, test for attraction. If you don’t know when and how to touch, it will definitely be awkward for both you and her. If you do know, you will generate attraction quickly. Girls can tell how good/experienced you are by how you touch them.

Storytelling-You can use either your own attraction story or one of many field-tested PU 101 attraction stories. The emphasis on stories is that they are to generally be used as a crutch/training wheels to keep you in the interaction or keep the energy up if you are having trouble bantering or vibing and need “material”.

Routine Stack- This is the integration of all of the above areas. Our personal routine stacks were individually developed and practiced as a means to help us generate attraction and have a successful first three minutes of an interaction. The paradox here is that the more comfortable you become with your routine stack, the less you will actually need to rely on it. It’s all about feeling comfortable.

Fieldwork was scheduled for 3 hours per night at bars for the first two nights (daygame is a separate workshop) with a 2-1 or 3-1 student to instructor ratio. I’m not going to get into specifics about my experience with particular sets because it will make this long review, way too long. However, please don’t attribute the lack of elaboration to having negative results. Both nights we started off by doing warm-up sets in the street or on line at the bars using situational openers (i.e. time, directions, good place to go, etc). On the first night, me and one other student were paired up with Sean. He was incredible as an instructor because he is so natural and non-routine oriented. He demonstrated very effectively and effortlessly (like a great golf swing), provided solid feedback when necessary and stayed out well past the required 3 hours. At around 4am, we all went to a diner to debrief.

During the first night, opening lots of sets was encouraged as a means to get comfortable with the basics that we practiced during the day. We then would leave the set shortly thereafter and move onto the next one. I opened 20-25 sets and nearly all went very well for me (i.e. I did not get blown out). Due to both Sean and the daytime practice, everything about the evening was low pressure, comfortable, relaxed and consequently, very successful. On the second night, me and two other students were paired up with a part-time guest-instructor. He was a good guy who was somewhat less involved than Sean, but was very positive, provided some feedback and winged with us a bit. Since I was doing well in approaching and interacting without him, he just generally let me do my thing and focused more on students who needed the instruction.

During this night, I applied my routine stack which was fully developed by the end of the second day of the workshop. Consequently, I only opened about 8 sets (not including warm-ups) and stayed in interactions significantly longer. Again on this night, the instructor stayed out later than required and it became very obvious to me that PU 101 really cares about the students and their results-they do not just punch the clock.

Overall, yes, I met lots of women, got numbers, and kisses over the two nights, but that was secondary to practicing, honing, trusting and ultimately, believing that what I learned during the daytime exercises could/did work very effectively and consistently in-field (with or without an instructor by my side).

Additional Information/Notes
-Lance provided a fashion consultation for all students and made individualized suggestions about wardrobe, grooming, shopping and anything else related to conveying an attractive look.
-Day 2 closing steps, basic rapport and other applicable information to move your game forward (once you are consistently generating attraction) were also covered with lecture near the end of the three day workshop.
-The core instructors (Lance, Sean and Daniel) were superb at both teaching and demonstrating. They were genuine about making sure that each student really got the information and were able to apply it. While the instructors all shared the same overall philosophy, they had different, yet effective styles in communicating their material, but had no ego-EVER.
-The instructors struck a fine balance between keeping feedback positive and supportive, while still being honest and constructive as needed.
-The workshop definitely had structure and a method to the madn ess, but it was quite manageable and digestible, whereby it was not overwhelmingly linear. One thing would build upon the next, so that you would feel the momentum of increasing skill level and confidence day by day.
-Students in the workshop were at various skills levels, but all seemed to make excellent strides over the three days and approached numerous sets without major approach anxiety.
-Students were able to provide workshop evaluations anonymously on a computer to ensure honesty about individual experiences.

Minor Areas of Improvement
-There could have been a bit more structure related to mapping out the bars that we would be going to in-field as well as in assigning instructors to students. This was done somewhat last minute and caused very minor complications (i.e. waiting on line), but it all worked out in the end. This may run smoother when they run their workshops in more familiar San Francisco territory, where they are based.
-Due to the workshop being in NY, part-time guest instructors, with not always the same skill level/ philosophy as the core PU 101 instructors were employed at night in-field. Additionally, having students meet field instructors for the
first time, five minutes before going out with them in-field is probably not the best system to make a student feel totally comfortable. The need to use guest instructors was somewhat understandable due to PU 101 being based out of SF.
Again, if you take their workshop in SF, this would also probably not be an issue. On the plus side, they did not charge extra for the NY workshop, even though the core instructors likely had to pay hotel and travel accommodations as well as hire guest instructors and female assistants.
-At times, I would have appreciated a bit more feedback from the instructors when in-field about actual social dynamics at the bars. While the instructors were certainly involved and attentive, I am an analytical person and would have liked more breakdown and play-by play of the environment. There also could have been a bit more proactive, constructive criticism offered in-field upon my ejecting from a set, but it was provided whenever I asked. In the instructors’ defense, I was often in sets and pretty successful (thanks to the exercises) with limited downtime, so maybe they didn’t find it necessary to harp on my minor issues.
-While the workshop was only three days long and there is only so much you can fit in, I probably could have benefited from a slightly stronger focus on vibing-of course, I’m not sure which area of the workshop that I would have wanted to be cut out instead.

Overall, I would rate the PickUp 101 Art of Attraction Workshop a 95 out of 100. I had high expectations for this workshop based on the many glowing PU 101 workshop reviews that I had read, but it still did not disappoint. Additionally, I had been signed up and was waiting for nearly four months to take the workshop, so I can assure you that I would be the first to acknowledge if it didn’t live up to the hype. While there were a few small areas that kept the workshop from achieving total perfection, it was pretty damn close. If you are seeking a workshop that will develop your game very naturally and congruently, then look no further than PU 101. The “community” now seems to be evolving more toward natural and individualized game and these guys are on the forefront of delivering it. Conversely, if you think that the techniques in The Game are the best/only way to meet and attract women, then find another workshop. PU 101 does not use jargon, force you to use stock routines, lines or anything else that could be considered incongruent, unnatural, demeaning or manipulative. The bottom line after taking this workshop is that I can go to bed at night and know that what I learned was highly potent and powerful attraction material that will NEVER make me or a woman feel bad about using it. How is that for being confident and congruent?

Yelp! Reviews & More - http://tinyurl.com/e58o7

This is what you all need to understand.  I'm a great guy.  But I get nervous around women.  I've never had a girlfriend before.  Everything I've ever tried, the rare occasions I could bring myself to even attempt fell flat.  I was very awkward and insecure in social situations in big groups.  I had this paranoia that people congregated together specifically to shut me out.  Now that I'm a social, cool guy, I get to shut other people out.  Just kiddind, if you really have any kind of vindictive social anxieties, then please don't blame it on other people.  

I took this workshop, Art of Attraction in Chicago, and yes it's a lot of money, guess what else is a lot of money?  paying 1500+$ for a college course on learning how to double click with a mouse just because it's required.  If I'm going to spend money on improving myself, I'm going to do it on something that'll not only REALLY benefit me in something my life is lacking, but help me in other areas.  And when they break down the monthly payments are easy to swallow.  

Look into this course.  There I'm not even telling you to take it.  Look into it, get a feel for these guy's attitude and see how it feels to you.  I'll tell you how it felt to me.  Warm and genuine.  If you're leanring how to be the kind of guy who takes a stand for himself, and creates this infectuous aura of good will and fun, how is this anything other then fantastic?

Now to the juicy parts.  I went into this seminar with a whole load of nervousness, and anxiety, and frustration.  I'd never gone up and talked to a girl I'd never met and gotten her to like me and feel good around me.  The best I could do is get girls I'd known awhile to feel comfortable around me.  But Comfort NEVER equals attraction.  It's important, but it's so very limiting on its own.  

We go through exercises all day, we get ourselves pumped up, we go out and practice.  It got to the point where, on my first day, I was rolling right up to groups of random people and creating fun social interactions without all the hesitation and fear I'd dealt with before.  You work closely with guys who genuinely want you to do well.  Cool guys who enjoy and know how to make people smile and feel good about themselves.  I made more progress in one...single...night then in 10 years of cluelessness and lost opportunities.  

I had a special girl in my life at one point, but I had no healthy concept of what to do about it, and I eventually just lost her.  You may get into it for different reasons, but you will always come back to this;  it's a fun process, it's an emotionally charged experience,  It's not easy, it'll take sacrifice, you may have to let go of a few precious excuses and beliefs that have served you well in protecting yourself from getting hurt or looking like a fool, but you'll be a better MAN by the time you come out of it.

Love you all,

Neal Johnson

Thundercat's Seduction Lair

I can't say enough good things about this workshop.  It was, for me, a life-changing event.

For years, I've watched guys who I thought  weren't as good-looking, smart or successful as I am make it with really hot women, while I've been struggling to get dates with the "leftovers".  The world didn't seem fair.  I figured some guys just "had it", and I wasn't one of them.  But in the this workshop, I learned that being successful in attracting beautiful women is a learned skill,  a skill that with some practice and persistence, just about any guy can master.

I would not have believed this had I not experienced it firsthand. During our "field trip" to a club, I approached a group of eight very attractive women and engaged them in conversation for nearly half an hour.    Prior to the workshop, I would not have even attempted to meet anyone at this club, thinking it was out of my league.

The underlying philosophy of the workshop is that women will respond in predictable ways to certain cues and behaviors.   And so, by managing how you present yourself and what you say and do,  you can elicit interest and attraction from even the most attractive women.

This isn't about mimicking "canned" opening lines or trying to become a carbon copy of the instructors.   Memorizing canned material can only get you so far.  Which is why I appreciated that in this workshop, there was a strong emphasis on developing an approach and technique that fits each individual.   Each person is coached on coming up with an identity and an image that they feel comfortable with and that is likely to work for them.    Rather than trying to turn out pick-up artist clones, the instructors clearly believe their mission is to help you discover your unique inner value and convey it effectively to women.   I found this approach to be very empowering.   Fundamentally, it's about getting clear about what makes you special, and communicating that to others in a powerful way.   Once you can do this, you'll notice dramatic improvements in many areas of your life, not just meeting women.

The workshop is given over three full days, beginning Friday at 1pm and going until late Sunday evening.   The general format followed each day is to first present and discuss a topic and the theory behind it. Next, there are practice exercises with feedback and evaluation from the instructors.   This allows each participant to gain some mastery over the techniques and principles before applying them in real world situations.  Then, at about 9:30pm on Friday and Saturday nights, the group goes out on a field trip visiting several different clubs, and everyone gets to practice what they've just learned.

This progression from theory and understanding to controlled practice to real world practice builds mastery and confidence.   The instructors understand that "pick-up", like any new skill, is best learned by practice, evaluation, refinement, and then more practice, until it becomes second nature, and you're getting the results you want.   I think this is where the workshop proves most valuable.   Anyone can learn pick-up principles by reading or listening to materials on the subject.   But the only way to really master the skill is through repeated practice.    And at this workshop, everyone has many chances to practice, while getting plenty of feedback and coaching.

The basic framework of the pick-up process taught here can be summarized as follows: open, unlock, build attraction, qualify, develop rapport, isolate, and close for a next meet.   If you're new to the art of pick-up, like I was, some of these terms may seem foreign, but the concepts are straightforward.   Basically, first you want to meet a woman, then get her interested and attracted to you in a sexual way, then evaluate whether she is someone you want to pursue,  then establish a personal connection, and finally get her contact info and plan what you'll do next together.

The order that these steps occur is important.  One of the key insights I gained from the workshop is that "attraction" comes before "rapport".  I'd always thought is was the other way around.  In fact, I'd always believed that the more rapport and connection I could establish with a woman, the more attracted she would be to me.   But typically women would respond by saying they "wanted to take things very slowly", or worse, "just be friends".   I now understand that this is what happens when you build rapport BEFORE attraction.

The first day is all about "Opening", or how to initiate contact with women you want to meet in a bar or club setting.    The underlying concept here is that acting "alpha" is a surefire way of eliciting sexual interest and attraction from women.   It doesn't matter if you consider yourself to be a shy quiet type (as I did), there are always things you can and should DO to convey the right attitude.  And so the workshop stresses acting in ways that are bold, courageous and confident.  These include approaching groups of women by yourself, telling funny stories, and engaging in playful teasing and cocky/funny banter.  These types of behaviors don't come naturally for many of us, but can be mastered with intention and practice.

A key to acting confident is knowing ahead of time what you're going to say and how you're going to behave.   For this reason,  much of the first afternoon was spent practicing delivering opening lines, telling opening stories, and managing body language.  Rather than using canned openers, everyone developed their own material.  The instructors were great at working with each participant individually to come up with an opening routine that fit their personality and image and that they could deliver convincingly because it was meaningful to them.

Then it was out into the field for some real world practice.   The two workshop leaders, Wilder and Sensei were joined by several assistants in escorting us to the clubs.   Because the workshop was small, the ratio of participants to instructors was never more than two or three to one. This insured plenty of individualized attention and coaching.   I was truly impressed with the professionalism of the instructors in the field.  They were clearly there to support us, and seemed to know just when to demonstrate, when to stay back and observe, or when to prod us into doing something outside our comfort zones.  In short, they were effective in helping us stretch and grow in our skills.

Our mission that first night was just to practice approaching and opening as many sets of women as possible using the material we'd worked on.   I was amazed to discover that by combining the right mindset (letting go of attachment to a particular outcome) with a little preparation and practice, I was able to do things I would not have thought possible.   During about three hours at two different clubs, I approached and opened some twenty or more sets or groups of women.  And this from a guy who stopped going to bars years ago because he was afraid to approach anyone!

I should mention that not all participants were at my beginning level. Everyone in the workshop comes in with different abilities and experience.   But the instructors took care to learn at what level each of us was at in order to set reasonable goals and expectations for each of us.   This is the kind of valuable individualized attention that can only happen in a small workshop, and can make the difference between achieving breakthroughs or having a frustrating time.

At about 1am, we all returned to home base for an hour or so of debriefing and sharing, during which the instructors provided more valuable feedback based on their observations of us in the field.

The second day followed a similar format, but concentrated on all those things you do after your opening routine that build attraction.  Topics included basics of attraction, kino (playful touching), banter,  and storytelling.   Then we put all these elements together into a "routine stack" , which is basically a set of prepared behaviors or a script that includes opening lines, stories, touches and moves, and cocky/funny remarks.   Again, each participant developed their own "stack" with lots of input from the instructors.

The idea behind the "routine stack" concept is not to always perform a pre-scripted conversation, but rather to have all the elements of one available at your command in case you find yourself at a loss for what to say or do.   It's really a confidence builder.   The irony is that the better your command of your routine stack, the less you may end up actually sticking to it, because you'll have developed enough confidence that you'll probably naturally think of good things to say and do in each situation.   For example, it would be ideal if we all had great cocky/funny responses we could come up with in every situation, but in case we don't, each of us had several prepared lines we could use.  One guy used the line "You must be a Republican" whenever he couldn't think of a witty response.  I saw him use it in many different situations and it always got a laugh.  My personal favorite prepared response whenever a woman said something less than flattering:  "I don't know who your boyfriend is, but he is definitely not spanking you enough!"

Memorizing this stuff seemed cheesy and inauthentic, but I have to say, the approach works.  On the second night's field trips, I found myself engaging in extended banter with multiple groups of women, and coming from the confidence of knowing that I always had something clever to say next.

The third day covered the next logical steps: taking the attraction you've developed in the women you've been talking to, isolating one that you're interested in, getting her to qualify herself to you (show you why you should be interested in her), build rapport, trust and comfort and make plans for a next meeting.   I learned many practical and valuable tips that will make all the difference in whether a woman considers me as friendship material or a potential lover.

For the final exercise on Sunday evening, they bring in an attractive female volunteer and videotape you as you run your routine on her. Then as you watch the tape, there's plenty of feedback from the instructors and the woman.  This can be a humbling experience.  I was glad it was left until the end, because unlike the other exercises in the workshop which are designed to build your confidence, this one can weaken your confidence.   I wonder whether it would not be better to make it optional, or leave it for a more advanced workshop.  On the other hand,  there is no more powerful learning tool than observing and studying yourself in action.  I know I got a lot out of it.

During the third day, there were several depressing moments for me when it became clear how many wrong things I've been doing over the years. For example, my typical behavior of trying to impress a woman by buying her dinner at an expensive restaurant, bringing her flowers, listening to all her problems, etc. never got me anywhere.  And now I understand why: High value women have no shortage of guys trying to impress them. But these women are looking for someone who is truly worthy of them. Paradoxically, the more you try to impress a woman, the less worthy she will consider you.   But if you act with confidence and do things that show you are NOT interested in impressing her--like not paying for dinner, not bragging about what you do for a living, etc.-- she will likely be intrigued, and if you've built attraction, she'll consider you a potential lover.  It all seemed counterintuitive, but results don't lie.

The workshop leaders, Lance and William, aka Sensei and Wilder,  walk their talk.  And they are great examples of the fact that what they teach works.   Watching them in action in the field was truly inspirational.  Whatever doubts I may have had about the stuff they were teaching were removed after seeing these guys use their own techniques, and noticing the results they got.

But Sensei and Wilder are not just good guys to model, they're also great teachers.  Some people are naturally talented at a particular skill, but not good at teaching it, because it comes so easily to them, they've never put much thought into what they do.  But it's clear that both Sensei and Wilder enjoy studying the fine points of the game. Their success with women is not random or accidental; it's predictable, understandable, and therefore very teachable.   And they clearly take great pleasure in teaching it, I suppose partly because it validates their understanding and knowledge.   After all, if they can take a shy, quiet guy with no social life and teach him how to meet and attract hot women, it proves the value of their theory and techniques.   Whatever the reason,  the impression they give throughout the workshop is that they genuinely care about your success.  And that kind of support is very helpful.

Wilder and Sensei are assisted in the workshop and in the field by a handful of volunteers.   At first, I thought these guys were a motley crew.   But by the end of the workshop, I was impressed by all of them.  They all had radically different styles and appearances, but each was successful in his own way.  To me, this was living proof there is no one "type" that is successful with women, but rather it is a matter of acting confident about who you are and effectively conveying what makes you special.

The location and style of presentation is informal --a  bunch of guys sitting around a living room-- but the workshop is organized and presented in a professional manner, and it's clear that a lot of thought and care went into its organization and delivery.  There's a well-organized schedule where each topic or exercise carefully builds on the one before it, and everything starts and ends on time or close to it.

If there is one suggestion I would make about the administration of the workshop, it is that handouts and printed materials could be better organized.  Some people had downloaded material in advance from the website. Others needed handout material to be printed onsite.  The formatting of the printed material could be better.  A comprehensive binder with all the material in it prepared in advance for everyone would be a worthwhile improvement.

One of my fears before taking the workshop was that the atmosphere might be competitive and judgmental.  After all, we're competing for the same hot women, and pick-up artists are egomaniacs, right?   But it wasn't that way at all.  The tone throughout the workshop is informal, friendly and low-key.   The instructors are really good at giving feedback in a positive, supportive way.   This is especially important in building a skill that relies so heavily on self-confidence, and the instructors seem to understand this.   And the other participants were all decent guys.  A supportive camaraderie quickly developed among everyone, instructors and participants, to the point where I soon felt I was with a group of buddies.   The energy from everyone was consistently positive, supportive and helpful, and that added a lot to the experience.

Since taking this workshop, as I now see it, there are two types of guys in the world:  The first type tries hard to be a nice guy because he thinks this is the path to getting love and acceptance from women.  He is thoughtful, kind and generous to women and always trying to please them so they will like him.  Yet he rarely has enough sex, and usually finds himself going out with less attractive women, or women that treat him poorly.   Women see this type of man as a friend or a provider. They are not sexually attracted to him, but will use sex as a tool to control him so they can keep getting his attention, time and money.

The other type of guy is confident in himself and his masculinity.  He knows who he is and what his life is about, and doesn't need the approval of women to feel good about himself.  He is courageous and bold and purposeful, and understands women and what attracts them.  He knows at a deep level that his masculinity is the gift that women seek.  Women are irresistibly attracted to a man like this, like moths to a light, and they will give of themselves in every way including sexually in order to get and keep his masculine energy.

If you want to be this type of guy, the Pickup101.com Art Of Attraction Workshop is a great place to start.

Still Not Convinced? Read On...

I am a successful software engineer in my early 30's. One of my concerns before taking a workshop was that the instructors would be too young or too trendy to be relevant to a professional person like myself.

One of the things that I respect about the PickUp 101 operation is the maturity of the instructors, and the integrity in the way they about their business. This pleasantly surprised me immensely. They are decent people and they immediately put me at ease.

My feeling about PickUp 101 is that they have prepared a lot of material that is well structured and well thought out, and they care about the success of their students.

The instructors impressed me in the field, and I found them to be approachable and supportive. Case in point, in our workshop there were guys of varying skills and ages, and I thought they did a reasonable job of trying to cater to each individual's skill level.

I am unbiased, and have no agenda ... for me its all about cost and results. Based on the results I am getting now, I would recommend PickUp 101 to others like me. I'm very new to the whole seduction process, I'm a professional guy who was moderately good with women coming into the program, and PU101 defintely opened my eyes and helped me get to the next level.

It all about the individual at the end, and at the end of the day you need to make it happen for yourself because nobody is going to change the person you are over a weekend.

My experience with PickUp 101 was positive, and dramatically improved my game. In short, it was money well spent.

Russell, Software Engineer - Palo Alto CA


That evening I worked with Lance and I did things I had never done in my life… and I had the time of my life doing them. For my first set I approached three of the hottest women in the room. Droves of guys were standing around them not knowing what to do. That’s when I waked up… and bammo! Somehow the body language, kino and banter that these guys had been talking about just flowed out of me. It was terrific. Later, Sensei joined me and like every good wing, asked me which one I was after, we rearranged the “chess pieces” and before anyone knew what had happened, I was taking the girl I was most interested in to one of the private booths for a little story telling and playful kino. What I realized that evening is that it’s all in the presentation. Can you say epiphany?

So what’s going on here? The year is 2005 AD and before now I had never heard of this stuff. How long have men and women been on the planet together? How long have people been studying human psychology and sexuality? This is the Golden Fleece we’ve been searching for. What have we been doing all this time? Honestly, I can not fathom how this information has escaped so many of us for so long. In a matter of days I’ve learned skills that are easily as valuable as anything I learned in four years of college… and I’m still as green as they get. I can only imagine what my life will be like in a year. Why isn’t this standard education for every high boy graduating from junior high? I can’t imagine teaching my son anything more important.

As Mystery so eloquently put it, “Health, wealth and relationships….” In the broadest sense of each word, these are the things we are here to manifest. This is what humanity is about. So many men have gotten so good at the first two while leaving the third and possibly most important part of the equation to chance. That’s just stupid… and I’m just as guilty as anyone. Take charge of your life. Join the human “race.” (It’s not called a race for nothing.) Call these guys, work hard at it and in one year’s time you will be a different man. Oh and by the way, it’s not really work. You will have the time of your life getting from here to there.

My recommendation? Sign up for the Art of Attraction workshop first and go from there. Stop reading now. Go and do it.

Benjamin, Architect - San Francisco, CA


I am sixty four and have more women then I have time for.

I am thinking of writing a book about my successes and may well do that after I turn ninety and have some free time.

I still am amazed that most men haven't figured out the secrets that will get them all the women they can handle.

I have heard the following statement from women so often that I expect to hear it after I am with a women, "Its been years since I have had sex like that".  Well, more for me!



I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the AoA class it was surly a life changing experience. As you know I took the AoR class the following week and it did much for me, serious eye openers there in concerns to social interaction but I do believe that AoA was the more ground shaking for me. I think I have become a bit of a pickup101 fanboy but I try and temper that, all the instructors were exceptional and I like the fact that they were all different. I am so glad that I went with pickup 101 over the other options available as there are many avenues available to an individual seeking change; one could get sidetracked very easy.

Looking back now I see myself being aware of the community for about a year but the majority of change has come after my involvement with the pickup 101 team. You bring a refreshing and human aspect to the community one that deserves great respect.



Before this workshop I would not even walk across the bar room to talk to girl. I would wait for them to approach me. After this program, I found myself eager to approach, nothing would stand in my way. I would walk across a big coffee table into a big crowded group and sit down and be welcomed in and be a fun cool guy and have women be attracted by those bold daring moves I never thought about before. Now its actually fun, where before it was anxiety and nervousness. Now its actually fun to do these daring and crazy things and girls having fun with it and actually liking it.

I use to think guys that were “pickup artists” were a whole different breed, that you had to be like them and born that way. But the guys in this workshop showed me they are just like me they have the same things going on in there life that i have had going on in my life. its not something you have to be born with it can me taught and it can be done so expediently. I really connected with the instructors and had situations like mine and it felt like we were on the same page. it felt they knew me and were me. Just 6 months or a year ago, they were me. And they showed me how I can change and seeing the results in them.

-Jeff, Financial Advisor, Oakland


What I liked most about the course was that it's very different. Yes, I'm bombarded by material, but what we had the opportunity to do was really test it. Probably to the excess in the sense that we were given tests that we probably wouldn't even expereince in the field, but it prepared us for that. Then we went out and field tested it. It was very different than any other workshop I've been to. This is definitely, as far as the workshop, this was the best workshop I've been to. It was the most practical, hands on, everything; it was the most applicable to me.

I can't say I won't have approach anxiety, 'cuz everyone does, and you won't totally get over that, but I understand the tools to overcome it. I know nothing bad's going to happen. A lot of good stuff in fact.

I wouldn't have been able to approach some of the sets that I approached this weekend.

The learning enviroment was great. You had the right ratio of instructors to students, very supportive amongst the students, it was just awesome.

I've done quite a few workshops and I think it's changed my perception somewhat. There's a little less of a formula now, I actually feel more comfortable, slightly less structured format now. To me it's an advantage.

I think the biggest breakthrough was banter. I was really getting a better appreciation on how to do it, when to do it. I mean, we've all heard cocky funny, and that's really an element of banter as well, but this is a little easier and a little more intrinsic.

Do I think what I learned this weekend made a difference? Absolutely.

I recommend my friends to do this. That's really where I was, I had read a lot of stuff, and I internalized a lot of stuff, but I hadn't actually gone out and practiced it. I had a little bits of pieces but, this was the step that I needed to take, and I think it's a step that most guys need to take.

-Syd, Self Employed